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Michelle - Hi GaryG Yes I'm sure that will be a worry to most especially when both have P. Thing is, it som... More »
john,Hulk - Thats true Michelle, I made a choice not to pass it on and i am glad for that, It is a choice th... More »
john,Hulk - 4th December 1.10 pm South African time thee wed my love :)
Michelle - aww so sweet thank you Rosey xxx
Michelle - Thank you Ellen :) xxx
Mishlyn - stay strong & know that you will find your perfect person.. you need to believe in it in order fo... More »
G - Don’t worry I am sure someday you will find the right person who will accept you and your Pso, we... More »
Rosie - Thank you G and thank you Michelle for your beautifully spoken words.
Rosey - Um concentrate too,mannn I need to concentrate on my spelling,a sense of humour helps
john,Hulk - Hello Stormy.I was born with it, my mother had it so she gave me the gift,Luckily mine isnt sever... More »
Breda - Hi everybody I have head psoriasis and I only have psoriasis down one side of my body left side s... More »
john,Hulk - I am sure you are not ugly Breda, Someone will love you for who you are one day,Sorry about all t... More »
Michelle - I agree with John Breda and this coming from a man. You will find someone special and you won't f... More »
Michelle - I see you found your Mr Right Sue ;)
Rosey - As long as they have a job or at least a car not that fussy really just a decent guy will do but ... More »
Michelle - I'm sure he's not just any guy Sue. :)
john,Hulk - Well my view is the same as everyones here, move on, theres lovely people out there who will acce... More »
Ruben - Agree with everyone here! P is skin-deep, he's ugly on the inside...
Psoriatic4good - He is the the worst inside!!! Send him here to balkans, he we're learn a thing or two how to t... More »
john,Hulk - I will have a listen at some point, :)
Ellen - Go Solo with a long LOOFAH as a can you not be HAPPY ... lol
Michelle - hahahahahaha Ellen. You go girl! Now that, is a solution. Who needs a man/woman when you have a ... More »
anthony - there is something going on here on flaym and its great to here the ladies on the group are getti... More »
Clive - Wow Michelle , i so feel for you and i truly hope that it went well !! Cause i am in the same boa... More »
MariaL - Let's get live, laugh and love! Never lose hope for a right love... same as finding Nemo... We ar... More »
Heather - Thanks y’all. The world lost a good one that’s for sure. I’m still close with his Momma so that ... More »
Michelle - The memories will always stay in your heart. His memories are as dear today as in the hour he pas... More »
Michelle - Hey Roisin, Just a follow up to find out if you are still okay with regards to the relationship a... More »
Sarah - Hehe love that response Susan. Very true indeed. I do think attraction and love are very differen... More »
natalie - Brilliant susan
sandy - my problem too. I'm just scared to reveal or open up myself, just scared that they will run away ... More »
Sarah - It can be hard to meet people in real life in the modern world!I guess it is worth thinking about... More »
Susan - Rachel I went on a dating site. LOTS of weirdo's and men wanting one night stands. Not my style... More »
john,Hulk - I always found, it happens when you dont look for it, best things come to those that wait i say, :)
Mishlyn - I can understand that completely Elaine. We sure do need to Love and approve of ourselves, it is ... More »
Sarah - My p came Elaine when I started puberty. I can only imagine it was the surge in hormones that tri... More »
Elaine - Oh Michelle, you poor thing :( I did see the fresh lemon suggestions, and I'm gonna do it!!! Th... More »
john,Hulk - Hello Liam So true paul,plenty of lovely people out there if all dosnt go well?hopefully she will... More »
Jim - I was misdiagnosed for months, dr told me it was a fungal infection and highly contagious so we d... More »
jon - have to try
Mishlyn - Try and keep your head up Tom and know the right person is out there and waiting for you! Jay sai... More »
A - I like what Jay said. Your p is an extra tool: It’s a natural way of pre-selection. Its very eff... More »
MariaL - Hi Tom! you are not alone , we have a "fear of rejection" having this P, but dont let P knock you... More »
Susan - Oh Catherine. I sure hope things change for you. Maybe the elimination diet might help. I'm 56... More »
Catherine - You're right .. I have become far too comfortable bring alone and I don't actually go out these d... More »
Catherine - I hope things work out with this new guy . He sounds nice and willing to take it slow .. courting... More »
Jayne - Thank you all so much for your replies - am feeling so happy that I could click with someone afte... More »
Michelle - That is awesome news Jayne. You are one of the 10% whom is so lucky.
Jayne - Good morning all - hope you are all well ? Just an update on the above post. 7 months later we ar... More »
Chris - I would just take a girlfriend 😀
Bryan82 - Lol Chris nice one
john,Hulk - Theres plenty out there bryan, just got to try and catch one :)
Steve - Before the fact I didn't want too, for the fact that I wanted to have a child & I didn't want to ... More »
Mishlyn - I would as well, if he was a good person with a good heart..and if I was not married ;-) Lol
Michelle - Damn, us P sufferers are awesome. Looks don't matter to us. Wish the whole population could be li... More »
Mishlyn - Hi Tom, when I was younger I had a hard time opening up to those I got close with. I would stress... More »
john,Hulk - sounds like my story michelle,i have been in a few relationships in my time and i used to be lik... More »
Michelle - Hi Tom. I don't really tell people. I have P on my ankles and I always wear either trousers or lo... More »

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Dating and Psoriasis

Dating and Psoriasis

Dating can be a scary subject. Your psoriasis may be making it hard to meet new people. Insecurities about appearance and fear of rejection can get in the way of romance. See how others experience dating with psoriasis.

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