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john,Hulk - Oh dear James, not even christmas yet to have a snow flake fall, you could had saved them until... More »
Mishlyn - I understand those hidden flakes James! I found quite a bit hidden away during our move 😄 lol
A - Lotion with seasalt in it, as I can not take a seasalt bath on vacation. Sunscreen that doesnt ... More »
Michelle - way to go Million! :)
Letitia - I have been trying a new oil, I'll try and put on a photo so you can see, it's called Balneum soy... More »
Michelle - Hi Sarah. The only spices I use is curry powder, turmeric where cumin and curcumin is an activ... More »
Sarah - Hehe spice racks are a nightmare. I'm nearly out of cinnamon. That sounds delicious Michelle! My ... More »
Bev - We love curry too. But I find if there is Cumin in it affects me for some reason
Sarah - This is going to take some logistics for me to sort out, got to get my mirror angles right! And m... More »
Linda - I have it behind one ear now. It started out a little sore, but when the itching and flaking sta... More »
Clint - Lemon 🍋
Connie - I do it too. It helps make things last longer.
carol - Isn't it crazy how hard it is to get the lotion out of those containers?
IDA - Thanks for the tip will try Aveeno...Have started to use CBD cream...
Sarah - Ooo that sounds like a absolute genius invention! Is it any good for inside bum cracks? Haha! Tha... More »
Michelle - @Connie. You say it burns like fire??? How long does it take to dry? Oh my. Something to look fo... More »
Connie - Usually takes 2-3 minutes, but when you're on fire, it seems a bit longer. :) It is a wonderf... More »

From I really hate this skin all over is red raw and... by Gill

Mishlyn - That sounds great as well Richard, thank you!
Joan - I do also Michelle, but I have found plastic is easier on my ears the rubber/ covering metallic e... More »
Dakeyras - I require glasses to read/for work...middle age eh! I put a spot of e45 behind my ears each morn... More »
Lorna Penner - Buy it in jars and its easier to use up.
Sarah - Hahah Chris! 😆 I've just cut it open, and there is loads left in there! Would have been such a wa... More »
Chris - Cut it my lass, I always do no creme left behind
Cindy - I had the same kinda night...sad
Deleted account - some exercise may help to tire you out and help you sleep
Lukas Petraitis - Im allways into talks about night and PR, its about 6or 8 years not itchy anymore, but sometimes ... More »
john,Hulk - i do axel grease, works wonders :)
Deleted account - I accidentally used Tiger Balm on my psor instead of my salve - it stopped the itch straight off ... More »
Sarah - May well help others too, thanks for sharing Linda and welcome to Flaym!

From I put coconut oil on my head last night (wrappe... by Zumara

From My phone screen is constantly covered in a slic... by Sarah

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