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Sumonds (SUE) - Strange isn't it.... Not complaining though 😊
psoriasisvictim - Thanks everyone... I'll see how it goes for me!!!
Sue - I have had my hair colored by a stylist for a number of years and it did not get any worse. make ... More »
Sarah - Not tried the vinegar rinse Robyn, must do that sometime!
Jill - Iv just been told coconut oil works will be trying it tonight
Jacquie - Just trying this too Jill, I don't know how long to wait for results though - what about you? I h... More »
john,darts vader - Hello jessie,, some soak their heads over night with rapeseed oil i think ?or olive oil to break ... More »
Jessie - Apple cider vinegar with the mother whats that??
Sarah - It kind of depends how quickly you want it to go away. Like John says, oil soaks are great (I use... More »
Michelle - I have P for 26 years but since I've joined Flaym, I found out I (think) have 3 kinds of P. Plag... More »
Sarah - I will Michelle! Will be interesting...
Yvonne - I only had it on my hands and feet for a while then got it on my legs went on the tablet got it o... More »
Carole - I have NuSkin Aloe Vera gel but have found it kind of sticky on my face - it leaves a film that f... More »
Millionways - Its no good, when its sticky. I only use it under my hair. I use cream on my face..
Sarah - Hey Carole, yes what I call oil soaks is just putting a layer of oil onto the scalp and leaving i... More »
Susan - I’m wondering what moogoo is too.
Jen - Hi Rosann and Susan. MooGoo is an Australian made product. It was originally made to heal cows ud... More »
Dakeyras - Assuming you have tried the various coal tar based types lass...try taking some antihistamine tab... More »
Kirsti goslow - Ive had a very itchy scalp losing hair with small blister type formations.i use baking soda three... More »
Robin - Hello Kristi!
Sue - Try Tri Derma found at Walmart with the psoriasis creams, it works for the itching. No coal tar a... More »
Rachel - At the moment I’m using Capasal from the chemist and it’s working but maybe it’s because I’ve nev... More »
Sarah - Ooo I don't know, my hair salon used to stock Paul Mitchell but I never bought it. Let us know ho... More »
Aimee - Neutragena T-Gel helps me immensely. I only need to use it once a week and it works great!
Brian - No shampoo of any kind. I found they all made had no effect or made it worse. I just use hair con... More »
Michelle - Hi Ian, I take an Omega 3 with high level of epa, Probiotics and Moringa. I did a 30 day eliminat... More »
Karen - Have you tried cbd oil?
Ruben - Hello Disneylifeforme, welcome to Flaym. For me Aloë Vera gel cools down my spots immediately.
Disneylifeforme - Do you have photosensitive psoriasis too? Iv not met anyone who’s ever suffered with it, mostly i... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Disneylifeforme! Yes I would say the same, plaster a load of natural oil on it ... More »
Ellen - Jennifer I know the compact feeling but I find it helps when I scratch the plaques. Sarah I use a... More »
Jennifer - Sarah, No I haven't tried the prescription ointment you mentioned, but it sounds hopeful. I do us... More »
Sarah - Think these pimple spots were viral rather than psoriasis itself... funny when something masquera... More »
Jeana - The t-gels seem too harsh for me. Paul Mitchell makes a Tea Tree Hair and Scalp shampoo and condi... More »
Sarah - Welcome Fearne! I go as gentle as possible with my scalp in terms of removing scales. I don't scr... More »
Tammy - I use Paul Mitchell tea tree shampoo and conditioner
Sarah - Oh ladies, that is so weird that you are also noticing an effect from your hormonal cycle! I'm co... More »
Debbie - I keep a app on my phone which tracks my period, and write it down, always period and when I s... More »
Sarah - Great idea, Debbie!
Alana - Has anyone had luck with Avocado oil. This psoriasis lotion I got at The health food store and it... More »
Irene - At the minute I'm using L'oreal Sensi- Balance shampoo, it has helped with the itch and less flak... More »
Bernie - Thanks Irene i will give it a go see if it helps me .
Lindakay1948 - Oh by the way I also use Saran wrap on my feet and spots on my legs at night after I apply my pre... More »
Louise - Sarah, I have an old towel I put on my pillow the nights I put oil on.
Louise - It’s a little pricey but I was given Liz Earle shampoo and conditioner samples and I love 💗 it ju... More »
Michelle - That is great to hear Tracy! Enjoy 😊 We are blessed to have each other here ❤
RedSpotEliminator - I used to worry about going to the barber because of my pso. Then one day, my barber told me to c... More »
Orlaith - Must check out your YouTube videos, sound interesting 😊
Ruben - Hey Lisa, I used to have about 3 large patches in my hair. Since taking vitamine B and Omega 3 th... More »
Sarah - Ruben, have you tried using the Autoimmune Protocol compliant sugars in place of the regular ones... More »
Ruben - Nope, I have maple syrup and agave syrup. Problem is that I'm too much in love with chocolate... ... More »
Melina - I tried Neutragena T-gel and doesn’t help at all. I am curious about the tea oil conditioner. Doe... More »
Patricia - Doesn’t help me either I just wish I could get some relief from the itching , I can wash it then ... More »
Suzanne - I get huge scabs in my scalp because I scratch then it forms a scab and then I scratch and pick i... More »
Michelle - One of the strangest things about P is what works for some, doesn't work for others. It can be so... More »
Annissa - I have had it for 40 yrs and fine it far worse in the winter. It loves the sun and tends to dry u... More »
Caroline - Hi Annissa what is the lotion as tried alsorts from doctors cheers
carol - Hi im sorry your suffering with lots of things. Ive tried just about everything which didnt help.... More »
Theresa - I put coconut oil on my scalp wrap it over night and I wash my hair with fifty percent shampoo an... More »
Pat - Some great ideas here. I have found that each case is unique and it is about trial and error tre... More »

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Scalp Psoriasis

Scalp Psoriasis

At least half of all the people who have psoriasis have it on their scalp. It can appear as a single patch or it can even affect your entire scalp. Flaym users share their advice and best tips on how they deal with scalp psoriasis every day. Join the conversation!

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