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john,Hulk - 4th December 1.10 pm South African time thee wed my love :)
Michelle - aww so sweet thank you Rosey xxx
Michelle - Thank you Ellen :) xxx
Rosey - Well done!❤️
Lindakay1948 - Thank You Rosey like I said none of anything I do will ever fix me..or even cure me..but I acqui... More »
Rosey - Yes am a believer, the people here really help, and it's good to share good and bad times. Pitt... More »
Jane - A lovely bunch of people who understand each other.
SAIGIE - The people on flaym are God's gift to the human race sharing their experiences and encouraging ea... More »
SAIGIE - People sharing their problems & trials excellent. Saigie
john,Hulk - Thank you Glenn, glad you joined us cheers :)
Jill - Love this site...really helps to connect with fellow ps warriors..⚘
Jane - I've said it before and I'll say it again. This is a wonderful support group that I've learned fr... More »
Mishlyn - I agree! Support is so crutial to us. Having gone without it for so many years.. I can see and fe... More »
Irene - Well said!
Jayaprakash - Enjoy your life
Ruben - Welcome to the Flaymily Ava, I only started realizing that healing/good skin comes from the insid... More »
Glam - I,ve had p for 5 years. I,m convinced it started with an infection. Once it was diagnosed, consul... More »
Ava - Michelle, I've been moderating my diet for the past 2-3 years -focusing on eating clean by avoidi... More »

From Went to collect some trousers from a selling gr... by Sarah

Michelle - Thank you Peter. I feel the same about our Flaymer's. They are awesome
Sarah - Yayyy Peter! That rut is no place to be! We're all aiming for better, and so glad you are too! Le... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Louise! That is so great you found us at Flaym. Oh yes I have learned so much b... More »
Mishlyn - Great to hear you are managing how you feel Siyabonga! That is one of the toughest bits if it all... More »
john,Hulk - Welcome to flaym Siya , positive attitude does help, plenty of things one can do to ease the sym... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, SiYa! Oh yah there are loads of us here! Flaking away, all over the world. Me t... More »
Marlyn - Hello John, thank you very much !!
Mishlyn - Welcome to Flaym Marlyn! Such a great too google translate! It is working great! How are you doing?
Michelle - Michelle, you have been so great with all these natural homeopathy oils. How is it going for your... More »
carol - I have to agree and be very grateful for all the info and support received on this site. Thanks ... More »
Jane - I love this group and yes I've learned more from here than anywhere else and I don't feel alone o... More »
Michelle - Hi Jane, I'm so glad you love this group. All of our Flaymers are awesome right? So many differen... More »
Margaret R - thank you
Lorna Penner - Just lemons from the grocery store..
Margaret R - Thanks, Laura
Mishlyn - Hey Jon, Welcome :) Great to see you found us here! How are you doing?
Darwin michael - here, you don't suffer alone.
Helen - Hi Jon, Welcome!
Clint - Michelle the wordsmith with a smile Happy Friday your starting the weekend on the good foot .
john,Hulk - And you too Michelle, have a good one and a good evening too :)
Mishlyn - We truly do have something special Michelle :) So blessed to have each other. I hope your weekend... More »
Sarah - That is so great Gill,, just what everyone here wants to hear!
Gill - Before I found this on FB didn't know anyone with p so felt normal if that make sense and great s... More »
Michelle - Happy to hear about skin Gill. Keep us updated!
Lorna Penner - Hi Connie,,It seems a lonely journey,,but it is trial and error--this thing called ,"P" I have t... More »
Chris - Plus the ideas help and support on here are immeasurable
Susan - Connie I sure hope that you, and everyone, learns how to just be... This site has helped so many ... More »
Mishlyn - It sure is!! We are blessed to have one another ❤ Flaymily Love! 😃
Susan - Yup. Super place to get support, ideas, and laughter.
Sarah - Flaymily love indeed ❤️ 💛 💚 💙 💜
natalie - cool. ive started taking vitamin d i was just wondering what else i could add. thanks..
Ruben - I was already taking vitamine B and Omega3 (cleared my scalp completely for over a year now) But ... More »
Susan - Natalie I only take pure Moringa powder in my morning shake. No other vitamins. I'm even off om... More »
Pegge - Michelle..I would love to see your pics..Frankly I work out every day..my red spots on my legs an... More »
Joyce - Never, I repeat never let P stop you from doing anything you want to do! Pegge has the right idea... More »
Mishlyn - Hi Pegge, I sent you a pm :) Good for you! I admire your strength and determination! Joyce I ... More »

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