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Support and advice about psoriasis on the feet.


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Ellen - Hi toe nail sufferers.. I have nail P ... I soak my feet in hot water with Bicarb & Apple cider v... More »
Michelle - Send me your email address xxx
Lindakay1948 - best advice for me was Epsom salts thank you all but when I am bleeding no way can I use the sa... More »
Michelle - True Ellen and not only that, we might not even receive it. I have experience in that field.
Ellen - Oh dear.... that's not good Michelle....
Patricia - I might have this now gotta dr appointment monday
Paula - I am the same Sandra. Going through a good phase at the moment so I am just focussing on keeping ... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym! Yaaawwwch so sore. And we use our feet so much. Really hope it improves for you... More »
Sandra - Hi Ann tried the Child's Farm moisturiser works only .for a few days
john,Hulk - yes i get small spots on the top my feet aswell as anywhere else though never on my soles or palm... More »
Sarah - Same here John
Ann - I have cracks on the bottom of my feet. Very painful, just try to keep them moisturized. Seems t... More »
Ellen - Michelle is the FootWorks from Justine...I used to use it too but now I just use Organic Coconut ... More »
Michelle - Hi Ellen. I bought mine at Dischem. I don't use Justine's products as most of it are scented. Coc... More »
Ann - Hi Michelle Is this product available in Canada. My feet get very dry and crack, I just need ... More »
Denyse - I was given a medical Marijuana prescription in early December to help with pain in my legs. I st... More »
Jannie - Did the cbd oil have any other effect on you? If you don’t mind me asking
Lindakay1948 - Hi Chel I have a nightly wrap of my feet and hands..and a viscuss jel w/steroids in it I apply t... More »
James - I remember you mentioning vitamin d analogue before, what exactly is it?
Sarah - I have no idea how it is made but it is basically a synthetic vitamin d substance, in a cream for... More »
Elaine - Ouch!! Sorry you have more pain, James :( Are you even certain it's psoriasis related?? Google... More »
Jen - Hi Clare. Use lots of oil or a thick ointment/salve and wrap your feet in gladwrap to keep the mo... More »
carol - I use "Tamanu Oil". I use 3 times a day & no shoes, just peds. It helps a lot for about 4 days u... More »
Lizann - I have and it's really painful. About to be started on a systemic oral drug for it as the steroid... More »
Sarah - Welcome Carla! Difficult locations for p because they are so frequently used and so visible too. ... More »
Diane - Hello, I am a fellow hand sufferer and also have it on my feet and under toenails. I hope you fin... More »
Emma - I have pustular psoriasis on my heel and I’m hacking a really bad flare tonight. We just have to ... More »
Aimee - I have the same problem, my feet crack open so deep and bleed. I am a therapist at a hospital so ... More »
Rita - Well, the script I take works wonderfully, or you can grease your feet up at night, then use gel ... More »
Sophia - I feel your pain.
Laura - I wonder if a numbing cream with stop the pain, it hurts as I am trying to sleep.
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Laura! Ouchhhh. Hmm soaking good idea. Can you wear anything on your foot to pr... More »
Laura - Thanks Sarah. I can put some gauze on it. Going to soak them again.
Yvonne - Hi Linda I have it on my feet to I have to bandage day and night
Peg - I noticed with coconut oil I am more itchy! So I eliminated that. I know it’s natural but maybe... More »
Yvonne - I use hydromol it works for me but everyone is different
john,Hulk - yes, plenty of us that are flaking and aching, welcome to flaym sophia,
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Sophia! Oh yes, there are many of us living with p, and Flaym exists to connect... More »
Cece - I think I have every topical Rx prescribed, had [.....] injected directly into the sole of my foo... More »
Beth - I like Vaseline Cocoa Butter lotion. I slather it on really thick then put a plastic bag over i... More »
kathy - my dermatologist was the one that said to cover my feet with the plastic wrap. I have used the v... More »
Laura - Hi, I just got my first sore on the bottom of my foot. Omg, it hurts to walk. It is thickening... More »
Joy - Sometimes I soak them in bleach. It don't burn as much as plain water... soak my feet 3 times a d... More »
Inge - I use Urea occasionally. I got it on the Internet because Medicare does not pay for it and it is... More »
Ingrid - Sue - I have guttate, pustular and plaque on my soles - I am just coming out of a year long flare... More »
Sarah - Yeowchh Beth that sounds so sore. Hopefully you'll find good tips and experiences here at Flaym. ... More »
Julie - I feel your pain, my feet get so sore I have to cover them with padded plasters just to be able t... More »
Sanjay - Try Ultimate Flora Extra Care Probiotic 150 Billion. Mine is cleared after 6 mths. Take one every... More »
Miki - Hi, I also get cracks in my feet from psoriasis. What has worked for me is Nature's Gold Skin Man... More »
Robin - I use unrefined coconut oil and wrap. Im sorry you also have to deal with it. Palms of hands same... More »
Jaine - Oh for2 years I could hardly walk without my feet splitting and have deep cracks, I tried everyth... More »
Jan - I am doing light therapy right now and it seems to help a lot!
Deleted account - I use the hypoallergenic perfume, no color additives
Karenzszcc - Me to my feet toes hands hurt a lot take gabapentin helps for restless legs doctor just gave me M... More »
Bobbi - I use a small hotel bar of soap and it works great for my (former) leg and foot cramps as well as... More »
Deleted account - walking from the UK to Disneyland would make anyone's feet sore ;-)
Beth - That explains it then Will ;)
Deborah - I soak my feet in Luke warm water and file the dry skin off , then I put polysporin on the crack... More »

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Psoriasis on the Feet

Psoriasis on the Feet

Psoriasis is uncomfortable anywhere, however having it on the soles of your feet can be an even greater challenge. Psoriasis on the feet can lead to cracking, blisters, and swelling. Share your top tips on how to best manage psoriasis on your feet.

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