Dead Sea Salt and Psoriasis

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Michelle - Hi Kay. I have heard a lot of good reviews about the dead sea salt but never tried it before. I h... More »
john,Hulk - Hello Nuggets, Yes a lot of peoplego there to the dead sea, I know of somone who knew someone tha... More »

From Anyone went to the dead sea and did you find it? by Fahd

Peter - Your welcome, think it’s all about finding the right treatment for you.... iv also started using ... More »
Peter - Hi never and jen, don’t know what shops you have in your countries but I bought it from boots if ... More »
Michelle - Thats wonderful Peter! I'm so happy for you.
Michelle - Thank you Justin. I've read about people going there to get treatment for their P and it sounds g... More »
Justin - I was a Uni. student, so I was living on an extreme budget. I paid a small amount to get there... More »
Michelle - Thank you Justin. Sounds great!
Ava - Justin, I'd been wondering about that, as generally speaking, more washing leads to greater dryne... More »
Justin - you only have to apply the oil ONCE a week.
rachel - I love using dead sea salt as a scrub, try to have a bath most nights and just rub neat salt over... More »
Sarah - Wow I bet that surprised you straight after the increased flakes! Fantastic news. Great to see yo... More »
Diana - I thought about buying dead sea salts for the bath instead of Epsom salts I think I might give it... More »
Sarah - Oooh let us know how you get on...
Margaret R - New to this condition and very thankful for your suggestions!
Lynn - Where do you buy "Dead Sea Salts?" Thank-you :)
Ava - Lynn, my nephew bought some at Target, but I usually buy it on Amazon. If it works for you, Amaz... More »

From Any views on salt baths? Epsom or other. I've ... by Carol

From Any views on salt baths? Epsom or other. I've ... by Carol

From Can anyone tell me how they control there itching by Sherri

Dianne - where do you get the dead sea salt?
Linda - Hi I have been enjoying reading the posts. I have just joined and it is great. Michelle I would b... More »
Laura - Can Epsom salts work on scalp ?

From My hands and feet have been so sore with cuts t... by Yvonne

Mishlyn - Hi Angela, Thank you for your tips! I've been debating going vegan for many reasons. How long ha... More »
Angela - Hi ; I was vegan 15 years ago and psoriasis free but this year had a flare up of palmar plantar p... More »
Diana - I soak in Himalayan salts. It descale me pretty good and stops the itch, but only for a few days... More »
M - Walmart just got it in they have it over by the epsom salt
Kim - Thanks Joy.
Jullie - Oh my god Kim that's no good. 🤦‍♀️
Kim - Thank you Jullie. I won't be using it again though
Kim - Some people say it does but it's only ever softened my skin.
David - I have started taking daily baths in Dead Sea Salt with some mild improvements. It at least help... More »
Will Coile - Hey Damoz! I recommend a product called Ahava! They make amazing dead sea salt scrubs + lotions
Mary - I have but worked just as good as bath oils. The dead sea salts are too expensive for my budget! ... More »

From Hi all my names james nd i have psoriasis i was... by james

From Hi my names zaf and its nice to be amongst peop... by Zaf

From Seawater helps me~ by Honey

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Dead Sea Salt and Psoriasis

Dead Sea Salt and Psoriasis

In the Dead Sea in eastern Israel, the water is 10 times as salty as the ocean. There are many conversations out there around how people living with psoriasis can benefit from bathing in sea salts. Can they help relieve pain and itching from psoriasis? Share your experience with the community about dead sea salt and psoriasis.

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