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john,Hulk - haha, its only boring to a lot of people out there that dont eat like some of us do here Michelle... More »
Michelle - Hey John. Wow she is a lucky girl. I look at a pea and I gain weight. Not fair. Maybe she will ga... More »
Jannie - Very interesting thread from all. I had fish and chips last night .....went straight through the ... More »
Michelle - Sarah, I've applied some today and will let you know by Monday what it looks like. So far, no irr... More »
john,Hulk - I take it Michelle, you like pokemon? :)
Michelle - Hahaha. No John. My grandson does and like a good granny, I support him fully. What we wouldn't g... More »
Jen - Michelle your recipe is not disgusting at all! You'll get used to it knowing that it's so healthy... More »
Mishlyn - Come on over Michelle! You have a place to stay with me anytime! 😃The move is going well, thank... More »
john,Hulk - I personally couldnt drink shakes,i need solid foods to fill me though its a good way of gettin... More »
Mishlyn - Have you noticed a difference in your skin since you have been making changes?
Michelle - I just love a bunless burger Ace. 2 big Mushrooms lettuce lean beef (patty) fried onion (whi... More »
Sarah - Hi Ace, oh it does get boring sometimes on a simple diet trying to think of ways to change it up.... More »
Chel - I found noodles that were made from vegetables
Janice - I can tolerate all and they sound yummy Sarah, I will be trying these, thanks for sharing.
Mishlyn - I will be trying them as well! Thanks for sharing!! Sounds yummmy!
Sarah - Delicious! I wish I ate tomatoes!
Mishlyn - Thanks for sharing Jennifer! :D
Michelle - Thank you for sharing Jennifer. Do you perhaps have a recipe for salad dressing? something with g... More »
Michelle - True John, but I have not itched once since I've tried this muesli. I'm not sure if some of the i... More »
Sarah - There are only 4 ingredients on there that are allowed on Autoimmune Protocol! Raisins, pineapple... More »
Mishlyn - Sounds yummy Michelle! I bet it would be easy to also make a homemade granola bar as well with th... More »
Mavis - Sounds good Sarah hope it works for you
Sarah - Going to have to try it again in a few days to confirm it is OK, as I've got a flare up! But thin... More »
Clint - Holy mackerel....
FlakyChica - The turmeric works BETTER with the Black Pepper. fact
Sarah - It does! But only if you can tolerate it. If I could tolerate it I would add it in like a shot!
FlakyChica - The Turmeric pills come with black pepper in them. I use Okinawa Triple Turmeric, I never taste ... More »
Sarah - Sounds delicious! I would omit the peanuts and keep everything else!
Mishlyn - A bowl of goodness! Sounds Yummy! Enjoy Michelle & thanks for sharing 😀
john,Hulk - I wish i liked soups but i dont, thanks Michelle :)
Lindakay1948 - Thank you so many anti=inflamatories what more would I ever want looks tasty too I am already us... More »
Sarah - This looks very delicious! I'm not sure I could bear to have colostrum though. I'm trying to moni... More »
Michelle - Please everyone. I haven't tried the smoothie yet as I get home late in the evenings buuuuuuuuut.... More »
rachel - I've never tried Morninga. Think I need to add that to my shipping list. Enjoy your tea.
Sarah - 👊👊👊
Ruben - Hey Michelle, nope, found some dried leaves, just add boiling water 😁 Hey Rachel, only added it ... More »
Sarah - Tomatoes are in/on so many things too aren't they... it is a tough one when eating out etc. Becau... More »
Catherine - Oo I'm going to give that ago . Thanks x☺
Susan - You are very creative Sarah. I personally have no issue with any vegetable. Eating out is fairl... More »
Dakeyras - Good to know Rita, thanks lass. I give em a try. :)
Sarah - Don't crash George! I lost weight in my first week of diet change (7lbs) and felt quite weak! So ... More »
Sarah - Oh and George if you are really struggling, once you've had a while without rice you could trial ... More »
Lorna Penner - I love curry tumerac,,coconut milk over chicken drumsticks,,a bit of potato,,onions.
Ruben - @Lorna, should be good with sweet potato as well. For me that would be the way to go. Regular pot... More »
Michelle - Last night I had a biltong and chicken salad (biltong is a SA food (lean meat which is salted an... More »
Susan - john I love my avocado's too. I'm not a Huge fan of quinoa so I have adapted the recipe. I make... More »
Sarah - Sounds delicious, Susan! My kefir is going great guns, may graduate to kombucha sometime too. I r... More »
john,Hulk - great, i may have a go at that one in the weekend , thank you susan for the recipe for this :)
Lizzie - Michelle nothing is like the real thing, but I was very pleasantly surprised :)
Mishlyn - I Love those pleasant surprises along the way! 😃
Sarah - Yummm, Ive got quite a few recipes in my AIP cookbooks from the library that include nutritional ... More »
Sarah - Ooo Jen delicious, you had curry Friday too! Give it a whirl, Don, it was delicious! I also cooke... More »
Mishlyn - I have never tried spiralising carrots, Thanks for the the tip Sarah! I have a hand one as well, ... More »
Sarah - Yes often I'm stood there Michelle, turning and turning... it's quite therapeutic isn't it but no... More »
RedSpotEliminator - Try adding kale/kiwis/avocados and other foods that boost your immune system to your smoothie. H... More »
Cherie - Thanks for that advice. 🌺
Sarah - Me too with the broccoli, RedSpot!
Jenny - Sounds divine.
Susan - john very funny. That curry dish looks amazing! Send some over to Canada. Love your new profil... More »
Nan195 - 😂😂😂 Touché John🌹

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Recipes for fighting Psoriasis

Recipes for fighting Psoriasis

Are you experimenting with some diet changes to improve your psoriasis symptoms and you need some more inspiration? Our Flaym members are sharing their favourite recipes and healthy twists to reduce psoriasis symptoms. Make sure to share your recipe to fight psoriasis with the community here.

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