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Cheryl - So are those of you who follow these diets p free now then or does it just become less inflamed? ... More »
Dali - Hi Cheryl i have yet to claim being P free on the ediet because i'm still on that journey and s... More »
Sarah - Hi Cheryl, I am not p free, I know it is still there under the skin, as it bubbles up when I try ... More »
Rita - For coconut milk, I use Dr Ben Kim coconut powder. Super tasty and lasts forever.
Susan - Rita I bet that would be awesome in my morning shake. Did you know that if you buy a can of thic... More »
Sarah - Never thought of buying powder, thanks Rita!
Eve - But anyone on here with guttate should read into it 😊.i was willing to go private to pay to have ... More »
john,Chewweeeeee - i would have my toe nails removed if it could rid of it :)
Matty - I haven't had any big findings... except eating chick peas, broccoli and lentils leads to some me... More »
Geraldine - Eliminating different foods and than adding back into diet great way to go Sarah . I had a lot of... More »
Bev - Good luck with the starches Sarah. Let us know how it goes. I'm about to start the 3rd week of th... More »
Sarah - Thanks Geraldine and Bev! Wow Geraldine, that's dedication. It's so good to hear stories of other... More »

From After 10+ years of going to the Dr. for my psor... by John

From I really love all your positive thoughts. We r... by Susan

Julia - You are following Dr. Axes Elimination diet????? Dr. Oz has an elimination diet as well.
Susan - Julia Dr. Oz's is different. It allows things like nuts, more fruit, more vegetables and fish. ... More »
Julia - Ok thank you.
Susan - Good plan Sarah. Later with the legumes. You know sometimes I add chick peas or other beans lik... More »
Sarah - Thanks Susan! I'm starting phase three on Tuesday, and I'll be food shopping for it tomorrow with... More »
Susan - Good for you Sarah. As a mom, for me anyway, when I did this for myself, then I started to rethi... More »
Susan - Lyn I don't know many who don't like a glass of wine. I rarely drink now but I do like wine if I... More »
Jen - I only eat fish and chicken veges and fruit. Lots of apple carrot celery ginger and turmeric drin... More »
Sarah - Love that Jen, sounds very simple I love it.

From Sooo Peeps... The cleanse diet is in about 3 we... by Susan

From Sooo Peeps... The cleanse diet is in about 3 we... by Susan

From Sooo Peeps... The cleanse diet is in about 3 we... by Susan

From Sooo Peeps... The cleanse diet is in about 3 we... by Susan

From Sooo Peeps... The cleanse diet is in about 3 we... by Susan

Susan - Gaela you have to follow me and then I can email you the PDF and instructions for the diet. If I... More »
James - I've already accidentally broken the rules. Unlike some, I've always eaten a lot of rice. I've al... More »
Susan - Oh James you are funny. Told you that first week could be tough. Just ate a few scoops of my ri... More »

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Cleansing Diet

Cleansing Diet

Susan is doing a community cleansing diet starting 2018. Reach out to her in a Private Message if you want to get in on the action!

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