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Ilene - So sorry to hear about Molly. Sounds like she was well loved and had a wonderful life
Freya - I’m so very sorry to hear about your sweet Mollie. I’ve dealt with the passing of two of my fur b... More »
Susan - Golly you would go to a witch doctor? LOL. Sounds like you are willing to do anything to get be... More »
Jayne - Victor am so pleased for you x
Laura - What is this you are talking about? Please
Michelle - Hi Helen. I do not take Biologics or tablets for my P as I don't really trust it lol but from wha... More »
Stephen - so pleased for you Victor doe's the heart good to hear a fellow sufferer get the better of this e... More »
Geraldine - Thats great Victor
Meme - That’s awesome victor what worked for you and how lond did it take for you to see results?
Susan - Victor I don't even think they were around when I got psoriasis as a kid. I have never done them... More »
Lee - I’m sorry to hear that Susan, and I pray for your good health. I also notice skin thinning from t... More »
Susan - Thank you Lee. I guess no matter what pharmaceutical you use, there are risks. I haven't used t... More »
Lee - What is Biologics ? If it helps I would try it , I've tried everything else I think . The itching... More »
Sarah - Hi Sid, really glad to hear a good report about some positive results! Seems some of our Flaym me... More »
Sid - Lee, biologics are injectable medications that basically supress your overactive immune system. I... More »
Sarah - Hi Alicia, welcome to Flaym! Sorry to hear about your scarring. I have got areas of non-pigment w... More »
Victor - Hi Alicia - I had the patches too - essentially a bit of scar tissue - my are really faded now!
bernadette - My legs have pueple spots after p goes
Victor - Seems like it has passed me by - before having the biologics I had an immune system of a butchers... More »
Victor - No point in me taking diet based stuff they all mess with my blood sugar levels x
Victor - Thohida I had Psoriasis in my finger nails and although they are still a little ridged they are i... More »
Gail - Stab in fat of stomach!
Michelle - lol Gail. That sounds so sore!
Lucy - Gail I think I’ve learnt getting the fat hurts less lol 😂 thanks guys. It went alright thankfully... More »
russ1894 - one injection and taking my 2nd on 1/16/18. i am mostly pink. with some red andalmost no scales y... More »
Sarah - That's amazing, Russ! Hope it continues in that direction.
russ1894 - makes a sexy guy even sexier! lol. no lie we are all a bunch of hotties
Sid - Great news! That gives me hope that it will work for me.
Timo - Hi Sid. Biologics are pretty impressive meds. Depending on how much coverage you deal with, it ... More »
john,Chewweeeeee - thats great tim, just seen your post, dont know why? hopefully a flake free year for you :)
Jeri - Awesome you! I finished my loading dosage last month and took my first regular dosage (two inject... More »
Susanne - Great news for all of you getting relief from the ravages of Psoriasis!
Victor - Hope it works for you Jeri!
Susan - I'm so happy for you Victor. I never did have an issue with hot baths or hot showers. Sooooo re... More »
Sarah - Love your new love of bathing, Susan.
Susan - Thanks Sarah. I put any oil, bubble bath and soak myself silly. LOL.
George - Hey Victor would really appreciate an email on how to go about this had it for over 11 years now ... More »
George - @karen122259 been drinking this for a while now. its got rid of some scalyness but its hasn't dis... More »
Karen - Hey Victor can you message me which one your doing? Jam doing a biologic as well my second actual... More »
Susan - I'm so happy for you Tim. I wonder if your BP was so high because of life stress or just stress ... More »
john,Chewweeeeee - thanks timi can feel your positivity here , its so great to hear successes and people feeling be... More »
Michelle - I am so happy to hear you are getting better and better everyday Tim! Fantastic news!! :D
Michelle - Thanks everyone! I appreciate your input! At one point I thought they were the same
Dianne - Is this site on facebook?
Michelle - Yes Diane :) You can follow Flaym on FB :)
Susan - Steve whatever you are doing works for you. Being sick in any way sucks. One life, so live it t... More »
Steve - Michelle, Biologics breaks down your immune system & makes you more susceptible to what issues yo... More »
Michelle - thank you Steve.
Lauren - I sent you a private message Dawn 🙂
Lauren - What biologic are you taking?
Victor - They are life changing drugs Lauren x
Sarah - Great to see you're finding some hope in this new treatment - hope it continues onwards and upwards!
richard - CBD flower extract capsules..RSO
Victor - Mine seemed worse at first but clear now
Steve - Yes John any diet suggestions are welcome. I am eating gluten free, no dairy, and was already no... More »
john,Chewweeeeee - hello steven, seem s you have got some things in hand here, i avoid potatoes,tomatoes,peppers,egg... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Steven. We have a Flaym theme about biologics and psoriasis that could have som... More »
Jason - Thanks....i wish everyone could get on bios...miracle stuff indeed
john,Chewweeeeee - good news jason, you have a great weekend too :)
Michelle - So great to hear they are working so well for you Jason! 😀 Enjoy!!

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Biologics for Psoriasis

Biologics for Psoriasis

If you aren't getting relief from other psoriasis treatments, your doctor may suggest you try a biologic treatment These medications target a specific part of your immune system and usually used to treat moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. Do you have any experience with biologics for psoriasis? Share with the community here!

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