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Zumara - I've had light treatment twice - kept me clear for a few months and then the crustyitis came back... More »
Mishlyn - That is great you will be able to bring one home Penny :) Wishing you great luck!!
Sarah - Hi Penny, welcome to Flaym. I haven't had light treatment but have been recommended it before. Th... More »
Penny - Thank you Sarah !!
John - Yes had light treatment which went on for about three months, it builds up from quick exposure bu... More »
Deleted account - i threw in chakra, to make it sound a little woo-woo ;-) and someone was looking for a mantra ... More »
john,Hulk - all thats beyond me will :)
James - That should have been Alzheimers, not AI heifers. I have the world's first dyslexic spell checker.
Lynn - Yes!! My doctor had said to me: I can cure/treat skin cancer faster than I can cure/treat your Ps... More »
Sarah - Lynn that is shocking isn't it!
Ingrid - I live in South Africa - the sun works well. We all need direct exposure to sunlight at least 20 ... More »
john,Hulk - hello mrsjones, oooh thats good, :) not for me though but, pleased for you :)
Diana - Congratulations
Sarah - That is fantastic! Hoping the improvements will stay put for you
Jill - That is great. I think in the US we have to have a prescription to get that. It just became leg... More »
Kim - Hi Kris. Have you tried diet changes? It's the only thing that's worked for me and many others on... More »
Ilze - I've used cannabis oil topically, mixed with coconut oil. You won't beLIEVE the difference it ma... More »
Cindy - Sorry Kim, I hope you do not have to go through this any more, it's bad enough having to once but... More »
Kim - Thank you Cindy.
Deleted account - Never been in a tanning bed
Mike - They work by helping the body to produce Vitamin D which is good for helping to heal up your pso.... More »
Diana - Hi Michael, I found light therapy works very well whether I used a tanning bed or just spent ti... More »
Nan195 - I personally have never used lights but I do lap up the South African sunshine almost every day 🌞

From Have you ever tried light therapy? What was you... by Flaym

From Have you ever tried light therapy? What was you... by Flaym

Susan - Malcolm the trick is to burn the spots a bit. That is what they did with me. There was some bur... More »
Suzanne - I am doing the phototherapy for 6 months now. The total time is 2:01min. For the last 3 months.
Stef - I remember I began with 12 sec...

From Have you ever tried light therapy? What was you... by Flaym

Liz - It works once stopped it comes back
Maggie - It worked for me! I was playing field hockey at the time and I couldn't walk or run perfectly the... More »
Virginia - Personally, no, but a friend has with good results 😃

From Hi, I suffer from scalp psoriasis which travels... by Amy

From Has anyone tried a tanning bed,good or bad ? by Daniel

Lucie - I didn't finish my first sentence it comes with age. It meant to say I said to my partner today I... More »
Daniel - Ok thanks Lucie I am going to try it can't hurt I guess maybe twice a week
Ciara - Hi Daniel, I had light treatment in hospital and it cleared my skin completely. So now I do a few... More »
Shirley - At the moment no creams or working on me , I've had the light treatment 3 time now this will be m... More »
Sue McCutcheon - Because of stress I have been through this year, I decided that I would try the light treatment a... More »
Kathy - My husband has tried this and it worked but you do have to be carful of the sun long sleeves an l... More »
Beverly - Hello, Yes I tried and it didnt do anything except give me burns. Ouch. I am happy it has helped ... More »
Dill - Uvb light treatment should be given in short bursts over a number of week.. it shouldnt burn you.... More »
darren - hi Caroline - I had 40 sessions in total through my private health, although I got a lovely tan :... More »

From Hi, I'm new to psoriasis and this group-I'm cov... by Mrsjonesjnr

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Light Therapy for Psoriasis

Light Therapy for Psoriasis

Light therapy is a well-known treatment option for psoriasis. Treating your psoriasis with light therapy or phototherapy involves exposing the skin to ultraviolet light on a regular basis under medical supervision. The key to success with light therapy is consistency: it reduces inflammation and slows the rate of skin cell production. What is your experience with light therapy for psoriasis?

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