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Orlaith - Don't worry I know the dangers of using steroids around the eye area especially...I'm trying smal... More »
Rosey - For the pink, redness, after letting oil dink in a bit, I would just use foundation as a cover, l... More »
Rosey - And 0.5 was just a bit on the eyebrows occasionally and chin and ears too, not eyelids of course.... More »
Michelle - Thank you. Sounds like I'm all good so far. :)
Sallyhr - I have Sjogrens as well... so very dry eyes, mouth and nose are an additional everyday nuisance t... More »
KL - I have recently been told by my opthamologist that my dry red eyes are actually rosacea. Didn’t r... More »
Mishlyn - Thanks everyone! The bumps have settled, with only one tiny spit remaining. I think lack of sleep... More »
Clint - Yes that can be stressful
Jane - Michelle....Sleep seems the answer to a lot of problems...pleased to hear bumps have gone.
Keith - Ahh, psoriasis...isn't it lovely. I've got a patch on my torso that's getting worse, and painful... More »
Sarah - At times in the past I have put some Vaseline on my eyelid and it has helped grease it up so it d... More »
Charlotte Bailey17 - I dif the same thing and it hrlped a bit.
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Norma! I've never noticed any problems with my eyes but like many here I have h... More »
john,Hulk - You would know if you had inflammation in the eyes Sarah thats for sure,day in day out with pain... More »
Cindy - I agree with John. It's awful. I now get to add glaucoma to the mix. I am not happy ... at all... More »
A - Tracie, I hope someone can give us good advice! I used a lot off different eyedrops. Found one th... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym! I don't get this but I know that many people living with p get dry eyes and oth... More »
Diane - Hi Tracie my eyes are running most of the time. The optician told me that it’s the eyes over comp... More »
Joshua - I have tried using Clinique Intense Hydration Moisturizer around my eyes and nose. It keeps the p... More »
Jen - Hi Patricia have those helped clear the areas?
Kathryn - I don't mind giving anything a try. I find that palmers range very good on the elbows. Anything w... More »
Maya - every now and then i do. mine are usually kept at bay since I use Sebamed lifting eye cream, but ... More »
john,Hulk - No not really, i get the odd one tiny one once in a blue moon around the eyes thankfully :)
Cindy - I have flaking of the eyelids and red areas in all the corners of my eyes.( Inside corners and ou... More »
keri - i love the uvb light box. just wish i had more time/energy to get to the derm office. sad most in... More »
Line - Thank you everyone❤️ you are all so kind. Thanks for all the different advices. When i try someth... More »
Sarah - And for you, lovely Line! 😄
Sarah - Welcome back, Dawn!
Dawn - Rick—I do know what AD ointment is!! Used it when my kids were young!! My derm gave me cream t... More »
Heather - Sorry but what is AD ointment? Thanks
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Veronica! For hair (scalp) and ears I use Aveeno (colloidal oatmeal) moisturise... More »
Veronica - Thank you Sarah and MishLyn 😊
Deleted account - Beware of trying coconut oil near your eyes. I did and couldn't figure out why my eyes were alway... More »
Harold - So I know the feeling. I every so often have a small spot of about 3mm right under my nose, like ... More »
Valeri - I have had people point out my flakes as something on my face or in my hair, too. So annoying! Lo... More »
john,Hulk - i been there valarie, i have moisturised my face as i had bad steroid withdrawl i had at the time... More »
Susan - Chris What a good way to rewire your brain. Add some humor to it. I remember years ago having i... More »
Annette - Omg....mine startedat the back of my scalp, then moved to the front of the scalp, then the back o... More »
Linda - I finally figured it out after suffering for years. My husband and I both suffer from Psoriasis. ... More »

From I noticed people talk about sore eyes. Psorias... by Susan

john,Hulk - I did read up about this condition with eyes years ago susan, I know one cancer cancer of the ly... More »
Susan - John good for you for sharing the lifestyle changes. I do it all the time too. A few days ago s... More »
Theresa - I had eye pain in my left eye and now it is si blurry I can’t see any thing. I need to check wit... More »
michelle - I have dry eye, feels like sandpaper.
Shawn - I used to get really bad psoriasis along my lashline, red inflamed edges of lids, infected lashes... More »
john,Hulk - yes, I get dry eyes too from psoriatic arthritis ,not as bad as it can be though,was worse years ... More »
Clive - Hi Jane , i can not by any measure know the amount of physical pain that you are in , but prayers... More »
Joezi - Szia! Javaslom, Magyarország Harkány város gyógyfürdő, kimondottan javaslót a problémánkra. 4 -5 ... More »
Joyce - Prayers....

From what about good experiences with health profes... by john,Hulk

Kellysheree - Try fish oil caps.. cut the it and put the oil on your flare up! I can't believe how much better ... More »
Shawn - I used to get really bad psoriasis along my lashline, red inflamed edges of lids, infected lashes... More »
Jess - I am currently experiencing a P flare up on my face and do not know what to do. I’ll be seeing my... More »

From My Dr changed the cream I was using which I was... by Diane

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Psoriasis around the Eyes

Psoriasis around the Eyes

Psoriasis can occur on any area of the body, including the eyelids and the area around the eyes. The skin in this area is very sensitive, so psoriasis around the eyes can be difficult to live with. It can lead to patches so large that you have trouble closing and opening your eyes. Need advice on psoriasis around the eyes? Talk to the community and see how others feel.

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