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Alan - I always get stress relief
Claire - Alan - that's exactly how it should be!
John - A great way to relieve stress let your imagination go 👍
Michelle - Hi Rosie. Psoriasis can lead to sexual dysfunction, lack of libido can happen too. As we know Pso... More »
Rosie - Thank you so much Michelle. That was really deeply inspiring to me. As days go by I do slowly but... More »
J - So, apart from confidence issues, can it lower your sex drive and cause pain during intercourse, ... More »
Psoriatic4good - Michelle... You silly girl :D Sex is harmful? Really? :D
Michelle - Lol. I won't really know P4G. Don't even know what it is anymore! But...I'm in very good shape. H... More »
Psoriatic4good - To be honest, after some sex sessions My P is starting to change color to pale red. It's relax... More »
deborah - Nice comment Glenn and true enough. Thank you.
Jannie - Being kind and loving and true to yourself beats sexy glamour every day of the week.
Aleksandar - Listen to Jannie, that's the best way.
Aleksandar - Thanks John
Michelle - Did your girlfriend have P? It's not contagious so I assume she was a sufferer as well? And still... More »
john,Hulk - So true Michelle, No you cant catch it in anyway, intimate or not ,Yes theres always someone spec... More »
Donna - What is it you are doing ??
Peter - Donna I have just started biologics injection and the immune boost was a tongue in cheek referenc... More »
Sarah - Hehe oo go you Peter! You lucky thing. Hehe and your lucky partner...
Glenn - Then go out and get one Justin. Dont think of your ps as a negative. You are near the coast, go o... More »
Glenn - I would fly Michelle, but no matter how many times I run up and down that runway, flapping my arm... More »
Justin - I am single because my last lady lived too far away. Psoriasis does not affect me getting ladi... More »
Ron - I had this problem with my wife..Had to stop sex because my penis has psoriasis in the skin . My ... More »
Michelle - I'm sorry to hear Ant and Ron. Our loved ones should learn more about Psoriasis so they will know... More »
Sarah - I'm so sorry to hear that too Ant and Ron. Psoriasis has affected my sex life a little, more in t... More »
Elaine - One thing I chose to do to help my self-esteem, and feel more accepting of myself, is tan! Just ... More »
allan - you have something special be proud .
Michelle - We all have. Well said. Acceptance is the key to progress. :)
john,Hulk - Hello Liam So true paul,plenty of lovely people out there if all dosnt go well?hopefully she will... More »
Jim - I was misdiagnosed for months, dr told me it was a fungal infection and highly contagious so we d... More »
jon - have to try
Sarah - I think it's great to discuss options! Sex is just another part of life. And is actually so impor... More »
john,Hulk - I agree Sarah :)
Michelle - I'm sure everyone shares your view on this topic John. Like Sarah said, sex is another part of ou... More »
Nan195 - LOL 😂😂🌹
Clint - Germolene external only
Lisa - Yes it's definitely an issue.
Michelle - hahahahahaha oh. you guys are killing me. I guess rough riders are out for you. You should become... More »
Raja - I am now 41, I have to ask first , WHAT IS SEX? Pso ruined my life 😪
Deleted account - Of course skin problems ruin your sex life!

From Bit personal but don't know where else to ask. ... by Beth

Becky - When my P gets so bad I don't want my husband to look at me/touch me, let alone have sex, he know... More »
Ant - Yes I'm on the same road I think Why should my partner put up with this She deserves better...
john,Hulk - Its because she loves you Ant,If one loves someone that much , they will put up with a lot of cr... More »

From Has psoriasis made you quit a hobby or somethin... by Flaym

Deleted account - Luckily, I have not experienced Psoriasis on my Genitals. And people need to be made aware/educat... More »
Eric - I was in a relationship with a terrific woman who had no probs with my affliction. She loved me b... More »
Colleen - New to p. Last year had breast cancer and got p after the chemo. Have an ointment that works, ... More »
Deleted account - Scratch To be honest, I whack a boatload of aftersun or baby petroleum jell... More »
Genevieve - Go to psoriasis blob site - he has some very helpful tips there.
Gideon - Do you have one?
Manif - no it does not. please remember psoriasis is genetic. it stays with you. there is a chance that p... More »
Manif - no it does not. please remember psoriasis is genetic. it stays with you. there is a chance that p... More »
Enis - No, it is not going to damage other person.

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Sex and Psoriasis

Sex and Psoriasis

Bringing up the ‘S’ word with the ‘P’ word can be tough. There are some people who open up about their condition to their partners from the beginning of the relationship, however, there are many people who feel uncomfortable discussing in detail all of their symptoms and feel that their condition negatively affects their sex lives. This is an open discussion about sex and psoriasis - see how others feel about the topic.

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