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Michelle - True Ruben. Do you have a AV lamp?
Ruben - Nope... But as I have my P quite under control right now I won't buy one
Michelle - That's great to hear Ruben. I'm privileged to have sun 365 days a year and will never take that f... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Lasker! I think some people use BioOil for that, check out the themes section f... More »
john,Chewweeeeee - Indeed Michelle,A Clear skin will never understand our joys :)
Sarah - I think whatever feels good to you is the right things Michelle! For me personally I wouldn't use... More »
Dakeyras - Good for you Michelle re your clear arms... I am pleased for you lass! :)
Clint - Keep using lemon 🍋
Mimi - How are y'all using the lemon?
bernadette - I get purple scars when gone I was told to moisturize to get rid of them some stay
Pam - I’ve had ‘P’ since the day I was born. So 50 years now! My skin has discoloured quite bad. I put ... More »
Sarah - Mine hasn't come back where there is no pigmentation left. Most of my torso is covered in white s... More »
agb - When my husband drives I make sure my arms and elbows get lots of sun 🌞 but my skin color does no... More »
Susan - Cool Gail. Is it helping with your scalp? I know there are sooooo many here have troubles with t... More »
Sarah - Is it helping Gail? Interesting!
Ava - I added one drop each of frankincense and myrrh to a couple drops of grapeseed oil, then rubbed i... More »
Sarah - Hi Alicia, welcome to Flaym! Sorry to hear about your scarring. I have got areas of non-pigment w... More »
Victor - Hi Alicia - I had the patches too - essentially a bit of scar tissue - my are really faded now!
bernadette - My legs have pueple spots after p goes
Leonor - Thank u so much guys :)
Michelle - BioOil has been really helpful for me as well for reducing scarring. I have recently added omega ... More »
Leonor - Thanks Michelle :)
Sarah - Hey Amiika, I tried to use this quite a few years ago. So glad it's helping you so well! For me I... More »
Sarah - Hi Donna, welcome to Flaym! Argh the misdiagnosis strikes again... I had misdiagnoses too for 8 y... More »
Lorna Penner - The nurse that came to my place to check out my support with home/care to put my support stocking... More »
Mackamlady - Mine is apparently stress related. The sun helps so use a sun bed once a week. Tho prefer the rea... More »
Charrmaine - Bio oil is pretty good
Sarah - Great that you are clearing Kelly! I think for my just time, and a few seasons clear.
Susan - I've been thinking of buying bio oil but have been using aloe vera gel which is quite cheap at th... More »
john,Chewweeeeee - hello diane, i have still got white scars from last february that are very slowly disappearing,lo... More »
Sarah - Great question! For me, my first guttate flare took about 4 months to clear, and that was really ... More »
Susan - I don't have any flares but the scars are still there. I think it's because I used steroid cream... More »
Ruth - Hi Raquel. How did you get rid of your flare ups? I am still struggling with mine ..
Sarah - Hi Raquel, glad to hear your flare ups are under control! I posted a few days ago about a similar... More »
Susan - Mine have been gone for a long time but the scars linger. Sun, aloe vera.
john,Chewweeeeee - haha, yes susan, i didnt have all the niceties as a child susan, pretty bad which affected my lea... More »
Will - Im doing good John. I think i actually feel better not downing a 2 liter of Pepsi every day. I c... More »
john,Chewweeeeee - thats brilliant will,works better by weening off stuff i know, sugar i didnt though i went cold t... More »
Maria - Hi Hope! It took me atleast 8 months and it fades like nothing happens, theres never a scar! Smil... More »
Michelle - Hi Hope! I'm happy to hear that your P is healing! Just fantastic! I have used Bio Oil to help me... More »
sandy - I apply a peeling cream
Roxanne - I have scars too from previous patches.I call them stains. My Psoriasis changed from Plaque to G... More »
john,Chewweeeeee - hello roxanne, i changed my pic,big improvement for me ,glad things are good with you for summer :)
adrian - Mine is all down to a new drug. Not made any other changes and I do not have any flakes at all. ... More »
Zoe - I hate dating! Being single suits me x hope it went well x
Liz - Oooo hope goes well my dear xxxx
Susan - I see all the different responses to my post. Thanks. I am dating and I know some could care le... More »
Michelle - Ciaran, that is great! 90 % clear is an amazing feeling! I have used Bio-oil to help blend my ski... More »
Susan - MishLyn Bio oil is good stuff. Kind of expensive, but it's good for scarring.
Sarah - I have those too on my torso from where my guttate had cleared. I think they'll fade over the win... More »
Susan - Good for you Katerina. Thanks for telling us. I'm still in the planning/thinking mode of a tattoo.
Liz - Susan o have many tattoos and my skin seems to be free of p but I think it's up to the person on ... More »
Susan - Thanks Liz. It's funny how many woman that are older like me who are choosing to have tattoos no... More »
Janice - I find it strange how when psoriasis leaves my body it leaves scars in isolated areas some just t... More »
john,Chewweeeeee - yes I know, I still have my scars from winter Janice on my right side ,first time i have had sca... More »
Deleted account - Ha ha he's a keeper! ;-)

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Scarring and Psoriasis

Scarring and Psoriasis

With having psoriasis, there is always a risk of developing scars after the psoriasis flare is over. Scarring most likely will occur in extreme case of psoriasis or after scratching the affected skin a lot. Taking good care of your skin during flares is important in order to avoid scarring. Share your tips with the community here about scarring and psoriasis.

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