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From My most stubborn psoriasis patch is on my left ... by Jack

From My most stubborn psoriasis patch is on my left ... by Jack

john,Hulk - mind, my hands are clear now and i still get change dropped in my hands,thats why i was thinking ... More »
Mishlyn - Sorry to hear that Ruth. I wish some people had more compassion in world. I think most people who... More »
john,Hulk - and welcome to flaym ruth,hope you find some ideas here to help you thanks

From Good morning from a cold Cape Town. Trying to w... by Harold

Cindy - I would love to go to the uk john..but only when the weather is on it's best behaviour... I nurse... More »
john,Hulk - , the uk is so umpredictable cindy,,could be hot now and raining next minute still hot clammy,win... More »
agb - wrap your hands in a warm towel and rub some olive oil on your hands at night.
Kim - Hi Denyse. I've had Psoriasis for a long time but only developed it on my hands when I packed up ... More »
Susan - Hi Peter... That sucks because you have to do everything with your hands. Peter I finally took m... More »
Cheryl - I understand fully what you are saying Peter and Denyse. It is the one part of my body that real... More »
Lee - Today went well...I have seen a specialist, I was given a 69% body coverage of psoriasis after a ... More »
Lee - The new medication is used on cancer patients but only a small dose. Starting at 5ml once a week ... More »
Kim - Hi Lee. Really hope this works for you. Please let us know how the new treatment is going. 69% c... More »

From Interested to know which areas do you get the m... by oz

From We'd all make terrible criminals! No a chance w... by Josh

From Interested to know which areas do you get the m... by oz

Jack - I also get psoriasis on the palms. What helped me is moisturizing (I used coconut oil) and puttin... More »
Janice - Hi Gail, I've just been reading your post re visits to Dermatologists. I have had plaque psorias... More »
Lorna Penner - Gail I had p for about 12 yrs now and this week I went to the deratolagist becaue I'm vey broke ... More »

From can someone that has been cured from psoriasis ... by Nadine Dajee

maureen - When my son have psoriasis he get this awfull pain in his chest and sometimes near his heart that... More »
Markquee - hi... also have psoriasis in both hands but my prob is the cracks or wounds I have. its painful t... More »
john,Hulk - strange, i was getting pains in my chest near my heart,i had breathing problems to from left lung... More »
Patrick - sorry it won't let me post
Tecla - I have it mostly I my hair, but also swelling of hands and feet with itching. So far not extra sk... More »
Andrew - Hi val, i wish, lol, i have it on my hands when my condition gets worse , but it tends to be in t... More »

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Psoriasis on the Hands

Psoriasis on the Hands

Your hands and feet make up only 4% of your body's total surface area, but psoriasis here can still have a big effect on your quality of life. The appearance of psoriasis on the hands can appear as cracks, blistering and swelling. Share your experiences with the community on how to relieve your symptoms for psoriasis on your hands.

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