Laser Therapy for Psoriasis

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From Having a great time with new doggie, a lover he... by Gail

From Having a great time with new doggie, a lover he... by Gail

Susan - Bren that is wonderful. People think it is so hard to cut things out but the body knows what is ... More »
Jan - I didn't have any pain with laser... really helped
Marlene - Low level laser light therapy (Theralase) 9 treatments worked miracles for my Palmoplantar Psoria... More »

From Enough feeling sorry for myself, I filled out a... by Gail

Brickie72 - Hi... I've been using arko Turkish soap. After 3 months of use I'm 95% clear. Have you tried this... More »
Rita - What kind of light therapy do you use?

From Have you ever skipped your medicine or failed t... by Flaym

Janice - Thank you Susan. I have cut almost all my sugar intake it's that dang soda in the morning I need ... More »
Susan - Oh you are funny.... Soda is a hard one to kick. However, once you do you will be so proud of yo... More »
Afina - I use a supplement that helps me very good....the downside is that it is quite expensive. I have ... More »
Luckybolt - it's a bullshit,don't vast your efforts to ... (

From I have been suffering this horrid skin disease... by Lyndee

From Psoriasis for 18 months, no idea why it came. S... by Harrison

From Any advice for hair psoriasis? by Ebba

From Any advice for hair psoriasis? by Ebba

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Laser Therapy for Psoriasis

Laser Therapy for Psoriasis

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One of the many treatment options for psoriasis include laser therapy. The laser therapy can target select areas of the skin affected by mild to moderate psoriasis. But how do laser treatments for psoriasis work? Ask questions or share your experience with the community about treating your psoriasis with laser therapy.

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