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Ava - I saturate a Q-tip with hydrogen peroxide and CAREFULLY reach as far into the ear as I can, being... More »
Rosey - Wow,im going to get me some hydrogen ,all these things I'm learning
Clive - I know that this response is way late , but i too am suffering with the inner and outer ear - hea... More »
Elaine - Yup, me too.......use coconut oil on my ears, but will try Michelle's concoction!!! May ask for ... More »
Martha - The doc prescribed OTOMIZE ear spray it works while you are using it once you stop its back again
Elaine - Thanks for the name of the med., Martha!!! I will look into how it effects the cells, and why it ... More »
Diane - Thanks Connie, I will definitely keep in touch with Flaym. Thinking about trying childs farm mois... More »
agb - Connie, my psoriatic arthritis medicine does not help my psoriasis. It is an anti inflammatory me... More »
Connie - Sorry it's not helping, but good to know. I've been considering pursuing the medication route, bu... More »
Mishlyn - Good to hear you have found something to keep both your skin and ears under control Nicola! I've ... More »
Allyson - is it by prescription or over the counter in US or Canada
Nicola - I get the coconut oil in solid form from Sainsburys
Sarah - Could well be! Psoriasis can be just about any old where. And I get the itch / burn in places whe... More »
john,Hulk - yes, you dont want eye problems thats for sure, psoriasis leads to other things believe me, when ... More »
Just Labs - I too have dry eye but thought it was part of my 'age' and having glaucoma. I use eye gel drops, ... More »

From My psoriasis is very bad in scalp and behind ea... by Amandeep

Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Amandeep. Scalp and ears are terrible areas for lots of us here at Flaym. I am ... More »
Connie - I tried using olive oil on my scalp several days in a row. put it in a spray bottle, kept parting... More »
Sarah - It may have been mine, I absolutely swear by oil soaks! They are so ace. So good for flaking, cra... More »
Mishlyn - That sounds great as well Richard, thank you!
Joan - I do also Michelle, but I have found plastic is easier on my ears the rubber/ covering metallic e... More »
Dakeyras - I require glasses to read/for work...middle age eh! I put a spot of e45 behind my ears each morn... More »
RedSpotEliminator - Try putting coconut oil on the back of your ear?
Hannah - Thank you all for your comments and suggestions, I am enjoying the fact that my psoriasis isn’t t... More »
Sarah - Hi Hannah, welcome to Flaym! Yesss! Celebrate the good times! 🎉🎉🎉 Hmm the spreadage isn't great b... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Ami!
Geri - I have it in my ears too but not so much as I used to. It used to wake me up at night. Good thing... More »
Trish - I have it in my ears (not great with a hearing aid), behind my ears, and through my scalp and abo... More »
steve - Being from India, is there a lot of turmeric in you diet?
Cheryl - Definitely try the dietary suggestions even some of them - for me reducing bread and nightshades ... More »
steve - I still eat my homemade sourdough bread.
Bev - Hi Kellie I also have it in my ears. I agree with Sarah mine healed after the steroid gel and see... More »
Nancy - I was just diagnosed with head and ear psoriasis five months ago, so far no luck on clearing it u... More »
Sarah - Mine was just a standard topical corticosteroid gel. Your doctor will know which one it is in you... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Beverley! Lovely to see you here supporting family living with psoriasis. How o... More »
Mishlyn - Hi Beverley, I hope you daughter is managing well. It is great that you found us here to help sup... More »
john,Hulk - hello beverley, welcome to flaym,sorry about the psoriasis on your daughters head and ears
Carol - My ears are itching me all of the time. Drives me crazy. Anyone else have the itchy inside of the... More »
Bev - I find if I don't moisturise a couple times a day my ears get very itchy
Sarah - Yep Carol! I just moisturise the bits I can get to, and sometimes wear my hair up so that the str... More »
Mishlyn - Hi Susieq, Welcome to Flaym! I find TGel extra strength really great for my scalp. I also like to... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Susieq110! Me too, snap! Ears and scalp. And lots of other places too! First ye... More »
Susieq110 - Thank you all for your responses. Am now hopeful of some relief.
George - Try something with activated silver in it. That helped by eyelids and forehead. Still struggling ... More »
Sarah - I've heard similar about colloidal silver, George
George - The Silver MSM cream I have been using is no longer available and I am nearly out. I will try an... More »
Ruben - @Simon, I got that, that's why I tried to answer seriously. Questions as yours are no joke. I don... More »
Stacy - Whatever you do don’t scratch at them ... mine were driving me nuts but I ended up with a bad ear... More »
Kris - I have it on my scalp / behind the ears and in my ears and I wear hearing aids?. after a 20 mins ... More »
Mavis - Thanks Lorna I've had brilliant advice from everyone and it's good to know that I'm not the only ... More »
Ginger - What is the hyaluronic acid and the oil and where do u get it?
Mavis - Hi Ginger sorry I don't know what hyaluronic acid is I am going to ask at the health shop hopeful... More »
Llain - I've tried lots of different creams on my ears, all containing steroids, which don't help much, I... More »
Sarah - I use cream
Rains - Vaseline
Lauriejean - My ears ring too! Is that part of it too?
Debs - My ears ring too Laurie, its pulsing tinnitus in my case. I have read that ear wax can make them... More »
Debra - I've had tinnitus for over 40 years. I'm sure their not related. I was diagnosed with plaque psor... More »

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Psoriasis in the Ears

Psoriasis in the Ears

Having psoriasis either on your ears or in your ears is not pleasant. You may have a buildup of scales or wax, making it difficult to hear or experience extreme itch and discomfort. Flaym members are sharing some thoughts regarding ear psoriasis. Join the conversation and get advice from he community.

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