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From Feeling a little itchy and can see where the gu... by Sherry

Jorge Ayuso - I am sorry, Neil! I hope you improve fast. Good luck!!
Tracy - Do u suffer clare
Cindy - Sorry To hear that Tracey....I know how you feel...I have no answers with this stupid disease...b... More »
Allyson - I'm feel so bad for you. I know how you feel. My finger nails and toe nails just kind fall off wh... More »

From I struggle with psoriasis on my feet and hands.... by Louise Aspbury

Angel - I have the same problem with my toenails it's horrible the doctor told me that isn't anything the... More »
Tracey - My toe nails especially the big toe nails are very uncomfortable the psoriasis seem to lift the n... More »
Pat - I sand my toenail smooth and slap a coat of opaque nail polish to finish.
john,Hulk - i know that feeling,my thumb nail is coming away too and its has a lump on it,arthritic lump,been... More »
Tommy - I feel for you, I don't have it that bad
joe - Take heart it is better to laugh than cry or we are all lost, a cure is possible stay positive.
hilary - Love it!
Lou - I do this 😂 I just constantly pick 24/7. Then if I have gotten my nails done it drives me insane ... More »
Joan - I agree with Honey, diet helps a lot. and also, hydration. make sure to at least drink 8 glasses ... More »
paul - i use clear matt nail varnish
paul - i had it on my nails,tried my wifes matt nail varnish ,they are a lot better

From Hello! My name is Diane and i am a nail techni... by Diane

Don - yes some of mine are all pitted its called thimble nail
Wendy Swards - Yes. Apparently a sign of Psiriasis is the pits in the nails. Mine are awful also appear very cha... More »
Nicola - yes it certainly does, mine are all ridged downwards and break downwards, it's a real pain as I c... More »
john,Hulk - theres lots of face powders out there for woman that they can mask the skin :)I used to say to pe... More »
Jac - Lol - don't we all!! Addictive :)
Pam - a clean dry facecloth was my savior ....keep them separate from the ones you use on your face, wa... More »
Maggie - I am so sorry, PsuperWoman. Don't you just hate it when you find out you've been misdiagnosed!! I... More »
Hennie - Have it too
Lorraine - Yes it happens

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Nail Psoriasis

Nail Psoriasis

Nail psoriasis can alter the way your nails look. In some cases, they get thick and change color or shape. They can also feel tender and be painful. As psoriasis affects the nail as it grows, nail psoriasis can be difficult to treat. Look for advice and share your experiences with nail psoriasis with the community here.

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