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Lynn - Nytrastatin cream helps
john,darts vader - hello sarah, apparently it is a steroid, i dont use it that much to be honest,it is quite powerfu... More »
Lynn - I need to clarify the mediation I am using, it is Nystatin and Tricinolone Acetonide cream. I spe... More »
Susan - Welcome Rick. Just click on johns picture, then follow him. I'm sure he will follow you back an... More »
Rick - Thank you so much Susan, John and I were able to connect :)
Susan - You betcha Rick.

From What is your best-kept psoriasis secret? by Flaym

From Embarrassing question, but can someone recommen... by Brian

Brian - I just had lunch with a friend who is a pharmacist and he recommended some over the counter produ... More »
Jimmy - Ive learned its a hard area to treat a lot of creams i was given were too strong to use on such a... More »
Mackamlady - Ive been using aqueous cream it helps relieve the itching. Also been using it as soap instead of ... More »
Roxanne - That is a really bad place to have P.
john,darts vader - thanks roxanne, had it there all my life, i be putting the cream on him tonight and see how hefee... More »
john,darts vader - yes a bent lizard, i looked it up will21 :)
Julie - I keep a small place in that region and really try to leave it alone. Occasionally I use some pr... More »
Aggie patricia - After reading this post, I am well aware of the effects steroids have on our skins. Thing is the ... More »
Susan - Angie patricia the steroid course is what they are taught in school. My doctor told me they get ... More »

From Quick Question: Does P affect your sexual life? by Ruth

Melissa - Mild and flakey
Ade - Get it on the tip (foreskin) of my penis from time to time. Smothered in aqueous cream helps , fa... More »
Carmen - I have kidney stones too.
Lorna Penner - I don`t have that,,or I don`t think I do..I don`t feel anything.
Paul - Dare I say ..if you don't feel anything ie. touch That could be nerve damage no?
Ellen - I dont have genital psoriasis
Liss - Coconut oil makes my skin itchy 😞
Lorraine - try Yiganerjing cream ,you can order it on facebook, it tingles for a few minutes after applying ... More »
Julie - I’ve started using diaper cream. It’s keeping the inflammation down and relieving some pain and i... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Niyo. I can understand that feeling, and lots here will know it too. I find tha... More »
Kristen Brown - I have Scalp Psoriasis and also some on my lower back and belly button. I have been using dermalm... More »
Dave - If you have it elsewhere then more than likely, if the dic thought it was C instead of P....he wo... More »
Dave - Lol..."The dic..." no pun intended should have said "the Doc" ....admin...edit function please, t... More »
Martin - [...] cream had it there gone now doesn't take away your sensitivity
Shane - Definetly not. Yeah we do. Nice to know not the only one ha
Ruby - I find regularly soaking in a warm not hot bath with one or two cups of sea salt and baby oil hel... More »
Bill361 - No alone Major pain .gets worse at night
john,darts vader - psoriasis is not from the skin but, from within, its what we psoriatic persons do that makes psor... More »
Andy - I don't drink much water, just cut out the bad drinks alcohol and caffeine. Then the salt takes c... More »
Errol - Ronnah, aloe ferox mixed with a bit of aqueous cream cured my itching.
Curtis - Did you know that psoriasis can effect the genitalia....? It can stop sexual appetite before it b... More »
Deleted account - Luckily, I have not experienced Psoriasis on my Genitals. And people need to be made aware/educat... More »
Eric - I was in a relationship with a terrific woman who had no probs with my affliction. She loved me b... More »
Dave - Scratch To be honest, I whack a boatload of aftersun or baby petroleum jell... More »
Genevieve - Go to psoriasis blob site - he has some very helpful tips there.
Gideon - Do you have one?
Rabbit89 - Thanks I appreciate the info. And @Bree thank god for that. It does make it for an interesting ch... More »
Peggy - I believe that I had it there years ago now, I never knew it though because I kept going the gono... More »
john - hello peggy,thats why i dont see doctors about my skin or arthritis as there is nothing they can ... More »

From Feeling great at the moment. Psoriasis at bay f... by Johann

From so I've just developed genital psoriasis! I am ... by Aimee

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Genital Psoriasis

Genital Psoriasis

Psoriasis is an inflammatory, autoimmune condition that can affect the skin anywhere on your body. Genital psoriasis can be difficult and frustrating to treat. Share your advice on genital psoriasis with the community here.

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