Clinical Trials for Psoriasis

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Sarah - I have never done a trial but it's something I could consider depending on the intensity of the t... More »
marilyn - Be very careful on the 'trial' thing. I went on a trial (injections) and I blame that for me get... More »
Erica - @Marilyn I am very sorry to hear about you getting Lymphoma. I really really hope it is not relat... More »
Sarah - That's hard, finding something that helps you to have it taken away. Are there any other similar ... More »
Lou - Michelle, Tell me some natural remedies I'd love to try them.
Michelle - Lou, what I find is working best for me is the addition of probiotics and an omega 3 that contain... More »

From Anyone know of Clinical Trials taking place is ... by Ruth

Michelle - Was it biologics Debbie that did that or a clinical study?
Michelle - That's really great to hear Steve! 😊 I wish I could say the I've had this lingering,... More »
Derrick - No scared to
Sarah - Hi Barbara, no I haven't heard of this but I know there are trials for all sorts! Interesting. Ho... More »
Bev - After reading some posts I spend half the day googling to find out what had been talked about lol... More »
Michelle - Have these medication been tested on animals?
Susan - Hi Zumara, I haven’t been on a clinical trial but I used to do clinical trials for my work. I hav... More »
Erica - I am currently participating in a clinical trial for psoriatic arthritis. Got two injections begi... More »
Cheryl - I have actually done a few trials. It's no tea party, just remember that all side affects must re... More »
Chris - Thanks Cheryl. They gave me lots of information but couldn't tell me how other people reacted so ... More »
Cheryl - Thing with it is,that if they tell you what other people's reactions were they wouldn't get an bi... More »

From how many of you depend on dermatologists and do... by john,Chewweeeeee

From Have you ever considered participating in a cli... by Flaym

From Have you ever considered participating in a cli... by Flaym

From Have you ever considered participating in a cli... by Flaym

Lindakay1948 - Yes I sure would know of anything?? :)
Nicola - I would certainly take part if one was offered, as I love to know about new treatments
Brenda - I was in a year long clinical trial which cleared my psoriasis within a month

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Clinical Trials for Psoriasis

Clinical Trials for Psoriasis

Clinical trials for psoriasis can help determine a new medication’s safety and effectiveness. Participating in clinical trials can enable you to try out a new treatment, while you are helping to improve treatments through your feedback. Have you ever participated in a clinical trial? Would you consider participating in a clinical trial? Share your experiences or ask questions from the community on clinical trials and psoriasis here.

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