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Michelle - That is the only water I drink. ;)
Md - Some people say that citrus fruits are a trigger, did you not face any problem by drinking lemon ... More »
Jean - Not at all I've always drank lemon water; I don't connect this with any flare ups my body bad bee... More »
Jenny - I cut out nightshades for six months but sadly made no difference to my psoriasis.
john,Hulk - It can take a year to see difference with diet/lifestyle, we are all different have different tr... More »
Jenny - I have since February started on a chuckling goat diet and although I have yet to see any improve... More »
Bev - It's so annoying how quickly it comes back with poor eating but takes double the time to heal wit... More »
Mavis - Thankyou Beverly 💗
Mavis - Thankyou Sarah and Michelle I ate a lot of biscuits, pizza which I don't normally eat because of ... More »
Michelle - Well done Angela. If only the Derm's told all of us to check our diets years ago then maybe we co... More »
Susan - Sarah 2 coffee in the morning, 2 cups water in my protein shake in the morning, 1 package of my m... More »
Michelle - Lol Susan. You must have a water belly by now. That is a lot of water! Have a glass of wine in be... More »
Mishlyn - I do eat dry kidney beans md, but not often. I like to make a bean salad every now and then. Try ... More »
Sarah - Great, Md! Glad no reactions. I'm sure you could introduce the beans and see what happens... When... More »
Susan - Md lots of great protein out there that are meatless. Caution with the soya. Estrogen issues wi... More »
Mishlyn - Hi Sam, I am very similar to the others. My biggest food triggers are gluten, dairy, alcohol, nig... More »
Sarah - Great Diane! Well it is not a measured thing that I make but here goes... I use a pack of 4 cooke... More »
Susan - Hi Sam. I consider myself healed from any autoimmune dis-ease. I got rid of all bread (no glute... More »
Sarah - It has taken me so many years to understand this about my psoriasis reactions! Isn't it crazy wha... More »
Michelle - I agree Sarah and now I know why my body rejected all that food for so many years. My P is talkin... More »
Jen - Yeah same for me Sarah. I'm getting so sad about all this. Sometimes I'm so angry when it's time... More »
Sarah - Hi George! Welcome to Flaym. I've been on a massive drive for gut health this past 4 months. I'm ... More »
Shawn - George I changed my diet to organic only - added supplements and a probiotic - had noticeable imp... More »
Susan - Absolutely George. I did my healing journey from the inside out. I also did other things for th... More »
Sarah - Md, I eat all meats and fish, and a limited number of eggs as I am just reintroducing them. Maybe... More »
Md - Hi Sarah, do you take any prescription medicine ?
Sarah - I don't Md. Not for around 9 months now.
Helen - I am vegetarian and recently turned vegan a few weeks ago. I don’t think you need to worry about ... More »
Md - Hi Helen thanks, but some people experienced badly with beans, lentils, nut, soy products.
Sarah - Yes it really depends which eating plan you choose to follow for your psoriasis and other reasons... More »
Mishlyn - Very interesting. I have not heard about this either. I eat avocado and have not had any problem... More »
john,Hulk - So true Michelle, nothing is clear cut with psoriasis :)
Sarah - Lemon and lime are both high histamine too! Hehe! So maybe you have a normal tolerance for histam... More »
Sarah - I agree totally Catherine. Where do you find your wild fish from?
Ruben - In Belgium it's not too hard to find wild fish. Any good fishmonger should be able to provide at ... More »
Catherine - I go to the fish market ... most fish there is caught at sea ..I stick to fish caught in the UK ... More »
john,Hulk - Ah good Catherine, i do have the odd burger now and again, i still like them but homemade from a ... More »
Catherine - I think it's the gluten in the base that I react to .even though I stick to a thin base becaus... More »
Sarah - Have you been tested for coeliac Catherine?
Sarah - I have seen Hanna Sillitoe's book around, that is an amazing result for you! Does it start with a... More »
Antony - Hi Sarah yes it starts with a juice cleanse what is not easy for 3 days in a manual job I’ve ha... More »
Mishlyn - Wow Antony! 90% clear after one week is amazing! Well Done! Good luck with the rest of your progr... More »
john,Hulk - Oh yes, alcohol can do that, deaden the nerves,thats my excuse to drink when i do :)
Rita - I’m not a drinker anyway. :)
Rita - I think one of us is going to have to change her name! 🤪
Sarah - I don't, it's a safe food for me.
Mishlyn - Beets are good for me too. Did you have a reaction Michelle?
Jen - No they are good for me I love them no reaction that I've noticed
natalie - Thanks breda
Angel - No wheat except sprouted wheat, corn, dairy, soy, refined sugar, caffeine, alcohol, dried fruits ... More »
FlakyChica - I find that acv on scalp works if i leave on all night, also after shampoo am I rub a bit in fron... More »
Ellen - Don't worry James my P under my foot & in my toenails looks like foot fungus.... thats the joys o... More »
James - Oh don't I know it, when I look at my feet I sometimes think I have Hobbit blood in my veins.
Sarah - Hehe! Salad and fungus in one place is not a fun image 😆😆😆 I have had the toenail fungus too but ... More »
Jon - Thanks John, I live in a village in North Hampshire. Curry looks great!
john,Hulk - Thank you,yes its not bad, i eat a lot of it too, well i did until i had to move, i will start do... More »
Jon - Tumeric arrived. Large glass of water with a heaped teaspoon added plus ground black pepper. Yum ... More »
john,Hulk - ah sorry about the joint pain Sarah:( i didnt know that you get joint problems? maybe you have me... More »
Sarah - No John, I don't get much joint pain and am in denial about psoriatic arthritis. But I do get a b... More »
john,Hulk - Age Sarah, how old are you ?sorry about your burning pain,yes those potatoes have a lot to answer... More »

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Diet and Psoriasis

Diet and Psoriasis

Taking control of your diet can be empowering, because it is something you can make a decision about. But can modifying your diet help in treating psoriasis? Share your experience with the community here about diet and psoriasis.

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