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Sarah - Hi Elaine, welcome to Flaym! I do have scalp psoriasis (21 years) but I don't get particularly gr... More »
Maire - Yes I regularly use coconut oil and many other oils. Leave it soaking for n hour or over night.... More »
Michelle - Hi Elaine, I haven't had a problem with greasy hair, but I have tried many products that have mad... More »
Bobbi - I add tea tree oil to my shampoo. It helps me a lot.
Stephen - I used to use warm Olive oil leave it on the scalp a little while then wash it out with shampoo... More »
Eva - There's a medicine with vit d and steroid.. and might be able to get a discount card for copay. U... More »
Michelle - Hi Ell, I use tgel (ex strength) as well when my scalp is bad. In between I use a tea tree oil ba... More »
Sarah - Hi Ell, I used similar shampoos in the past but now I've switched to regular unmedicated shampoo ... More »
john, DARTS VADER - So true rachel, thing is we are raised with cows milk etc and feel the need that we got to have i... More »
Hannah - I have it really bad in my hair . I have just cut my hair short .
Justin - I use prescription shampoo and Neutrogena T-Gel shampoo combined with prescription scalp applicat... More »
CC - My skin specialist suggested a terrific medicated gel that has to be a prescription from my GP. I... More »
Sarah - Great CC, is it a steroid gel? Glad you're getting results!
bella2018 - Shampoo for Scalp Psoriasis could help you to get relief from itching, flakes. It is very well av... More »
roslyn - im not sure what i have , my scalp is very itchy , it is driving me nuts , i feel bits , like pin... More »
Betty - Shaun.. head and shoulder for control of dandruff ... shampoo and condition both ?
Rose - Roslyn I have some plaques on my scalp. Seems to clear up then feels like blind pimples and hurts... More »
Susan - Enjoy your new cut Sarah. I just got mine done yesterday too. My sneaky hairdresser has slowly ... More »
Keith - Oh my goodness...haircut is a stressful day for me. I've got patches behind ears and on neckline ... More »
Sarah - Oh Keith and Virginia, yes it is really tough... That's so reassuring Ruben and Stacey! Justin, I... More »
Taralyn - LUSH DREAM CREAM it’s clearing my scalp
Carrie-ann - I have truly found something that may work for the scalp Natural and effective. I love the idea o... More »
Susan - What is it Carrie-ann? Share away!
leanne78 - I have been reading a lot about diet etc since joining here and have googled it.I glazed over a f... More »
john, DARTS VADER - Thats great Leanne78, it does pay off for sure, slow elimination is key to success, i never thoug... More »
Sarah - Leanne78, I think it is a tough thing to do especially if you are starting from a not so great di... More »
Sarah - Thank you James, yes I mean grapeseed oil not rapeseed / canola oil...
Eva - It helped me when a doctor explained the purpose pros and cons of different products. Steroidal ... More »
James - Pretty much what my doc says.
patty - I hate sleeping I have so much anxiety at night I get a lot of flare up on my scalp two more day... More »
Sarah - I think the anxiety about sleeping is just the worst part of insomnia. It's really difficult ment... More »
patty - my itching is caused by my anxiety I have stressandanxiety that plays major itch I tried differen... More »
Ellen - I am trying the lemon juice on my leg when l get the urge to scratch. It certainly stings but th... More »
Jean - I am going to try this
Clint - That's means it's working
Ellen - Susan ..a while ago I queried whether Psoriasis causes hair loss & was told it does not .. but th... More »
James - I read somewhere that regular male pattern baldness is inherited from the maternal grandfather. I... More »
Susan - Ellen I wonder if the hair loss is blocked follicles or if it's because we pick off the huge scab... More »
James - It can sometimes stain clothes but a wee spot rub with pre-wash then bunging a capful in the drum... More »
agb - I had that happen to me last year. I ended up putting almond oil on my scalp all day and then gen... More »
Michelle - I just discovered almond oil agb, it is great. I use it on my skin with tea tree oil and Lavender... More »
Janet - Hi Susan Always kept my hair short. But since getting is annoying problem it won’t grow but it’s... More »
Susan - Janet I know many of our Flaym family struggling in their private area's. You might want to try ... More »
Emma - I shaved my head to help. Still getting to me tho. So low
Sarah - Get a load of oil on those scalps Flaym lovelies! Your scalp will breathe a sigh of relief with t... More »
Julie - Thanks, Sarah, just done this, feels odd, but at least it's stopped itching !
Sarah - Oh yes Julie it is odd really but helps so much! And all natural. I know it is greasy but I think... More »
Afikile - As time goes on it is goin to be all over your body and it is so itching and disturbing. Please s... More »
Ruben - Hi Afikile, some people on Flaym are clear of P for a longer period of time. So maybe no cure, bu... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Betty! It can certainly come and go, and can spread coverage from time to time.... More »
Clint - Try lemon 🍋 please
Julia Erica - hello Clint! am I going to squeeze the lemon in water? or have it pure lemon and put it in the a... More »
Ruben - Hey Julia Erica, I do both :)
Michelle - Hi Julie, Tea tree oil has always been amazing for me as well. I used to mix it with coconut oil,... More »
Sarah - Not tried that one Julie! I've heard that the Aldi Lacura range is meant to be good too as I was ... More »
Julie - Hey!to be honest I didn’t look!!i wanted to get something I could use in between the steroid sham... More »
Sarah - Oatmeal is so awesome and I find it really helps me over and above many other things I have tried... More »
Catherine - Love oatmeal but really missing my morning bowl with coca and blueberries 😕
Sarah - I know I love eating oatmeal too, but we can still use it on our skin even when we're not eating ... More »

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Scalp Psoriasis

Scalp Psoriasis

At least half of all the people who have psoriasis have it on their scalp. It can appear as a single patch or it can even affect your entire scalp. Flaym users share their advice and best tips on how they deal with scalp psoriasis every day. Join the conversation!

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