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Mishlyn - May very well be the winter air playing havoc with your toe nails. I think it may be a part of n... More »
Jen - Yep what mishlyn says Michelle. Massage oil in and wear cotton socks to bed.
Michelle - Thank for the advice all! Might be because of winter but will start treating the toes.
Sharon - Hi.. I battle more with finger nail than toe nails.. no treatment has really improved them, I ac... More »
Ellen - When Covid started I went off my meds to build my immunity …. well my Psoriasis has spiked.... my... More »
Rita - Sorry to hear that Ellen. Hope you see improvement soon.
IDA - thanks for the info. am looking forward for some relief.
IDA - I find I have breakouts when I am stressed about something am learning to sing songs and repeat p... More »
Martha - My toe nails look like the picture .Hello P ears strikes again between scratching my head and now... More »
Sarah - Hey Gill! I have white spots in my nails sometimes, but they are related to injuries / damage to ... More »
Susan - Not fun Gill... I suspect it is linked to psoriasis. I always suggest dealing with psoriasis fro... More »
Becki - I had spots, then pitted nails. I lost nail on index finger on R hand and nail on L thumb. Took a... More »
Ellen - My toe nails are so thick and yellow i would love to have them out in the sun but dont like the l... More »
Mishlyn - I have found a big improvement in my nails, skin and hair since starting Omega 3 with a high epa ... More »
Ellen - Havent done metal file will try omega 3 with high epa a shot. The nails are so sensitive be scar... More »
Nicola - I have never tried medication for psoriasis, just use my shampoo and have a free day following it... More »
Nicola - wow that is brilliant, my nails keep breaking downwards where the ridges are.
Sarah - Arghh Nicola, yes that's what mine had been doing until suddenly voila! That's not to say it will... More »
Lindakay1948 - I have had my hands and feet so bad,oh by the way I no longerhave toe nails I get this but I wra... More »
Sarah - Yaaaargh yes nails so painful when they are psoriatic. Mine was only helped by professional podia... More »
john,Hulk - Hello Nazipho, i cleared my nails up with diet /lifestyle changes , few months after i changed di... More »
Meryl - Always use nail glue if you are using glue as it is formulated to break down unlike superglue :) ... More »
Shawn - Nail glue
Sarah - That is such awesome information Meryl, thank you very much! So helpful from someone who knows so... More »
Mavis - I've been having the same problem Sheila. I've had three nails go like it and it's quite sore whe... More »
Sheila - I've been taking omega 3 for over a year now the nails are not sore with it it's just something e... More »
Susan - Absolutely Sheila. Had that for years and thought my nails would actually fall off the nail bed.... More »
Sarah - You can buy special nail oils. I haven' done it because they are so expensive. At times I have cl... More »
Susan - I have big toes that are Brown can't understand why.
Mishlyn - Could it possibly be bruising as well Susan?
Sarah - My little fingernail on my right hand is like that, has been for quite a few months now. I have h... More »
agb - @John- I did not realize it was a sign of inflammation of my psoriatic arthritis.
Susan - I do remember this Catherine. I also remember the nail bed having very little attachment and the... More »
Carole - Oh boy, and nothing seems to help. Using gel polish only hides it, soaking in Epsom salts helps ... More »
Nicola - I always have to cut mine when they split downwards so am never able to put nail varnish on as th... More »
Sue - Do not use gel polish! I did just once and left my nails a mess. My hair stylist told me it can r... More »
Ellen - No I haven't ... how does one apply it....
Sarah - I used tea tree oil on my nails when they were terrible. It's meant to antibacterial! Not sure if... More »
Pam - I've used tea tree or melrose oil and it helped alot.
Michelle507 - I have pitting, ridging, splitting - I yend to keep nails short, for work, and don’t wear nail va... More »
James - I got an old but still working electric toothbrush, cut the bristles off and glued some emory boa... More »
Sarah - I haven't used those James, but I know of some people saying they use Dremmels 😣 I am sure this w... More »
Mishlyn - I love the mix of coconut oil and tea tree oil on my nail as well. It gives them a good soak and ... More »
Sarah - Hi Geri, welcome to Flaym! I use Aveeno moisturiser for everthing! When my toenails were awful an... More »
Geraldine - Hi Geri I'm a Geri Too! lol 😁 Aveeno is a good moisturiser I agree with Sarah, tea tree oil a... More »
Susan - That's cool Beth. I only wear clear nail polish but it's more a nail strengthener. I'm more tom... More »
Mishlyn - Great tip Beth! Thanks for sharing!
agb - thanks for the tip. I plan to keep my nails pretty for as long as possible.
steve - Being from India, is there a lot of turmeric in you diet?
Cheryl - Definitely try the dietary suggestions even some of them - for me reducing bread and nightshades ... More »
steve - I still eat my homemade sourdough bread.
Sarah - Hi Raquel! I had a whole foot of terrible toenails until about 2 years ago. I had them for around... More »
Sophia - Hi, I am new here. I have been suffering with P on my finger nail beds. Sometimes my finger tips ... More »
Jen - Hi Rachel I have a friend who had nail fungus not pso. He used acv and fresh garlic. Either dab... More »
juju - Steve what is Kombucha and how do I make it? Thanks...
steve - Hi Juju, If you go to my profile page and scroll down to my first post and read through all the c... More »
juju - Thanks Steve...
Nicola - My doctor told me to increase zinc, I take multivits that include vitC/D and zinc, I've been taki... More »
Mishlyn - Hi Sandra, my nails and skin have been feeling healthier and stronger since I have started taking... More »
Sarah - Welcome Sandra!

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Nail Psoriasis

Nail Psoriasis

Nail psoriasis can alter the way your nails look. In some cases, they get thick and change color or shape. They can also feel tender and be painful. As psoriasis affects the nail as it grows, nail psoriasis can be difficult to treat. Look for advice and share your experiences with nail psoriasis with the community here.

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