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Mark - Michelle, it can be lumpy. All I do is put in a plastic bottle and shake it or you can add it to ... More »
Michelle - I am a fan of sour as well :) May have to give it a try! :D
Sarah - Really interested in this Mark! Steve on here has been posting about his kombucha and water kefir... More »
David - Adding Moringa to an already nutrient and mineral rich diet can really improve matters. Kefir, sa... More »
Michelle - I agree David! Since adding Moringa into my daily routine it has helped me on so many different l... More »
Sarah - David, funny you say that as I will be making my first water kefir this week, and my first sauerk... More »
Jan - Just bought the book. Look forward to reading it on its arrival....
Chris - Thanks for sharing!
RedSpotEliminator - Totally forgot about interlibrary loans ... just reserved it!
Ruben - Green veggies! And everything listed above :)
Susan - Forgot vegetable...RSE... Me... I eat any vegetable. Love my beets, corn, asparagus, lettuce, ca... More »
MyFallingLeaves - One tip... try to have a balance of Sodium foods (that bring water in) and potassium rich foods ... More »
Chris - I have psoriasis on my face and whenever I go out drinking my spots turn bright red.
Ruben - Yup, alcohol = bad... for me too
Alexandros - Just curious where do most people have psoriasis. I have it on my two elbows, both knees on one k... More »
Sarah - Shawn, what supplements do you take? Remind me...
Shawn - Well I’m a vegan so some of the supplement are for my diet and the others are for psoriasis - a g... More »
Susan - Shawn one thing that john always says it "it's a choice"... Might be tough at first but eventuall... More »
Susan - I know Cherie. Tasty stuff. I tend to just stick to water now more because I'm used to it.
Michelle - I understand the feeling Sarah. My views on milk have changed drastically since watching some doc... More »
Jennifer - I have drastically changed how much dairy I eat, I went that 3 mnths without any.. now I'll eat i... More »
Ruben - Found out this weekend again that processed sugar is my worst trigger... Cut out alcohol, no brea... More »
Leonie Mateer - Hi Ruben.. yes sugar was my biggest trigger... I have not had processed sugar for three years - a... More »
Sarah - Ah yes alkaline water, how did you say you keep your water alkaline?
Sergey - Looks so easy, I know, but not so easy to deal with. When you are a big boss such a head of depar... More »
RedSpotEliminator - Yes, I forgot that you're from Russia. It may be a lot different there than it is in N. America.
Sarah - I think people without p don't understand why some things affect us but not them. I don't drink m... More »
Iuliaa - I've noticed that pork makes my Psoriasis worse, fat too. sugar and citruses too. for me when I e... More »
Michelle - Citrus fruit is a no-no for me too Luliaa. I'm not a big fan of fruit (apart from grapes of cours... More »
Sarah - I've heard a few people saying pork is a problem, and beef for some...
Bev - That's going to be the hardest for me giving up sugars. I also suffer with Diverticulits attacks ... More »
john,darts vader - oh dear bev, sorry about this ,only problem i seem to get a lot of which can be embarrising with ... More »
Michelle - Thank you for sharing your success with the alkaline diet. Do you use regular baking soda, or an... More »
Sarah - John, you will feel differently when the load of Flaymers are all doing cleanse eating in January... More »
Sarah - Lourayne, that sounds nice. What do you like for breakfast the other 5 days out of interest? Like... More »
Nell - Wow i have a long way to go trying to learn as much as possible never really thought about diet o... More »
Lorna Penner - I have had psoriasis for about 12 yrs and have used almost every cream & ointment and also found ... More »
Ruben - I always heard that the effect of turmeric is amplified by black pepper. Almost always try to com... More »
steve - Hey Ruben, I take a liquid supplement called Blue Ice Infused Virgin Coconut Oil. It's infused w... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Min! I only know my own experience, but for the past 3 months I've been elimina... More »
Marcy - Michelle, I am interested in the elimination diet. Starting last June, I began (one at a time) el... More »
Min - What does Flaym stand for?
Jeanette - Coconut oil is very good. Also mixed with fresh Aloe Vera. Buy a plant. Scrape it. Keep the... More »
Jeanette - There is a very good li nic in London If you Google their link. They have a free book you can do... More »
Jeanette - So sorry . My typo mistakes. CLINIC”
Susan - Goodness Josh. Funny, but not. LOL.
Janice - Life is too short Josh, enjoy it while you can and hope the consequences won't be to harsh. Wher... More »
Cherie - Sounds like you have a great sense of humour and enjoy life. 🎉
Susan - Roxanne you get used to it. Just use less cream or milk or whatever whitener you use over the da... More »
George - Canderel sweeteners work too! :D
Roxanne - Going to try unpasturized honey.
Pnina - How long till u noticed a diference
Jen - Hi Sanjay that is fantastic. Would yoou please share with us what exactly you used/are using? Tha... More »
Sanjay - 6 months.
Otto_M_Moon - Gaela, not on topic. But hope you are safe and sound there from the fire
Sarah - Hi Missy126, welcome to Flaym! I think some see great differences fairly quickly, within weeks an... More »
Gaela - Thanks, Otto, it has been pretty wild here. We are finally safe, but this has been the 2nd worst ... More »
john,darts vader - thats great shawn, i know it works but,people dont want to have a go, if i can do it then, i thin... More »
Otto_M_Moon - Steve's drink , which he posted a pic of over there, looks really good .. it could persuade me to... More »
john,darts vader - thanks shawn for your reply, i have only just seen it after 16 days, thats a lot of days :) very... More »

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Diet and Psoriasis

Diet and Psoriasis

Taking control of your diet can be empowering, because it is something you can make a decision about. But can modifying your diet help in treating psoriasis? Share your experience with the community here about diet and psoriasis.

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