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Jen - Hi Ace maybe change up your diet. Eat different things for a while. It sounds like something is n... More »
Vinay - Hello Ace, I've had psoriasis since 17 and i'm not completely clear. I had to avoid all meats, eg... More »
Vinay - Sorry, there was a typo error its actually "i'm now completely clear" :)
Lorna Penner - Ladies this is a good support group..I hope you find the proper help here. Psoriases is differen... More »
Rosey - Yes been tested I don't have RA ,have OA,but they just think it's that,first it was a hermans nod... More »
Ben - Eva would you please PM me.
john,Hulk - Hello Lisa, how are you doing,? i hope things are getting better now ? thanks
Golly - I no it does get you down
Michelle - Hi Golly. Welcome to Flaym!
lisa - always here for you and anyone else xx
Chris - Thank you, it means a lot xxx
Carolyn - Hang in there Chris!! It's an awful thing this depression, as I know only too well. We have to fo... More »
Richard - Hi Emily, hope your feeling better, every one on here knows exactly how you feel, im effected fro... More »
Michelle - Oh Emily. I feel your depression my girl. I've been there and I became a very horrible person. I ... More »
john,Hulk - Indeed we all are here for you Emily, plenty of things to try to improve things for yourself,i h... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Steve! I have never had depression. But I can see how it can happen especially ... More »
Psoriatic4good - So depressed right now
john,Hulk - I am sorry to hear this P4G,
Mishlyn - It really is one of the greatest feelings!! ❤❤
john,Hulk - You are close by Jade if you are in salisbury wiltshire uk , luckily mines not bad, more of a n... More »
john,Hulk - Ah you are from the uk,i went to salisbury central today,the sun was shining,it was nice not too ... More »
Clint - Start to use lemon 🍋. On your psoriasis it will work tingles or burns then heals leave on until s... More »
Mishlyn - Hi Erin, how frustrating it would be to have been told you are faking :( was it your dr that said... More »
Jen - Erin I take anti inflammatories and antihistamines when I need them for arthritis and itching. Th... More »
Clint - Happy Thursday 😎
Andy - Hi Lisa, hope you are enjoying this lovely weather here in the east midlands. It has certainly ma... More »
lisa - thankyou I feel a lot better x
SimonLFC1976 - Can I step in on this one? The skin condition isn't actually Psoriasis, it is a result/side effec... More »
Mishlyn - Hi Alex, I think that depression can be associated with psoriasis as so often we feel alone with ... More »
Moira - Depression is a factor, but it's more linked to stress and anxiety. xx
Mishlyn - Hi Lindsay, that sounds quite frustrating. I have had depression related to p off and on through ... More »
Ken - I was recently prescribed [...] for stress and it stated don't take if suffering from psoriaris h... More »
Ruben - Hey Lindsay, check out the forum. A lot of us got better without medication. Just by changing die... More »
Michelle - Hi Jess. I am so sorry to hear. Check your diet too and what about stress?
Damien - Hi Jess, I've been fighting it for two years and finally found the best treatment to eliminate... More »
Michelle - @Damien. You are so right about the junk food. I love a big dagwood but once I'm done eating, I d... More »
Rachel - I find crying healthy and lets go of all those bad feelings
George - It’s okay to cry Rachael, it’s also okay to smile, to hope, to believe, to love, this is not life... More »
Lindakay1948 - I get a lot of Fun from playing and being with my four dogs and when I am looking and feeling rea... More »
Sarah - Great ideas Heather, glad you'll be looking into a few things to help. My GP also recommended eat... More »
eric - I was in remission for about 3 weeks,, now ankles are starting up again and a couple of spots on ... More »
Lynn - Hi Freya, Welcome to the group! You will definitely find some useful tips here m everyone. Its a... More »
james - It is hard to live with psoriasis without someone to listen to you when you are low. This group ... More »
blubu - Hi Freya! I will be glad to help you. I was in your shoes, so I remember how it was to wake up a... More »
Geraldine - Sorry to hear Angela Go through your emotions and be strong, it may be a nasty shock at first b... More »
Candice - Hi Angela, I’m so sorry for how you are feeling right now. I know it’s hard. I was diagnosed last... More »
Peggy - I understand your anger. I lost my job and now I just stability because a my issues and it is a g... More »
Susan - Yes Michelle the Moringa is truly a mood stabilizer as well as the best supplement ever, in my op... More »
john,Hulk - yes, i know what thats like susan when i was living with someone who had PTSD very severe,luckil... More »
Cazza - Thank you to all! It’s really good to know that I am not alone going through this rough time and ... More »
Sonja - I appreciate all of you... I cooked for my family and had to go to bed a couple of days to rest...
Lynn - Ouch, me too. We can ache together, itch and scratch together, etc... We're one big happy family... More »
Meryl - Totally understand . This has been me for nearly two months . I look forward to my remissions 😘
Hannaley - Hi Laura, please let us know what you have done.
Sarah - Hi Christine, welcome to Flaym! You're in the right place. We have a themes section where there a... More »
Eve - Me it's a vicious circle psoriasis makes me depressed which makes it flare up stress doesn't help... More »
Sarah - I think for me putting the psoriasis in perspective helps a lot. Even when it's bad I try to thin... More »
john,Hulk - thats a good way of looking at it sarah :)
Ramsudani - Thank you all for your thoughts. :) I was away from my home for a trip with my family in singapor... More »

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Depression and Psoriasis

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