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Mishlyn - May very well be the winter air playing havoc with your toe nails. I think it may be a part of n... More »
Jen - Yep what mishlyn says Michelle. Massage oil in and wear cotton socks to bed.
Michelle - Thank for the advice all! Might be because of winter but will start treating the toes.
Sarah - I had the exact same yesterday Sarah. Skin and hair was REALLY dry. Chucked half a handful of co... More »
Chris - Forgot I had a jar in the fridge !!!!!!
leonard - I'm just stating to look in to CBC any body tried it. love to now
Sharon - Hi.. I battle more with finger nail than toe nails.. no treatment has really improved them, I ac... More »
Ellen - When Covid started I went off my meds to build my immunity …. well my Psoriasis has spiked.... my... More »
Rita - Sorry to hear that Ellen. Hope you see improvement soon.
Jenny777 - Think I will give it another try along with the 🍋😊
Handyman - Well done, try everything more than once
Brana - KARTALIN the best Russian psoriasis cream helps 100%
Mishlyn - Hi Jeff, Welcome to Flaym! Glad to hear your cream helps! What helps me really great with plaques... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Jeff, I used to have chickweed in my garden as a child. I didn't know it could ... More »
rachel - Hi Sarah, I like Aveeno too but use coconut oil mostly. It is greasier so you need a little time... More »
Dakeyras - Aye it is the Aldi Lacura range, either the day or night cream works well etc...:)
Sarah - Great Dakeyras! What is the Lacura one that you use called?
Madmum007 - I also got some castor oil, but I'll use that next week, I'll change oils weekly so scalp doesn't... More »
Mishlyn - Sweet madmum!! That's great it worked so quickly for you! Very nice :) Good idea to rotate oils!!
Dominic - Childs farm baby moisturiser is good but end up smelling like grapefruit and less itchies
Clint - Don't knock it until you try it 🍋
Deleted account - My elbows are raw today maybe I should lemon them up. I will try anything can’t hurt anymore tha... More »
Clint - Lemon 🍋 will work
Sarah - Vaseline (petroleum jelly) rubbed into slightly damp skin is really soothing and really moisturis... More »
Mishlyn - Almond oil is my moisturizer right now, it works amazing for me. Have you ever tried oils rather ... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym Am09ash! I use Aveeno, it is ace and I've been using it a year ish. Best I've fo... More »
Justin - I, again, suggest Coconut Oil!
Fran - Coconut oil is great but if you are going to swim, Vaseline provides more topical protection and ... More »
Sarah - I have used vaseline recently when my elbows were starting to flake at an event and I didn't have... More »
john,Hulk - Me too,Dont make me angry,,, you wont like me when i am angry :)
Michelle - hahahaha. Oh I love him. He is like a little child with anger issues but so lovable. lol
Michelle - My kids tell me I'm like the hulk sometimes. One minute I'm such a lovable person who will kill t... More »
Steven - Sorry think I’m in trouble for using a product name. How do we tell people what works and best t... More »
Sarah - Flaym permit discussion of over the counter products but not prescription ones. It's a legal thin... More »
Steven - Thanks Sarah will keep that in mind!!! 😀
Michelle - You are right Cath. It's not about getting a tan. What I meant about the nice even tan is when th... More »
Susan - Catherine even when I had patches I didn't use anything but a bit of sunscreen on my face. I let... More »
john,Hulk - Aloe vera gel is great after the sun :)
Tim - Thank you Sarah, yes it is a skin system. Can be pricey depending on the package you get. All nat... More »
Tim - Thank you Michelle, the prices range from $20 a month to $80 depending on what system you buy. Th... More »
Mishlyn - Thank you, Tim. Years ago I signed up for some sort of skin system as well. I can't remember the ... More »
Jen - I hope you will enjoy lots of sunny days Michelle@mishlyn. Nothing better than to shed all those ... More »
Mishlyn - That is the truth! Thanks Jen! ❤ It has been a long winter! Flakes ❄❄I can say without a doubt, ... More »
Michelle - Michelle. The sun will do you good and enjoy it. I think the reason why my skin clear up so quick... More »
Sarah - For me I get on well with oatmeal lotions from the Aveeno range. This has by far been the best lo... More »
Norma - I use child farm moisture riser it is quite good lust waiting to ho up to the hospital to get sta... More »
Monuhor - Enstiller ask the docter tell them to give it n stop hiding the medicine away from you. It gives ... More »
Sarah - What is in Dream Cream from LUSH Taralyn? Interesting! Great to see you here again...
Taralyn - LUSH IS A BRAND DREAM CREAM IS THE NAME OF THE CREAM... google it YouCan buy online. Been using i... More »
Mishlyn - Wow, just a week! Amazing Taralyn! I looked it up and Sounds so nice 😊 Calming blend of oat milk... More »
Karena - Tried it on my son and it made him worse
john,Hulk - Thats the trouble Karena, a lot creams etc can make it worse, they are a band aid solution, not ... More »
Karena - Child's farm already tried. Made him worse. Very red and sore after it
Deleted account - My Mom just got back from a Caribbean cruise and went to an Aloe farm and she picked up some crea... More »
Justin - I suggest again Coconut Oil - it is truly amazing! I purchase mine incredibly inexpensively, f... More »
Susan - I don't use sunscreen anymore except a bit on my face that is not really a brand. Did you know t... More »
Chris - Now now 😂😂😂😂
Des - Using the childs farm grapefruit and tea tree one atm and its pretty good compared to the other m... More »
Michael - I’m using the shower gel and moisturiser but can’t notice a difference because I am having a bad ... More »

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