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Rita - So happy for you. Have a lovely life and a good marriage.
john,Hulk - Yep, jose antonio The flakes are an added bonus :) , Theres more to me than most people with ... More »
carol - Happy for you.
Michelle - Lucky to have someone so special in your life and who doesn't care about your flakes. In your cas... More »
Rita - I wore white tops at work for years because of scalp psoriasis. I still have some scalp psoriasis... More »
James - We should try and make oatmeal the new black.
Michelle - When I was a child, I wanted to be a musketeer (was a bad ass tomboy at the time) I had the sword... More »
Clint - Sir flakesalot
Susanne - That’s really funny John🙂
Sarah - Bahahaaa Josh, good way to bag yourself some leg room... I was on the tube at the weekend and wow... More »
carol - Scratch and blow
Michelle - Lol! I think, if we have to meet someday, we will have one hell of a show and tell. Laughing all ... More »
Donna - What is it you are doing ??
Peter - Donna I have just started biologics injection and the immune boost was a tongue in cheek referenc... More »
Sarah - Hehe oo go you Peter! You lucky thing. Hehe and your lucky partner...
Mishlyn - I find the lemon does that too! It combats flakes quickly! I think we all need to be buying into ... More »
john,Hulk - yes i lemoned up a bit last night :)
Michelle - I'm really going to buy a tree. They are not just delicious (the lemon) but pretty as well. I nee... More »
Susan - Blame is just holding onto negativity in my opinion. Better to let go, be accountable for oursel... More »
john,Hulk - So true Susan,i never thought about it until i came here ,about blame that is , like as you say ,... More »
Drum - I’m sure I inherited my psoriasis from my father. He thinks he’s a comedian, says I “got my inher... More »
john,Hulk - Haha, flakin ell, dont scratch your ears to hard josh , they might fall off ? :)
Kim - All my creams take up most of my 15kg. Ha ha
Lou - Lol making light of our condition seems to help. Since I'm probably the oldest here it seems my P... More »
Mishlyn - Hope it clears for you soon James! I do the same on door edges for massage type feeling sometimes... More »
Sarah - Hahahaha James! Butt-hock! 😆
Ellen - I put my hand on my cheek & do the one finger scratch...I find they choose the weirdest moment to... More »
Lynn - I used to!! I used to vacuum my bedroom a minimum of three times a day because every time I looke... More »
Ruben - One word: car-seat!
Sarah - Hoovered my car seats yesterday and noticed a great improvement in the size of the sea of flakes.... More »
Jayne - Only problem is john I cannot get it out of my head now. and yes I remember the song you are talk... More »
Sarah - Haha I have a rawhide sometimes when my inverse bum crack p rips! 😆 😆 😆
john,Hulk - ooooh Sarah that sounds rough, mine is doing well at the moment as long as i dont keep rubbing it... More »
Chris - Or the eyeballs Sarah 😂
john,Hulk - Ha ha, oh dear jayne, i dont know what to make of your comment haha :)
Jayne - John - make of it what you will lol
Michelle - awww cute natalie.
leanne78 - Hahahahaha got to love kids 😂I have trained myself to open cake and eat it without them even gett... More »
Susan - Natalie that's funny. Gotta love what comes out of the mouths of our babes.
carol - We could never get away with murder. We leave our dna everywhere.
Jayne - Well done on new job Josh x
Michelle - LOL. not unless we glad wrap ourselves Carol.😳
Sarah - Raaa ouch! The thought of that!
Bryan82 - Lol no it was like eating three cream crackers in one go without water ha
natalie - haha no i just peeled him off ha. he was asleep. i was carrying him to bed..
Mishlyn - I bet that was a sweet moment..sticky..but sweet :D
Sarah - Haha aww a Vaseliney hug. How sweet! 💜
Sarah - There is really no hiding when you leave a flake trail in your wake!
Michelle - well, one can always take a hoover with...
Susan - Oh my. Funny, but not... Yikes!
Mishlyn - yyyooouch Kelly! Hope it hasn't aggravated your skin too bad!
Sarah - Haha! Oh no! At least it's easier to get off the skin than places like the eyes or other awkward ... More »
Susan - Good one Sarah. Autoimmune is what makes us stronger... If we want strength, that is. Kind of l... More »
James - I tried kicking my ass but all I managed was to back heel it, and nearly gave me a hernia.
Joshua - Heheh. I love that. Makes me feel better about myself.
James - In some American movies, when they do that hi five hand slap hand shake thing, they sometimes say... More »
Sarah - Haha they'd be like "ummm no not that much skin mate" ahaha!
Jessie - The funniest I've heard is my brother nickname me booma think it's a name for some sort off zombi... More »

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Jokes about Psoriasis

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