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Denyse - I was given a medical Marijuana prescription in early December to help with pain in my legs. I st... More »
Jannie - Did the cbd oil have any other effect on you? If you don’t mind me asking
Lindakay1948 - Hi Chel I have a nightly wrap of my feet and hands..and a viscuss jel w/steroids in it I apply t... More »
Jeri - Lemons are like acid to me. They burn like crazy when I make a vodka tonic with lemon, lol. But i... More »
john,Hulk - Jeri, sounds good, i like my vodka too with a piece of lemon thrown in, not have this too often t... More »
IDA - I am now using ginger oil it helps. I am also trying to keep my body alkaline with grapes and wh... More »
Rosey - El,know it's and old post but saw it and yes have it on my hands ,fingers too,nothing so far has ... More »
Rosey - Lemons didn't do anything on hands for me,did relieve the burn on legs though
john,Hulk - Just makes me think back to when i used to go night clubbing and they would have the blue lights ... More »
Mishlyn - I have still been using the lemon as well Susan and Diane. Not everyday but throughout the week. ... More »
Julie - After 12 years of suffering flare ups, I started taking 2000 mg of vitamin d and a probiotic dail... More »
Mishlyn - That is fantastic Julie! Really great to hear it 😀 How long have you been taking them? Thanks fo... More »
Carol - Thanks Michelle not heard of Moringa oil, will google it x
Mishlyn - It really goes a long way Carol especially when you mix it with coconut oil & Beeswax to make a s... More »
Mary Kay - My first response was on my hands and elbows. Hands have improved markedly, but elbows are still... More »
Sarah - Welcome Carla! Difficult locations for p because they are so frequently used and so visible too. ... More »
Diane - Hello, I am a fellow hand sufferer and also have it on my feet and under toenails. I hope you fin... More »
Emma - I have pustular psoriasis on my heel and I’m hacking a really bad flare tonight. We just have to ... More »
Ruben - Hello Disneylifeforme, welcome to Flaym. For me Aloë Vera gel cools down my spots immediately.
Disneylifeforme - Do you have photosensitive psoriasis too? Iv not met anyone who’s ever suffered with it, mostly i... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Disneylifeforme! Yes I would say the same, plaster a load of natural oil on it ... More »
Roxanne - For sure Sarah a d I dont have P on my hands at all.
Carla - I've found that cocoa butter by Palmers, offered in its many forms, helps. It's really all that d... More »
Michelle - Hi Carla. I have used that moisturizer as well and I love the smell. ( I actually just bought it ... More »
Sarah - Welcome Cindy, this sounds so severe. Is steroid cream enough I wonder? Maybe worth a revisit to ... More »
Cindy - The doc put me on [...] but it doesn't help.
Lindakay1948 - Me too Sandy Me too babe I wear Nyoprene Gloves that are easily found in the Aisles of Walmart th... More »
Sarah - I've had pains in my toenails when they were psoriatic yes, quite a deep throb as I remember. Wen... More »
Ruben - Sometimes, depends on where in my nail it appears. When it's on the sides, it's like my nail is r... More »
Angela - OOh, horrid. Mine is at the base of the nails the quick. It makes me want to cry.
Jacky - Don’t know about peeling hands, but I get it on my palms too. I was told it was a form of dermati... More »
Joan - My hands, particularly palms have been red, flacky peeling and sore. I wear cotton gloves (wilko ... More »
Eilish - Been to the doctor today and he said it is psoriasis on my palm and fingers and to keep an eye on... More »
john,Hulk - yes, plenty of us that are flaking and aching, welcome to flaym sophia,
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Sophia! Oh yes, there are many of us living with p, and Flaym exists to connect... More »
Cece - I think I have every topical Rx prescribed, had [.....] injected directly into the sole of my foo... More »
Mary Lou - I hate wearing black and I hate flakes!😡😡😡
Kelly - I go through a ton of bandaids to protect my hands.
Theresa - I do too Kelly, and when raw and bleeding I put antibiotic cream on band aids also where surgical... More »
Julie - Jack what treatment do you use?
Jack - Sorry for being missing for so long I had major computer problems. I used an aromatherapy oil mix... More »
Nan195 - Welcome back Jack and thanks for the Aromatherapy blend 🌹
Gail - And....what’s your skin care secrets Lynn? I just use Dove soap (for years) and Burt’s bees face... More »
Susan - I would try coconut oil mixed with aloe vera gel.
TRicia - I agree my hands feel so sore
Fred - Why can’t we post pics
Claire - Hi. I also have it on my hands. Have been using one of many creams that I got while I was attendi... More »
Chris - I have it pretty much everywhere although face isn't too bad lately , guess you get used to it an... More »
john,Hulk - i have calcium magnesium suppliments and vitamin d3 milk thistle sometime sand multi vitamins too... More »
Gail - Renee...go to your local dispensary and get some topical cream, lotion or salve with thc. It ser... More »
Carol - Hi Gail what is thc please x
Kim - Hi Sarah. Thanks for asking. They are awful!! Worst they have been in a long time. I have just co... More »
Psoriatic4good - I am off alcohol since last night, but I was on alcohol from friday afternoon :) Some road tri... More »
Susan - Psoriatic4good. We all have those kinds of weekends. Honestly I cant remember the last over dri... More »
Liz - I have on hand and souls of feet it gets sore it's not a nice one getting shoes that fit is hard ... More »
Liz - Cotton gloves and try not to stress over then be calm just ask anything we here to help you
Deleted account - Pi Yan Ping 999.. Go to eBay and find it there. Hopefully they can ship to your country. It has h... More »

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Psoriasis on the Hands

Psoriasis on the Hands

Your hands and feet make up only 4% of your body's total surface area, but psoriasis here can still have a big effect on your quality of life. The appearance of psoriasis on the hands can appear as cracks, blistering and swelling. Share your experiences with the community on how to relieve your symptoms for psoriasis on your hands.

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