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deborah - Okay, my blood pressure meds were replaced two weeks ago due to a recall on my other one. I think... More »
Jill - Humidity cratering me...hate it...
deborah - Yup, I'm with you Jill. Chin up :)
Michelle - lol. Chris. Thank you. I thought I was exaggerating about the cold but I do realize that SA Winte... More »
Chris - No we adore it as it is a rarity that would be too hot for me and I love the sun . P can be annoy... More »
Chris - I would be naked , is there a p nudist site 😂😂😂
john,Hulk - I certainly will Michelle,going to relax in the sun with no worries ,a can of beer in one hand an... More »
Don - sunshine has been my saviour...but please don't let your condition dictate where you live...I'm i... More »
Mishlyn - I can see how rhe warmer temps would be hard on self esteem Michelle. Not being able to cover up ... More »
Peter - Thanks, i will be moving mid winter here into summer there but have never been in winter there, b... More »
john,Hulk - i hope i could help there, i dont like radiator heat as that can dry skin out, maybe use a de hu... More »
Sarah - Ooo my skin is not as good in the cold, I think if I wear wool or get in dry heat my skin hates m... More »
Michelle - Steve: Clarence in South Africa always get snow in winter. Some other parts in SA do too but us J... More »
john,Hulk - Me too, I get frustrated with winter Michelle, winter sucks big time
Michelle - I had a bath last night (I usually shower) but oi, my skin was burning and itching in the hot wat... More »
Sarah - Argh no, new spots are quite discouraging! But I'm sure you'll manage them away in no time.
Shawn - Michelle - so wild it will be winter there soon as summer is just beginning here in Florida - the... More »
Clint - Stay warm and safe with some lemon 🍋 in your place
Cherryl - Hi Michelle, I used steroids a lot in the past, but didn’t notice a reaction to the sun back then... More »
Mishlyn - So many mysteries indeed Cherryl. When you went off the steroids, did you need to wean off them?
June - I find the sun helps me so much trouble we don't. Have a enough of it so make the best of it I su... More »
Michelle - lol. Thank you John. I've always had a temper but now it's as if I don't have patience? None. No ... More »
Gabriela - Amazing. I’m considering even moving to a Punta Cana Dominican Republic . Back to teaching, finis... More »
Michelle - @ Gabriela. Warm place to stay indeed and absolutely beautiful. I would love to stay there as wel... More »
john,Hulk - Sorry to hear this Ace, we are all here to help you and to improve your situation with this, its... More »
Mishlyn - Lovely John!! That is great! The weather has been kind to me too :) my spots are now smooth but r... More »
john,Hulk - Thank you Michelle :)well , i have managed to make a small lemon last over a week,,i can tell whe... More »
Michelle - You are right Cath. It's not about getting a tan. What I meant about the nice even tan is when th... More »
Susan - Catherine even when I had patches I didn't use anything but a bit of sunscreen on my face. I let... More »
john,Hulk - Aloe vera gel is great after the sun :)
Michelle - Give it time Catherine. Remember your legs need fresh air too. Wear a long skirt with no socks or... More »
john,Hulk - its up and down in the uk, was nice and breezy yesterday with sun, perfect for working in few day... More »
Susan - In Canada we have all season's very clearly defined. Fortunately sun in all the season's. I pre... More »
natalie - Good for you Catherine..😚
Mishlyn - Well done Catherine! Great to hear you are noticing a difference!
Susan - Good for you Catherine. For most of us the sun is a huge blessing. Not just the skin either. V... More »
Sarah - I've been out today, skirt on, tshirt on, elbows and knees both hanging out on show for everyone ... More »
john,Hulk - Sounds good sarah, i admire your courage great :) be flakey and proud if one can :)
Sarah - Thank you John! I never had this courage before Flaym. It has changed how I see myself, for the b... More »
Jen - I hope you will enjoy lots of sunny days Michelle@mishlyn. Nothing better than to shed all those ... More »
Mishlyn - That is the truth! Thanks Jen! ❤ It has been a long winter! Flakes ❄❄I can say without a doubt, ... More »
Michelle - Michelle. The sun will do you good and enjoy it. I think the reason why my skin clear up so quick... More »
john,Hulk - Ah yes the electric zapper that looks like a tennis racket, i go well in action with one of those... More »
Rita - It sounds sadistic but I too feel satisfaction when you hear that snap, crackle, pop sound and/or... More »
Clint - Yum crispy cricket , nuked Beatles and French flies
Sarah - Which bit of your skin are you itching most at night Kez? If it is scalp I can really recommend a... More »
Patricia - I do that a lot especially on my scalp I have t-gel extra strength and I take showers when I cant... More »
john,Hulk - Hello patty, have you thought about diet/lifestyle changes?, i dont hardly itch at all, i wish yo... More »
Clive - Awesome choice and way to display !! Sometimes i do the same bold and unconcerned the " i need to... More »
Susan - Don I had all those emotions when we separated too. He didn't want to be with me so I was very h... More »
Karen - Awesome! Good for you! :)
Susan - Ummm john, good idea. Lizards need to be kept hidden. LOL.
john,Hulk - well, i shouldnt say that anymore susan about the lizard as i may upset someone here, some dont h... More »
Chris - #freethelizard 😂😂😂😂😂
Ekta - Hey Michelle! great tips here from everyone. This was the first canadian winter I survived withou... More »
Michelle - Thanx Ekta. That's my plan for this coming winter. Maybe we are lucky and it will get as low as -2!
deborah - Unlike many, my psoriasis gets worse with increasing temperatures. It starts at about 18C LOL. My... More »
Ruben - Hello psoriasisvictim, I take supplements, but those don't work immediately. Vitamine D and tumer... More »
Susan - psoriasisvictim I don't think climate is a big deal, but that's me. I live in BC Canada and we h... More »
Sarah - So sorry your flares are terrible... I only know the UK climate. I'd like to get more natural lig... More »

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Season Changes and Psoriasis

Season Changes and Psoriasis

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