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Julia - I wonder where do you buy a UV comb??? maybe on Amazon
Lynn - pso any chance was your son on anti-biotics lately? reason I ask, when my son (who also ... More »
psomom - Sorry to hear that Lynn. I know that strep is a common cause or trigger for glutate. Not sure abo... More »
Madmum007 - ooh, have I started something on here !!! I'll pass on all the information :)
Sarah - Information is the key!
Lawrence - I've been taking high doses fish oil alongside evening primrose oil daily for the past 10 months ... More »
Sarah - I still haven't tried Epsom salts Lindakay! I use grapeseed oil for my scalp and it is very sooth... More »
Lindakay1948 - I have found Cheap is great for me too I use ebay a lot seeking all stuff for P and usually with ... More »
Michelle - I'm going to look for the tar soap this weekend. Glad its working for you Lindakay. :)
Glenn - I have always had a dog, mostly welsh border collies and all apart from the thing I have now, use... More »
Crystal - Oh gosh my jack Russell dog called Teddy. He always lick my psoriasis on my lower legs. I allowed... More »
Erica - Mine just licks me anywhere (ears are gross) anytime she can, a real nurturer my JR. Want's to ta... More »
Linda - Great to know thank you for sharing!
Sarah - That's so cool Md, so you use powder? Where do you buy it?
Md - I bought from iherb Japan, online store.
Mishlyn - I am happy to hear that the cream you have is helping! Such a great feeling seeing the redness an... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Treena! I've thought about trying bee propolis and got as far as finding some i... More »
Treena - I would say try the propolis capsules. As it works from the inside out. I am 3 days on 2 caps... More »
James - I just made a pot of vegetable soup and added a teaspoonful along with the black pepper. On the P... More »
Glenn - I dont have high blood pressure, but I do have thinned blood due to anurysms and clots in both legs
James - I had a TIA 5 years ago so I try to look after myself now. I've been using turmeric in smoothies ... More »
Ellen - Michelle are you not looking a bit YELLOW ..... coz I know you sure aint feeling BLUE !!! ....
Michelle - Haha Ellen. Silly girl! I have to say that I was kinda looking yellow from the turmeric but the l... More »
Ellen - Just joking Michelle.... but all the advantages of using LEMON !!!
Michelle - it sounds amazing Ilze and I'm happy for you! Thank you for the great info with regards to this t... More »
Sarah - WOW WOW WOW Ilze that is so awesome. Thank you for sharing! I am so so so happy for you 💚💚💚
Linda - So glad you found something that works for you Lize! It is great to know if one option does not ... More »
Jannie - I've just bought tea with Tumeric in . It's quite lovely. If you mix tumeric into a paste and app... More »
Michelle - Hi Jannie. I have done the turmeric paste and it definitely helped for my Psoriasis. I can recomm... More »
Jannie - Beware of fake vitamins always buy a reputable brand like solgar or forever living especially if ... More »
Rosey - Organic chicken,roast beetroot ,beans for tea,I don't eat junk,not much at all,the biggest person... More »
Michelle - True Sue, I only eat organic food and my gut has improved. Most of all is that I don't suffer fro... More »
john,Hulk - I agree Sue, dont go to the dark side, that leads to anger and anger aggravates P :)
Michelle - Sarah, I've applied some today and will let you know by Monday what it looks like. So far, no irr... More »
john,Hulk - I take it Michelle, you like pokemon? :)
Michelle - Hahaha. No John. My grandson does and like a good granny, I support him fully. What we wouldn't g... More »
Barry - Michelle- thanks for the information . I will be trying this ASAP. I am getting thin on my sca... More »
Mishlyn - I hope it can be helpful for you Barry! After finding the recipe, I researched it more about aloe... More »
Sarah - Sounds absolutely amaaaaaazing.... got to make me some...
Michelle - Ava. I love cocoa butter on my skin. Apart from the aqueous I use, I sometimes use the cocoa. Mi... More »
Madmum007 - I have had beeswax in 1 product, I was allergic to it :( odd as I love eating honey on my toast!... More »
Mishlyn - Hi Michelle, its not sticky at all. A tad greasy bc of the coconut oil. I keep adding more beeswa... More »
Susan - Great idea. I'm going to try this on my scars that I have from all the steroid use. Less costly... More »
Ava - Susan, I have no idea whether or not it'll lighten scars but hope it will! The combo's definitel... More »
Michelle - I'm going to sound a bit stupid but what scars did you get from steroid's?
Bev - Thanks Rita
Jane - Fingers crossed it works....will look forward to hearing your results
Sarah - Ooo fascinating, keep us posted!
Ava - Justin, I'd been wondering about that, as generally speaking, more washing leads to greater dryne... More »
Justin - you only have to apply the oil ONCE a week.
rachel - I love using dead sea salt as a scrub, try to have a bath most nights and just rub neat salt over... More »
Suze - I was told the turmeric and ginger I buy from food shops isn't enough to help and that we need in... More »
Lindakay1948 - I use One Large Tablespoom Tumeric ,with Coconut milk ,shake of black pepper so it turns on the t... More »
James - I've been putting it in smoothies and home made soups. I did just take a fleeting look on amazon ... More »
Sarah - Look forward to hearing more, Lynn!
Ava - Hoping it works wonders! Please give us an update in two weeks.
Lynn - will do :)
Rosanna - I had a severe vitamin D deficiency and noticed an improvement after being prescribed by my dr. I... More »
Ava - Note that your body needs Vitamin K in order to process D-3 vitamins.
Sarah - I've had some good results too from vitamin D analogue creams Rosanna. Hope your skin will respon... More »

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Natural approaches to Psoriasis

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