Probiotics and Psoriasis

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Ava - Sarah, can one bottle water kefir in mason jars? I have various sizes with plastic screw lids fo... More »
Sarah - I do the first ferment at room temperature in a mason jar yes, and then I bottle it into plastic ... More »
Ava - Plastic screw lid bottles. Glad to know that's possible, thanks! (Didn't know if they'd just ke... More »
Connie - Great! Thanks for that info. I already take so many supplements, it would definitely be better if... More »
Ava - I've just ordered a starter kit for water kefir, but in case some of you didn't realize ... you c... More »
Jill - Thank you for the much do you use of the turmeric? I take a probiotic and just s... More »
Sophia - Susan, so you gave up going to the dermatologist and the rheumatologist? What do you use to help... More »
Susan - Sophia I have done it all too almost. I have very thin skin now from using steroid creams and so... More »
Michelle - Hi Susan/Sophia. When I was diagnosed with P, my GP gave my steroid creams. I used it for 3 month... More »
Maggiec645 - Hi NR, I would think pretty quickly regarding intestinal problems but I don't know about the ps... More »
Maggiec645 - Sorry meant NS. I am alittle out of sorts today...
Deleted account - The dog who chases two rabbits goes hungry

From Ordered some milk kefir grains to try making so... by steve

From Which one is the best probiotic product and wha... by Abdul

Sarah - Hi Abdul, I was posting about this recently too... Some people eat probiotic foods like fermented... More »
Ben - I love to eat sauerkraut and it makes me digest better. I also consume raw apple cider vinegar mi... More »
Sarah - I drink kefir from chuckling goat and switched from cow's milk to goat's milk about 4 months ago.... More »
Sarah - Where do you get goat's milk from, Sarah? I've been thinking of switching my family to organic co... More »
Sanjay - Hello again, Here's my story. Suffered from psoriasis for 3 to 4 yrs. Had it on my scalp, elbow... More »
Dali - Hi Sanjay i sense the frustration and with it i respectfully want to ask did you just take the r... More »
Orlaith - Have you tried this Dali, I'm interested I trying get this too...
Nan195 - Hi Mishlyn, I’ve not heard about it yet...things go slower here on Africa. All the best 🌹
Susan - Good for you MishLyn... Sometimes I see posts about many of us saying we have to enjoy life once ... More »
Nan195 - Hi Susan...😀😂😂🌹
Michelle - That is fantastic NS!! Happy to hear it! 😃
Sarah - Brilliant news NS! Keep going with it 😊
Leasha - Dr axe is awesome love him,he is a blessing from God for every one and everything
Susan - Roxanne I make my own probiotics now and because of my diet I dont have alot of dairy so no yogur... More »
Sarah - I absolutely love anything at all pickled or fermented. What vegetables did you choose Susan? I h... More »
Susan - Sarah I stick to cucumbers and cabbage. I've done carrots, beets and other vegetables but fermen... More »
Joan - I am definitely doing vitamins and several supplements vitamins C, D3, magnesium, iron, biotin, b... More »
Chris - Susan, does this supplement routine keep you clear?
Susan - Chris I was clear before the Moringa, but I do think it's keeping me clear and healthy. Plus it'... More »
Susan - Vandit I took a probiotic that a friend recommended. Can't remember the name. I was doing the d... More »
Gideon - I'm from the Philippines, My Doctor gave me that. It has a live good bacteria to regenerate healt... More »
Sarah - I had my gut microbiome mapped a year or so ago as I participated in the American Gut Survey (tho... More »
Harold - 😂😂😂😂😂
Susan - Hey Gail. Good for you! I'm excited to see what happens. Only good things can come from this! ... More »
Anita - I use probiotics for other reasons and I didn't see a difference 😕
Michelle - Thanks for your input everyone! 💛
Susan - MishLyn I used to take probiotics till I ran out. Now I have learned that pre biotics are more i... More »
Raymond - Any recommendations? I've recently cut alcohol out of my diet.
Jose Palma - In my own experience I cut off sugar, carbs, gluten, nightshades and cured cheese. I've red some ... More »
john,Chewweeeeee - hello anne, no i havnt ,do you use them ?
Connie - I have taken probiotics every day for over a year (14 strains, 50,000 billion colonies). This ha... More »

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Probiotics and Psoriasis

Probiotics and Psoriasis

Probiotics are a way to introduce healthy bacteria to your immune system, that can help fight inflammation. People with psoriasis often have higher amounts of inflammation-causing bacteria in their intestine, so there are a lot of conversations around probiotics and their effect on psoriasis. Share your experience with the community here about probiotics and psoriasis.

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