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Gloria - I stopped coloring mine because of the burning and pain it caused every time I dis it... no regre... More »
Ava - I stopped coloring my hair (now gray) at the same time I decided to forego all chemicals (and che... More »
Gloria - Ha! It is trendy anyway. I use purple shampoo to keep my gray from turning any other color...sti... More »
Barry - Michelle- thanks for the information . I will be trying this ASAP. I am getting thin on my sca... More »
Michelle - I hope it can be helpful for you Barry! After finding the recipe, I researched it more about aloe... More »
Sarah - Sounds absolutely amaaaaaazing.... got to make me some...
Ava - Yes, Bev, and I FiNaLLy took Clint's advice this morning and applied lemon to my most aggravating... More »
Kathryn - Absolutely Jean. Try coconut oil on your patches for a while. Then give the skin a good scrub to ... More »
Bev - That's such good news Ava Lemon is amazing!
Linda - Keep us posted please.
rachel - Hope it works for you Sarah. I use Faith in Nature. Buy it in bulk from Natural Collection. 5 lit... More »
Sarah - So far so good with the Aldi shampoo. Scalp is feeling good all round really right now! For how l... More »
Melanie - Yes add 1/3 cup of evoo, 1/3 cup of coconut oil, and 10 drops of tea tree oil! 😀good luck! Make s... More »
Babette - just read on Peters page your cat is sick, I am known as the crazy cat lady because of my insane ... More »
john,DARTS VADER - Yes I am known as Cat man John, i love cats :) nothing better to relieve the stress than stroking... More »
Martha - I have it on my scalp and in my ears need advice
Chris - I find for my ears Vaseline works best
Bev - Martha I used a steroid gel for a few days and since then I moisturise at least twice a day. I st... More »
Sarah - What a relief for you Eva that your skin survived your holiday away! It sounds like a really bril... More »
Cherryl - Hi Eva, glad you had a great time... how could you not in Vegas! I’ve read that aloe Vera can sti... More »
Cherryl - Aloe Vera : Aloe vera contains proteolytic enzymes which repairs dead skin cells on the scalp. It... More »
Gill - Did say as my hair was really long as wasn't allow to cut it once started uvb treatment but next ... More »
Sarah - Great idea to take your own Gill! How is the itch now?
Gill - Gone since it been washed with baby shampoo. Order baby moisturiser and wash with my wednes shopp... More »
Sarah - Hey Belinda, you've joined the Flaym ranks! Welcome! Me too I have it there, well all over my sca... More »
Belinda - Thank you anyone know how what type of coconut oil for hair and were I can get it from
Sarah - When I use coconut oil I buy mine at Aldi, it is Extra Virgin Cold Pressed, but still only £2.20 ... More »
Michelle - Thanx John and I'm glad for you too. The head & shoulders works for me. I've stopped the horse sh... More »
Sarah - Yep me, burning, dryness, itching, flaking, peeling etc etc. It sucks. Mine is much calmer this y... More »
patty - Sarah I was wondering what did u change too eat I have pain with my scalp now the denied my injec... More »
Louisa - Hi Eva I did through stress and tried roots triple effect, shampoo conditioner and intensive spra... More »
Michelle - Hey Eva, Tea tree prevents hair loss by preventing clogged follicles and unblocking hair follicle... More »
Sarah - Hey Patty! I can totally relate to this. At times my scalp gets so tight and itchy and flaky and ... More »
patty - I been to dermatologist under there care now I have many treatments s far but I have bad anxiety ... More »
Diana - Hi Patty, sorry to hear you're feeling so bad. I see you're from California, have you tried CBDs ... More »
Tracey - Hi Eva Try Moo Goo scalp cream and Moo Goo milk shampoo. Just started it 4 days ago and no itchin... More »
Marmara - Black soap works really good for me as a shampoo and for the body as well
Michelle - What is black soap Marmara?
Briana - I can’t tell you how amazing each of you are for commenting and showing your support. I absolutel... More »
Michelle - To a flake free life Briana! Hip Hip....Hooray!
john,DARTS VADER - Live the dream :)
Michelle - Welcome to Flaym Shaun! Great to hear the tgel looks for you! It does for me as well, but only th... More »
john,DARTS VADER - I did have it in lumps on my head . i made it better by changing my diet, i wish you well Harriet
patty - I do itchs bad I have tried it works and moisteriser but I have bad flare up right now I feel r... More »
Maire - Yes I regularly use coconut oil and many other oils. Leave it soaking for n hour or over night.... More »
Michelle - Hi Elaine, I haven't had a problem with greasy hair, but I have tried many products that have mad... More »
Elaine - Thanks for all your information
Hannah - Thank u all very much for the advice 😘
Stephen - It's a pleasure I hope it works for you.
Handyman - I use T Gel twice a week and Alphosyl 2 in 1 for the rest of the week, keeps my hair clear and sh... More »
Tracey - Hi Ell, just popping in as I am looking at trying T Gel. Do you guys have anything prescribed t... More »
Sarah - For me Tracey, no. I don't use any prescription preparations, it's been almost a year now.
Tracey - Thanks Sarah. Ell, there is the Alphosyl shampoo. I find that to be good, and it doesn’t cause... More »
Justin - I use prescription shampoo and Neutrogena T-Gel shampoo combined with prescription scalp applicat... More »
Susan - Awww Sarah. Sorry to hear that. Well, you know I don't have dairy. Actually because it's been ... More »
Sarah - It's weird Susan I realised I don't really miss dairy that much now that I can have it again in m... More »
CC - My skin specialist suggested a terrific medicated gel that has to be a prescription from my GP. I... More »
Sarah - Great CC, is it a steroid gel? Glad you're getting results!
bella2018 - Shampoo for Scalp Psoriasis could help you to get relief from itching, flakes. It is very well av... More »

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Scalp Psoriasis

Scalp Psoriasis

At least half of all the people who have psoriasis have it on their scalp. It can appear as a single patch or it can even affect your entire scalp. Flaym users share their advice and best tips on how they deal with scalp psoriasis every day. Join the conversation!

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