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john,Hulk - Hello Ashley, Yes i know where you are coming from,I am a lifer with it born and have psa too tho... More »
Michelle - Hi Ashley. I used to have P on my scalp many years ago. It disappeared but then a couple of weeks... More »
Ashley - Thank y'all so much for responding. I will take all of your suggestions into consideration becaus... More »
Michelle - Always a pleasure :)
Psoriatic4good - Nuggz You are baaaaack :) So delighted to see You!
Michelle - P4G you are so happy and I love seeing you like this. You have a gf???? lol. Take care and always... More »
Sarah - Hi Andy, good to see you back! I haven't had p on my lips... I use vaseline when my lips are dry ... More »
Andy - Thanks Sarah, it’s been a while. I’ve been trying to get used to having it and there was a period... More »
Line - I’m not sure on anything anymore. Before my latest light therapy the nurse wanted me to see a doc... More »
john,Hulk - I really dont know Line, thing is , we are all different and a lot of a Doctors i am sorry to sa... More »
Ruben - Yup, each time my legs get better, my nails get worse... Fortunately I have it lots less than a y... More »
Michelle - Hi Kloey. I used it many years ago but I did not like the oiliness on my skin and I stopped it. I... More »
Kay - So its been about 3 days since putting babyoil on. My fhead has started to get a little red, bu... More »
Michelle - Kloey, I'm happy it works for you and I hope your P clears up. :) THIS WEBSITE has helped me a lo... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Riffat! Robert Swiegelaar, I'm interested in what way do you feel that psoriasi... More »
Riffat - Thank u sarah... how r u doing? Well i believe whatever i eat it effects my psoriasis.. specially... More »
Mishlyn - I Riffat, what I eat also effects me greatly. Tgel extra strength works really great for my scalp... More »
Mishlyn - Good Luck with the lemon Kloey! I think you will be pleasantly surprised! I have used it along my... More »
Sarah - Hi Kloey! My facial psoriasis is (at the moment) eyebrows only but in the past has also been hair... More »
Mark - I get the same in patches . Shaving is a nightmare sometimes but I seem to be able to make it muc... More »
Sarah - Oo enjoy the film Chris! Ouch, around the mouth! Poor thing. Aveeno on the face is very good for ... More »
Chris - Thanks Sarah yes Vaseline and creme x
Chris - I know now what caused it so looking at elimination again,always try to be positive when I can
Clint - Try lemon 🍋 please
Julia Erica - hello Clint! am I going to squeeze the lemon in water? or have it pure lemon and put it in the a... More »
Ruben - Hey Julia Erica, I do both :)
Damien - Hi Zoei, don't give up! I had sore spots on my face and scalp and tried everything. Some worked ... More »
Zoei - I have read about prebiotics just not sure what strength I should be taking? What strength do you... More »
Damien - Prebiotics is the food that feeds probiotics so if you can find capsules that contain both it wou... More »
Alexandros - Yes Jen they are drops and you can drink them also. And the topical balm is for the redness. Im g... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Barry! Me too I've tried lots of creams in my life. Now I don't use any medicat... More »
Krissys feethurt - my dr insists that I don't have psoriasis, that its exzema and atopic dermatitis. prescribed ster... More »
Mishlyn - Sorry to hear that Line :( Do you take any supplements? A naturopath told me the best things we c... More »
K - Great information thank you. I will give your suggestions a try.😍
Sarah - I've often felt that when my psoriasis clears in one place it appears in another to compensate...... More »
steve - I believe I was cured by consuming turmeric, ginger, and pineapple juice adding it to the second ... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Martin! If it's any reassurance, I get "ghost" itching a lot, in places where I... More »
Martin - Thanks for the advice, I'm going to try turmeric, and I'll report back on how it goes.
steve - Being from India, is there a lot of turmeric in you diet?
Cheryl - Definitely try the dietary suggestions even some of them - for me reducing bread and nightshades ... More »
steve - I still eat my homemade sourdough bread.
Virginia - Your welcome please let me know has it works for you as it’s worked so well for me
Mishlyn - Good Luck Dani! I hope it works well for you :) Aloe is very soothing! Welcome to Flaym!
Sarah - Oooo soothing Aloe. Yes! Or for me using Aveeno Daily Moisturising Lotion helps loads on my face.... More »
Roxanne - Me too Dawn.
Stacy - Omg really I never knew you could get it in your ears or nose 😳😳 but everythign is starting to ma... More »
Deleted account - The process that creates this is universal across the entire body. Proteins are delivered the sam... More »
Maya - Sebamed Everyday Shampoo is amazing
Mishlyn - Hi Kim, TGel Extra strength is my savior when my scalp gets bad. If you browse the themes section... More »
john,Hulk - alphosyl 2 in1 shampoo,been using it for years,
Merle - How did you do that. I have it on my face aswell
Bonnie - I also got rid of mine for 6 months now using a reputable HEMP CBD full spectrum oil supplement. ... More »
Line - @merle19 the app won’t allow me to write the name of the creams, but try to check out the other a... More »
Sarah - Hey Chris! Yes I have p on the eyebrows and hairline, though at the moment it is very calm. Only ... More »
Matthew - I use a hydrocortisone cream on my face, it is a steroid cream but only contains 1% so it's ok to... More »
Susan - Hi Chris. Welcome to the site. john is great for psoriasis on the face ideas I think. He can t... More »
George - Try something with activated silver in it. That helped by eyelids and forehead. Still struggling ... More »
Sarah - I've heard similar about colloidal silver, George
George - The Silver MSM cream I have been using is no longer available and I am nearly out. I will try an... More »

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Psoriasis on the Face

Psoriasis on the Face

Psoriasis on the face should be treated carefully as your skin there is thinner and may be more sensitive to treatments. Facial psoriasis most often affects the eyebrows, the skin between the nose and upper lip, the upper forehead and the hairline. Need advice on psoriasis on the face? Talk to the community and see how others deal with it every day.

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