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Leslie - U feel like'my flare up has been going on forever!!!!
Jade - I feel for you! Ive had a constant flare up for a year! Whole body covered 😢 it’s a hard battle t... More »
Nik - I'm a red head so bright white anyway so don't like showing off my skin but being able to put a s... More »
Mishlyn - I love cheese as well Jessica, and miss it! I do have goats cheese now and then :) Diary and glut... More »
Richard - yep i get it bad in the winter
Roxanne - Cold and dry weather are my enemys for sure.
Mishlyn - Your Welcome :) I think you will Love it! Feels so good going on hot skin. Hope it can help!
Merle - I know I will help. Thank you
Joan - Michelle I would like you to know that you are so positive and wise. Your comments are so helpful... More »
Joyce - Mine does at the start of summer too Dalene I’ve come to the conclusion that there are two kinds ... More »
Dalene - Weird, i find my body respond only with phototherapy - doctors says rather use sunlight - but if ... More »
Sarah - Yep Dalene, me! My skin dries in the winter with the indoor heating. Extra moisturiser required!
Nan195 - So true Carol, mine likes cool to cold water and Olive Oil Moisturises. Take care and very Happ... More »
Susan - Cool Chris. Mine never got worse in the winter either. Not sure why some have it worse in the w... More »
Ellen - I heard the best way to describe it for people who suffer with p in the winter as body trying to ... More »
Susan - Thanks Nan... I just would love to experience warmth right now. However, the positive is I have ... More »
Mishlyn - That's great to hear you working on your book more Susan 😊 A good escape from the chilly temps. Y... More »
Susan - Thank you Michelle. Writing is very therapeutic for me.
steve - Karen, I'd highly recommend you try fermented turmeric and ginger. The easiest way to start and ... More »
steve - you can also apply the turmeric juice directly to your skin. It will turn it yellow, but may als... More »
Allegra - I have 'the golden drink' every night involving a cup of milk boiled with a half-inch of ginger r... More »
Karen - This weather is so bi polar and I can't handle greasy lotions so I find it hard to hydrate my ski... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Pirun! Crack out the moisturiser...
Wendy - I feel you! Mine is horrible too.
Deleted account - Me either. I go get the trigger foods and nada thing. I did make PsA go P by breaking up the pla... More »
Deleted account - this is way off topic, I don't relate to acres. The fire outside of Los Angles is 60 miles long a... More »
Susan - Otto I'm kind of a creature of habit. I pretty much eat the same winter or any season.
john,Hulk - no, just my psoriatic arthritis though its okay, bit of crunching and cracking and a little achin... More »
LiftedLioness - Yes, my PsA is making my joints ache too. My hands are swollen, joints ache and just overall mis... More »
john,Hulk - i am very sorry to hear this liftedlioness,susan here has about 4 conditions i think?she cleared ... More »
LiftedLioness - Now, that would not work for me because I also have Lupus.............Lupus patients and sun = ba... More »
john,Hulk - be good for arthritis though as the joints would be warm and not freezing cold :)
Sarah - I wouldn't Ade! Not completely. I've lived abroad in a very sunny place before and glad I came ho... More »

From i can tell winter is upon us in the uk,my finge... by john,Hulk

Susan - Welcome to the site. I found that my diet and lifestyle changes are what healed me. I used to s... More »
Deleted account - i found that p and PsA both mess with the thermo - regulators of your body in the dermis of your ... More »
john,Hulk - dont worry susan, everyones probably sick of me telling them diet/lifestyle changes are a choice ... More »
James - I just made a big pot of soup this morning, a thick lentil and vegetable broth. Any leftover veg ... More »
Deleted account - Yes, I tend to hibernate with my soups/crock pot food and snuggle in the Autumn! I have mild psor... More »
Sarah - Love this first post, Sarah. Lovely to hear your positive and proactive experiences!

From What do you use to relieve the pain and burning? by Dawn

michael - Story of most of our lives. Roll on Christmas
Deleted account - Yes, and boy are some people persistent. If you see them at work every day, they have to ask you ... More »
Roxanne - I once told a total stranger that I had leprocy because she kept staring at me and asked what kin... More »
Paula - Ah stop. I am in a hoop. Major flare up 😢😢😢. Hope your bum is ok 😂😂
Madison - I get it on my hard and there already unbearable so dry and itchy 😔
Carolyn - Last year my dermatologist reminded me he'd see me in Nov. It's just around the corner and my han... More »
Sarah - Does anyone else have advice for Tammy & I about cold weather coping?
michael - Tammy I hope you stay warm and comfortable and try and distract yourself from your pain. Ie list... More »
arlene - Hi tammy...I have just recently dicovered the pain in my joints so im new to this...but from expe... More »
Paula - Yep. If I get a flare up, it is during the change in season. This one started early summer
Janice - I live in the UK Susan and in great need for Vitamin D during the winter months. Last winter my ... More »
Susan - Thanks Janice. I'm assuming vitamin D capsules. I spend a lot of time outside and last year too... More »
Kitzy - What do you take? i didnt know there were medications available...
GITTL - what is the med.?
Kay1234 - Joey do you have to had a blood test every month with your tablets? And are they just for 6 months

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Season Changes and Psoriasis

Season Changes and Psoriasis

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