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john,Hulk - Hello kim, i wouldnt know? i can remember going to the hospital standing in a booth with dark ... More »
Carmel - Worked for me sunlight is my saviour x
Michelle - True Carmel, sunlight does wonders. Even rays through a window helps :)
Sarah - So glad you've got the right support and advice in place though James. And wow that's amazing tha... More »
Jonathan - @ava - no I don't have psoriasis. In 2004, I had a life-threatening diagnosis - and started lear... More »
Ava - @Jonathan: Good for your patients, for you, and for us! I had to follow a similar route in 1996 ... More »
Chris - When I had it they built up the time wit every session.
deborah - Spot on ... lol... yes, I usually start at about 11 seconds. I'm very fair. I think I've gotten a... More »
mohamd - 1st session 30 sec, and the session is for full body
Glam - Thats useful information. I think i might get one for the winter.
Leonie Mateer - I am still loving it
Ava - Good to know that you're still enjoying the sun lamp, Leonie. We don't have the brand you use av... More »
john,Hulk - Sorry about this Lisa. if you can try to get the sun, if that is okay the best you can? thanks
Sarah - Yaaa that is sad Lisa, you had your plan quashed, that's so frustrating for you. Maybe you can fi... More »
Ruben - Once a year???? Move to the Netherlands, the treatment there is free... In Belgium I had to pay ... More »
Jamie - Many thanks.
john,Hulk - You are welcome jamie, we are here to help each other ,thank you :)
Sarah - John, do you eat all veggies including tomatoes, potatoes, aubergine... the "nightshades"?
Sarah - No, psoriasis has no respect of where it goes. Anywhere is a potential target for it 😣
Monuhor - I had light therapy but it dint work out well I went from knees and Elbows psoriasis to more or l... More »
Melanie - Hello! I go to phototherapy three times a week. I’m 2 months now and somehow it helped. They are... More »
Christine - The dermalamp has a specifically designed "comb" that when you use it, the comb parts the hair to... More »
Sarah - Wow! Never heard of it and it sounds ace!
Arleene - So where can you get a dermalamp??
Sarah - I haven't tried sun beds but have thought about it extensively. I decided not to because I have l... More »
Michelle - Hi Jackie. Never used sun beds before but I have heard it does work for P but not to use it too o... More »
Mary - I have found they help mine alot
Rachael - Yes I've heard the same Sarah, but that exactly my plan, get it under control and find a longer t... More »
Sarah - That'll be amazing for you Rachael. Yes, I've tried loads of creams for plaque p over 21 years of... More »
Catherine - I had light therapy 2yrs ago ..worked really well on the palms of my hands ...and they are still ... More »
amanda - Thanks guys. The light treatment is working a little bit but not treating the scalp, where I have... More »
Sarah - It's a long old road with light treatment isn't it! I think for many people the light treatment t... More »
Becky - When I had light treatment I was told it doesn't do anything for your scalp. Have a treatment pla... More »
Cheryl - Yes I take supplements now of Omega3, multivitamins - just wondered which ones you feel help p or... More »
Michael - How long each time with the light treatment
Ruben - Hey Cheryl, I feel that they all help to fight the P. The vitamine B and Omega 3 my scalp. Tumeri... More »
Jane - I have that in my mouth! Maybe that is what is on my head?
Susan - Claire there are steroid creams you can use but if you haven't done an elimination diet you won't... More »
rob - polytar liquid, if that don't work dithronol.
RedSpotEliminator - I've done phototherapy several times and personally, I find it that it's like shoveling you know ... More »
james - good luck
keri - im in envy. my doc ordered insurance wont cover any of it. hard to afford being single working mo... More »
Sarah - Hi Louise, welcome to Flaym! I haven't but I did consider it once upon a time. I know for many th... More »
Sarah - Hi Louise, I have one. I have psoriasis from head to toe at the moment, but it's flat and faded, ... More »
Lilly - What kind of moisturizers do you find helpful?
Roxanne - And yes Woodruff I can only write short sentences at a time.
Matthew - Hi Michelle it’s one I can stand in front of,some days I feel like a piece of meat
Matthew - Hi I get a very good results it takes a few weeks to kick in but I end up totally clear
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Gemma! An individual session may be too early to tell how it will work out with... More »
Brian - Welcome to the community! Phototherapy didn’t work for me but does for some. Best of luck
Leslie - Where can you find out about light treatment?
Mackamlady - Hiya it worked for me on my body but not my scalp. I got referred by dermatologist. And yes it ev... More »
Ruben - Helped for me, but same as Brian I was quite burnt after the treatments. Had 20 sessions in a UV ... More »
Tessa Gray - Hey!! Light therapy did not work for me and I took it for a month I presume, but it was just okay...
john,Hulk - hello emma, changing diet/lifestyle is safer, you start these things with ubv then you have to co... More »
Sarah - Hi Emma, I haven't but have been on waiting list for it for 7 months. My consultation appointment... More »
Sarah - Hi Emma, I did about 18 years ago. The psoriasis went completely for a few weeks, but then I reac... More »
Rich - Had it twice over the years, always worked well
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Irv! Great to see you're sharing experiences. How many months did it take you t... More »
irv - had treatment beginning of this year ,all over.30 odd sessions,worked well apart from bottom of l... More »

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Light Therapy for Psoriasis

Light Therapy for Psoriasis

Light therapy is a well-known treatment option for psoriasis. Treating your psoriasis with light therapy or phototherapy involves exposing the skin to ultraviolet light on a regular basis under medical supervision. The key to success with light therapy is consistency: it reduces inflammation and slows the rate of skin cell production. What is your experience with light therapy for psoriasis?

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