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Aimee - Hi there, have you had any side effects with biologics? I would love to consider because nothing ... More »
carol - I have been on and off biologics for about 15 years and the only side effects that I have been bo... More »
Frani - I just recently started on Humira and am praying it will work and SOON
john,Hulk - WHHOOOOO HOOOO fantastic Jayne,happy and happy for you , yes i am good, livin the dream thanks :)
Susan - That's very good new Jayne.
Mishlyn - Wow Jayne!! That is amazing! So happy to hear That! Enjoy!!
Rosey - Hi Lorna,was on a diuretic as for bout 8 mths,for heart,when finger got very painful x-rays done ... More »
dennis - Here in the US I have health coverage through my employer and it covers the biologics though ther... More »
Mahommed - How much Is it
Deleted account - Hey twin. I’m 105lbs now too. It seems to just fall off after my first needle, I have read up and... More »
Rita - I imagine you’re taking other medications for anxiety Casey; I too sometimes suffer from anxiety ... More »
Michelle - That sounds wonderful Casey. Don't worry, you will get there. You are positive and you sound conf... More »
Pat - Michelle, no discoloration that I do have is from lupus. No residue left on my skin except... More »
Sarah - Amazing news Pat!
Pat - thanks it was worth the wait
Peter - Hi peter, great news ... I’m thinking of getting the injection or tablets offered by the doctor..... More »
Peter - Hi Peter, Ustakembe or something like that. Don’t have one at moment as I only collect it when ne... More »
Peter - Thanks peter il need to check with my doctor if it’s on the NHS List of medicines... cheers for t... More »
Mishlyn - So good to hear Peter! Thanks for sharing! Cheers to the continued smooth sailing!
Sarah - Woo hooo Peter! 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉
Rosanna - Good for you! I hope you continue to see improvements. I have tried many things over the last 20+... More »
Mishlyn - Great to hear you have not had any side effects Peter! I hope you can get some clear results soon... More »
Peter - Hey @mishlyn optimism is my middle name.... It used to be pessimist but I didn't think that was ... More »
Sarah - Yesss Peter that is great! Keeping all fingers and toes crossed for no side effects. I never keep... More »
Peter - It most certainly is sir. After donkey years of creams, tars, baths and covering up I am starting... More »
john,Hulk - I hope so for you Peter,i wish you well :)
Sarah - I am interested! I am sure many will be. Hope you get on well with it Peter, a new route for you!
Patricia - i'm starting them tooo i'm scared eek
Bev - Good Luck Patty
Jayne - Patty I was worried but it was not as bad as I thought -good luck x
Sarah - Hi Fahd, I haven't used injections before, but many on Flaym have, or have considered it. You can... More »
Mishlyn - Third times a charm 😀 I hope it continues to work well for you Naima!
Naima - Thank you Michelle, I hope so too 🤞
Sarah - The best things are worth waiting for! Awesome...
Deleted account - Susan - What I have noticed is that some of my joints are starting to feel a bit arthritic again ... More »
Susan - Oh dear Victor. I sure hope the arthritis doesn't come back. Might be time for more of the diet... More »
David - Good news Victor ... what is monthly costs of a biologic.. what drug?
Peter - Just starting on the biologics road. Day 4 post injection. No side effects so far. Good luck and ... More »
Tracy - Not doing great find my symptoms coming back again. Very upset thought I had finally found relie... More »
Peter - Day 18 post 1st injection, no side effects, plenty of improvements on plaque, scalp and guttate,... More »
Steve - Bonnie; My Bio's are covered thru my Ins. co. lucky for me the product I use gives a 95.00 kickba... More »
Mishlyn - Hi Catherine, you can talk to your dr & derm and they can lead the way if you are interested :)
Tracy - I am in Ireland so the state picks it up. My meds are capped at €144 per month. Any over the st... More »
Jayne - Good luck Victor x
Susan - Victor I think nothing will happen. You will be fine and you won't have any flares. Positivity ... More »
Melissa - I have Psoriasis with Psoriatic Arthritis & had rotator cuff surgery last year. I continued taki... More »
Steve - Been on Bio's for 10+ yrs. nothing to be afraid of, they work for me:) Side effects are none exis... More »
Sarah - Hi Heather! Good luck with your biologic. I don't have experience of taking one, but I hope you h... More »
Heather - Thanks a lot. I will let everyone know.
Susan - Oh dear Michael. I sure hope you stick with this site. We are here to help each other. Glad yo... More »
Mishlyn - Great to hear you are going to look into biologics Michael. Try and keep the feeling of getting b... More »
Bev - Wishing you all the best with trying biologics Michael. I hope it will help you like it has many ... More »
Janice - Great results for you Victor, feeling so pleased for you, long may it last!
Nan195 - I am happy for you Victor...keep healing 🌹❤️
Joan - That's really heartening, hope the healing keeps going. Finally I am going to see a dermatologist... More »
Ellen - No I haven't ... how does one apply it....
Sarah - I used tea tree oil on my nails when they were terrible. It's meant to antibacterial! Not sure if... More »
Pam - I've used tea tree or melrose oil and it helped alot.

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Biologics for Psoriasis

Biologics for Psoriasis

If you aren't getting relief from other psoriasis treatments, your doctor may suggest you try a biologic treatment These medications target a specific part of your immune system and usually used to treat moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. Do you have any experience with biologics for psoriasis? Share with the community here!

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