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Michelle - Hi Rina. John has given you the best advice on how to start. It might seem like a lot to take in ... More »
Janice - Hi Rhina I agree totally with the advice John has given you. I've done much the same as he has an... More »
Michelle - I agree Janice. We dont always realize how important diet changes are.
john,Hulk - Great Edwin, Yes i been on Vitabiotics for 2 months now and see how things go,May take time for t... More »
Marisa - I had all -plaque came on after medications, Guttate usually came on after strep. I finally got o... More »
john,Hulk - We are all different with this i know , Dietary changes do help for my joints i know that, My ski... More »
Sarah - So glad you've got the right support and advice in place though James. And wow that's amazing tha... More »
Jonathan - @ava - no I don't have psoriasis. In 2004, I had a life-threatening diagnosis - and started lear... More »
Ava - @Jonathan: Good for your patients, for you, and for us! I had to follow a similar route in 1996 ... More »
Nuds - I feel my scars outside me is nothing to the battles inside my head.I feel like Rambo actually de... More »
Patricia - I have5 open lesion from me scratching so much Thursday they finally told me what I have pinned i... More »
Carole - Hi everyone on here - I was diagnosed with urticaria in 1985 and was treated with all anti-histim... More »
deborah - I'm pretty much covered again :( tummy with the exception of a couple of small dots and face, lo... More »
Ellen - So sorry Deborah that you had to endure that ...some people are just plain DUMB.... ignorance !!!!!
deborah - It was ignorance, so not really her fault. Hopefully my explanation that it wasn't contagious and... More »
Bev - That sounds serious James. Glad you going to the doc. Praying he can help you heal up quickly
Bev - Good luck tomorrow James. Let us know what doc says
Sarah - Hope your appointment tomorrow is good, James!
James - My main thing is the time it takes. I look like a target dummy on a firing range and to do each i... More »
Bev - I had to put on each spot for my hubby which did take a long time abd he doesn't have the patienc... More »
James - I guess I should take the time to do each spot then, which brings something else to mind, but I'l... More »
Sarah - Hi Fluke, thats very good news! How long has it taken for your vegan diet to take effect in your ... More »
Fluke - Michelle / Sarah, i went veggie by february 2017, then turned vegan by September and have been si... More »
Sarah - Great Fluke thanks for the details! So glad you have found a plan that is working for you. So it ... More »
Carmel - Love your sense of humour Sarah 😂
Dakeyras - Good one Sarah, as posting about what happens to all of us etc... For example when in work tod... More »
Sarah - Ah Dakeyras that is so funny you say that! I noticed some guttate spots on my forearms a week or ... More »
Clint - Say hi to your mum🍀
john,Hulk - Sorry to hear this James :(
Mishlyn - Mine start the same as James. I recommend trying lemon too Diane, if you haven't already. I put ... More »
Sarah - Hey Diane, I actually can't remember what my elbow plaques looked like when they started to arriv... More »
Ava - Clint, you're a one-note man. Seems like every post was "lemons work." Period. BUT, because of ... More »
Michelle - There were so many spiderman movies already I can't keep track. I love avengers. I'm not a big fa... More »
john,Hulk - Spiderman Spiderman does what ever a spider can,Bugs bunny?i used to watch the wonder woman seri... More »
SiennaD - Well done I’m so happy for you x
Sarah - That is scary indeed Chantel, sure you can find some inspiring ideas here at Flaym!
Ruben - Good luck Chantel, browse around, a lot of inspiration and support here!
Marmara - Same here....
Mishlyn - Good Luck with your appointment tomorrow Joanne! I hope you are given a good treatment plan that ... More »
Sarah - Hi Joanne! Welcome to Flaym. There is hope for you! I had a huge guttate flare, up to 80% coverag... More »
Matty - Hi Sara. I was in your position 5 months ago. I will summarise the helpful advice i have received... More »
john,Hulk - Hello sara, sorry to hear this, i am a lifer since birth 49 years and i have psoriatic arthritis ... More »
Sarah - Oh Sara. This is really hard to deal with. I know! Last year after 20 years of plaque psoriasis, ... More »
James - Or they could use what's vacuumed up to make another you :)
Gill - I'm the same Catherine even have to Hoover my bed
Michelle - hahahahahaha Catherine. That's a good one. Who needs biscuits to find your way home? (Just hope i... More »
Sarah - Hi Matty, I have been wondering how you were getting on and so happy to see this post today! Wooo... More »
Matty - Love the recipe. Will try that out on Sunday. Thanks for all your help Sarah
Sarah - Let me know if you enjoy them, Matty! (ASDA do good price for Whitworths dates, they are nice and... More »
Rachael - Yes I've heard the same Sarah, but that exactly my plan, get it under control and find a longer t... More »
Sarah - That'll be amazing for you Rachael. Yes, I've tried loads of creams for plaque p over 21 years of... More »
Catherine - I had light therapy 2yrs ago ..worked really well on the palms of my hands ...and they are still ... More »
Eve - But anyone on here with guttate should read into it 😊.i was willing to go private to pay to have ... More »
john,Hulk - i would have my toe nails removed if it could rid of it :)
Matty - I haven't had any big findings... except eating chick peas, broccoli and lentils leads to some me... More »
Janice - I hope he managed to sort your other problem out, I have had that kind of response for 60 years, ... More »
RedSpotEliminator - If you have psoriasis, you need to grab the bull by the horns. Research it online - read medical... More »
Sarah - Absolutely everyone. Susan your GP is so right. RedSpot, totally agree - I've been on the case si... More »

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Guttate Psoriasis

Guttate Psoriasis

Guttate psoriasis is a type of psoriasis that appears as small, red, separate spots on the skin. Although guttate psoriasis usually occurs on the trunk, arms, or legs, it is not unusual for the condition to involve any areas of skin (scalp, face, or ears).

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