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Support and advice about confidence and psoriasis.


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Irene - True Michele ❤❤
Ellen - WELL SAID MICHELLE......…….
Irene - Well said Michele , me too I tried to be me but sometime I also have a feeling of frustration or ... More »
Rosey - You will be ok Michelle,way lots happing for you,stay positive a nd stay you!
Rosey - Happening,argh wish I had a computer again,can spell sometimes,it will all work out Michelle,believe
Mavis - It will turn out ok Michelle and like Jen said it will give you the extra time to relax and 're-e... More »
Dawn - Good outlook Jill. Yes, my 'new normal', different for each of us.
Susan - Dawn You've had a rough go for sure. You are right though... Complaining doesn't help but I thin... More »
Michelle - We do indeed Susan and you are lucky to have one. You are both such strong individuals and positi... More »
Glenn - Sue, put a large handful of raw oats into an old clean stocking, tie a knot to stop escape and dr... More »
Sarah - That's pretty tough Sue. I can see how that would feel demeaning. There is such a lack of awarene... More »
john,Hulk - Sorry to hear this Sue, I used to manage a restaurant years ago in a hotel,i also did cooking, lu... More »
Michelle - I see you found your Mr Right Sue ;)
Rosey - As long as they have a job or at least a car not that fussy really just a decent guy will do but ... More »
Michelle - I'm sure he's not just any guy Sue. :)
deborah - Nice comment Glenn and true enough. Thank you.
Jannie - Being kind and loving and true to yourself beats sexy glamour every day of the week.
Aleksandar - Listen to Jannie, that's the best way.
Mishlyn - I agree! Support is so crutial to us. Having gone without it for so many years.. I can see and fe... More »
Irene - Well said!
Jayaprakash - Enjoy your life
Susan - Rachel no other way, in my opinion, but to do life. Live it! It's really tough without a doubt ... More »
Jen - Very well said Susan I totally agree👍 it's not always easy but it really does make life easier if... More »
Clint - Epic responses Susan can throw down with the best of them.😎
Mishlyn - Thanks John! Its from the late and great Dr. Seuss! Many words of wisdom found from that man ;-)
Melanie - Thanks Michelle! I have tried lemon the back of my knee and my back as well. I will try lemon in... More »
Mishlyn - I have used on my scalp and it seems to do the trick! Best of Luck & have an amazing time! 😊
Michelle - Wonderful! Have a great time and I'm happy for you :)
Sarah - That's what I'm talking abouuuuut! Massive milestone. Wahoo!
Heather - Thanks y’all Seriously Sarah! To others without psoriasis they wouldn’t understand how hide t... More »
Mavis - Well done Michelle that is such good news. Sometimes your children can give you that confidence p... More »
Michelle - Awwww bless them. Michelle, you have the most adorable little boys and not only that, they are go... More »
Mishlyn - Such kind words everyone ❤ Thank you so much! We have been swimming everyday since 😃
Michelle - Ruben. In afrikaans we call it voetbal as well. 95% of Afrikaans vocabulary is ultimately of Dut... More »
eva - Chris that some great you have the confidence to enjoy youth night out. I am also following Socce... More »
monica - Aqui no Brasil tudo para para,ver o futebol! Ter um dia tranquilo é importante para a nossa pso... More »
Maggie Chong - Interesting read.
Ruth - Thank you Michelle for writing that-its a very embarrassing condition to have.I avoid wearing dre... More »
Michelle - Awww that's great Ruth. Our kids do keep us young and I don't even feel 43. Sometimes, I behave l... More »
Susan - Amen to that! WTH is perfect BTW... LOL
Sarah - Ooo good motto
rachel - I'm reading these just before I go to sleep and it's perfect. Thank you all for such wise and won... More »
Michelle - Its very relaxing to watch birds or animals. I love going to the Kruger Park, there are so much t... More »
Mishlyn - Ohh so nice Lisa! I am really happy & proud of you too! ❤
Chel - Happy dance for you
john,Hulk - It is difficult as most people are not happy about having it well who would be , I have approach... More »
Sarah - I posted about a similar situation recently too eva, a lady at a playgroup I go to was there and ... More »
Jaye - I have psoriasis really bad, I would rather someone approached me and asked me about it, and if t... More »
lisa - yey!!! so proud of you! go girl!!!
Clint - Shake what you got we like it alot....
Sarah - Thank you everyone! All shakin no flakin, Clint!
Peter - Great to hear it went well hope it works out
john,Hulk - I wish all the best Rachel,hopefully all will be better by september for you :)
Sarah - That's fab Rachel, really pleased you thought it went well. So often these appointments are disap... More »
Michelle - Yes it does Elizabeth and I envied everyone who was wearing short pants, skirts, dresses. Oh, how... More »
Sarah - So true Liz, I sometimes feel like this too but I have been wearing skirts and short sleeves, eve... More »
Michelle - True Million. One does not expect someone to make such a rude comment and it takes the wind out o... More »
Deri - I know how you feel I have given up on swimming and never wear anything but trousers or long skir... More »
Arti Sharma - Hi Andrea, People only notice those things which looks different.. Just accepte ur PS first a... More »

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Confidence and Psoriasis

Confidence and Psoriasis

Psoriasis sometimes can be an emotional rollercoaster. You may feel self-conscious about how it how it looks and worry about how other people might react. How you feel about your body and the way you look may have a big impact on your confidence and self-esteem. See how others with psoriasis feel about being confident.

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