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Jenny - To be honest I find things very confusing . I am taking Goats Kefir and through the kefir site I ... More »
Michelle - Your positivity will prevail Jenny! It sure can be confusing at times. What foods have you been a... More »
Sarah - Yep I agree Jenny it is so confusing indeed!
agb - Thanks Catherine. It will get better. Hoping for good results on your health.
Sarah - Wow agb that is a result and a half! You must be over the moon with that. So happy for you! Can I... More »
Sarah - I think if you want a sandwich go for it! Whilst you figure out what your eating plan is going to... More »
john, DARTS VADER - why i dont google these things, it will all say different,i put out potential problem foods to pe... More »
john, DARTS VADER - Oh and mayo is bad too,( eggs and milk), some make their own corn bread as an alternative, i have... More »
Ruben - Hey MD, nope, soy contains estrogen mimicking stuff, not good for men..
Susan - Md I tend to stay away from soya products. It's pretty processed by the time they are done with ... More »
Sarah - Me too Md I avoid soy where I can. I do like soy sauce and used to eat this now and again on chin... More »
James - I don't eat butter but I do occasionally eat salmon and its never caused me any problems.
Sarah - Hi Eva! I had salmon written on a list of possible food triggers from previous experiences, but h... More »
Susan - eva I never had a reaction to salmon. However, I don't have dairy. Could be that, but you never... More »
Jen - I'm just assuming that. I came out with an itchy rash on upper torso after sipping my bone broth.... More »
Michelle - My skin does react from eating beef Jen. Do you eat beef regularly?
Jen - No I don't any more Michelle because of what it does to my p. That's why I thought beef bone brot... More »
Janice - I was diagnosed with high cholesterol 20 years ago and put on statins which reduced it down to 3 ... More »
john, DARTS VADER - Sorry to hear this janice,sorry about your stresses, its one thing we all dont need in life, i ho... More »
Steve - Well I did see the Derm. a couple of day's ago & she did say based on meds. & other things that y... More »
Shawn - Hippeas (pea protein snacks) - organic, gluten free, diary free, gmo free - they come in differen... More »
Susan - For me Michelle I think it's almonds... Especially as of late. My boyfriend always has a big bag... More »
Michelle - Thanks everyone for the great ideas!! 😃
john, DARTS VADER - So true rachel, thing is we are raised with cows milk etc and feel the need that we got to have i... More »
Hannah - I have it really bad in my hair . I have just cut my hair short .
Justin - I use prescription shampoo and Neutrogena T-Gel shampoo combined with prescription scalp applicat... More »
john, DARTS VADER - Thanks james, i do let my hair down every week for one night, i go to pub and eat what ever usual... More »
james - With my low carb diet changes I also can get away with a free bad night. But only the one, as lon... More »
Sarah - I'm doing diet experiments too James, with the Autoimmune Protocol. I've been through the strict ... More »
john, DARTS VADER - yes mine has favourite places too Michelle, my right side under rib cage my groin, my bad boy are... More »
Michelle - hahaha John. At least you have more hot spots than I do. You can keep youself busy and I can't. S... More »
Sarah - That's great Helen!
Sarah - Yesss Susan, a kindred spirit! How is your AIP going for you? Thank you everyone, a big milestone... More »
James - When my brothers and I were kids my dad would pick rhubarb from the garden, trim and wash it then... More »
Sarah - I used to do that too James! With my Dad!
john, DARTS VADER - Its always worth letting ones hair down now and again,if i had it bad though i think i probably w... More »
Ruben - Just had breakfast and already hungry again :) Hope the itch goes quickly!
Susan - Ahhh but James what a wonderful treat! Sounds yummy! Gotta live a little...
Susan - Yum! Sarah you are on diligent girl! Sooo proud of your for sticking with it and inspiring us all!
Linda - Thank you Sarah,I appreciate it!
Sarah - Thank you Susan! It was you who inspired me to get the "spark" to do it. I couldn't have done it ... More »
Michelle - Thats amazing, good for you garry! So great that you can eat the foods now that you had taken out... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, garry! That is so awesome. Sounds like you found just what your body needed. An... More »
garry - Hi all thanks for the welcome. Replying to Michelle, It was a long time ago but from what i reme... More »
Lesley - Yes I’ve even tried rubbing cannabis oil on stops the itch but didn’t do anything else !
Debby - How long before you start seeing results?
Lesley - I tried it for about a month x
john, DARTS VADER - Thanks natalie, its okay not bad but not ideal,i will get used to it though,i try to work my way... More »
natalie - Not too bad. Once you have a goal you will get there. All good here john thanks.
john, DARTS VADER - Ah good, better than being bad :) yes its true,thought while i can save get them done, did have ... More »
Ruben - Hey Jen, when making bone broth, try and avoid leaks. When cooked for more than 6 hours leaks bec... More »
Sarah - Great tip Ruben!
Jen - Oh thanks Ruben I didn't know that. I'll look at the recipe again and get what I need on Monday. ... More »
Michelle - That is the only water I drink. ;)
Md - Some people say that citrus fruits are a trigger, did you not face any problem by drinking lemon ... More »
Jean - Not at all I've always drank lemon water; I don't connect this with any flare ups my body bad bee... More »
Jenny - I cut out nightshades for six months but sadly made no difference to my psoriasis.
john, DARTS VADER - It can take a year to see difference with diet/lifestyle, we are all different have different tr... More »
Jenny - I have since February started on a chuckling goat diet and although I have yet to see any improve... More »

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Diet and Psoriasis

Diet and Psoriasis

Taking control of your diet can be empowering, because it is something you can make a decision about. But can modifying your diet help in treating psoriasis? Share your experience with the community here about diet and psoriasis.

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