Mood Swings and Psoriasis

Support and advice about mood swings and psoriasis.


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MariaL - When I'm so stressed, I search horror movies in Youtube or in any other movie sites, it can carri... More »
Susan - natalie all I know is that stress is not good for any of us with any autoimmune condition. I did... More »
natalie - Thank you Susan..

From How do people, cope with the mood swings you ca... by Mark

hope - i gotta try that Don...the first part...when i lived in Colorado i was a chicken to do so but now... More »
Deleted account - Hi Mark, psoriasis doesn't cause inflammation, inflammation is a by product of psoriasis. Anxiety... More »
Mark - Hi it seems to be related to psoriatic arthritis. I read an article. Thanks for the replies. I ha... More »

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Mood Swings and Psoriasis

Mood Swings and Psoriasis

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