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john,Hulk - hello sonet, I know that feeling all too well, I do sympathize with you,i am hoping mine is a tem... More »
Tamara - I know how you feel u also have it on my face and eard

From I have it in my ears which I constantly pick at... by Deb

Kim - I put a few drops of olive oil in my ears. It helps to stop the skin sticking to your ear drum.
Ian - Go to dermatologist and fluocinoide liquid. And merneral oil from pharmacy. Mix it half and half... More »
Sherry - That my friend, is called Tinnitis... can be caused by various things, but main one I know about ... More »
Susan - Is that a psoriasis thing? I've had issues in the past of hearing ringing. I always thought it ... More »
Jessica - I got antibiotics in case it is a sinus infection
john,Hulk - yes, i have had to do antibiotics couple years ago as i was always prodding my ears to get all th... More »
Jessica - thanks yall!

From Have you ever had psoriasis in your ears? What ... by Flaym

From Have you ever had psoriasis in your ears? What ... by Flaym

Andie - Not having to listen to my hubbie, i get deaf as a post.
Connie - I have psoriasis in both ears. I swab them with a low dose topical steroid cream using a Q-tip. ... More »
sadhna mittal - yes, my hearing power was 80% gone, but my ENT doctor very carefully cleaned the area inside my e... More »
Annette Gill - I too have p in ears on head and genital area. I use a cream containing been from India. Eases it... More »
Annette Gill - Prevous post should have said neem not been. Folks must of thought I'd lost it. Lol
Ciara - Yep, can be so painful when you accidentally scratch it!! I found a cream from Environ skincare c... More »

From Interested to know which areas do you get the m... by oz

Nan195 - When I feel fatigued I rest, meditate or find a wall and lie down on the floor with my legs strai... More »
john,Hulk - even if you have it mild, its still giving you grief,we are all different lauren, i have had it b... More »

From Does anyone else get psoriasis inside and just ... by Sarah

From Does anyone else get psoriasis inside and just ... by Sarah

Stuart - Yeah I get that a lot too
Jeanie - Yep definitely, it drives me crazy. U use novosone ointment- it does the trick in one or two days... More »
Margo - I have had it inside of my ears and then the skin debris and the wax clogged one ear! I felt lik... More »
Tracey - I found warming some olive oil slightly and rubbing a small amount round my ear softened the scal... More »
Kerkko - I have it around my ear and inside my ear and so far the only solution has been cortisones but I'... More »

From Anyone struggling with psoriasis developing IN ... by Jessica

Holli - I've been using coconut oil in my ears and it's helped a bit :) Only downside is it makes your ha... More »
William - Sigh..." keeps the itch down..." not "it's"
Ragazza - I have it.... just rub a bit of almond oil in it...then try to get the scales out. And going on... More »
Jack - Welcome to the community Amber! My scalp is alright-ish at the moment. Funnily enough I just boug... More »
Karen - Me too Amber.
Izzy - Tried everything for a decade and a half. Only thing that worked was eliminating nightshades from... More »

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Psoriasis in the Ears

Psoriasis in the Ears

Having psoriasis either on your ears or in your ears is not pleasant. You may have a buildup of scales or wax, making it difficult to hear or experience extreme itch and discomfort. Flaym members are sharing some thoughts regarding ear psoriasis. Join the conversation and get advice from he community.

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