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Rosey - Think I will just stay hairy , easier haha,call me bushy Sue ,over trying to bare it all,hide it... More »
john,Chewweeeeee - Au naturel Sue , Its okay,Bushy Sue haha thats funny :)
Rosey - No hair, so not a problem now
john,Chewweeeeee - My girfriend has hairier legs than me,she dosnt have psoriasis so, she has no excuse,well you can... More »
Sarah - I just shave the bits I can, and the bits I can't....well I just let the forests of hair hang out... More »
Shelly - Same but I shave where I can. I plan on exposing my legs. The sun usually helps in small doses.
Sarah - Another awesome idea Lynn! I wish I had thought of that...
Dakeyras - Every time I shave(beard) it creates a lot of problems for me...facial psoriasis may flair up...i... More »
Skyler - Shaving helps mine considerably
Ingrid - Man, I punch holes in the ozone layer when I cannot put off the deforestation of the body parts a... More »
john,Chewweeeeee - oh dear sarah haha :)
Bryan82 - Bathe in coconut oil a was same mines more red now no sliver white plaques x
john,Chewweeeeee - thank you susan and so are you for sure :), i got 3 weeks left and i shall let my hair down a bit... More »
john,Chewweeeeee - be good to see how my skin will be after i let my hair down a bit with events coming up , i am ge... More »
Susan - john good for you. A bit of a reward for a job very well done of sticking to it.
Mallory - Panasonic ES2207P Ladies Electric Shaver from Amazon for around $18
Michelle - I'm So happy to hear this Mallory!! Just Fantastic! 😃
Eve - Going to try that, with my psoriasis, get cut often
Michelle - That's great Mallory! 😃 I hope it works as good for you as it did me!
Susan - Mallory I think that should make a difference.

From Just got out of the shower and I didn’t shave m... by Mallory

Mallory - I haven't! I think I shall try!! Any electric shavers you recommend?
Michelle - I have not bought one in years, but I believe it was Gillette for women. :)
Kristi - I have no idea what to use. Occasionally I use my sons beard trimmer but it doesn't clip hair to ... More »
Donna - Conditiner
Sarah - It's a tough one... I just avoid the worst plaques and only shave around them if they're flaring up

From For the ladies!!! Shaving your legs!! Help!... by Zoe

From For the ladies!!! Shaving your legs!! Help!... by Zoe

Lisa - I have guttate on my legs I have tried waxing. Hair removal the best for me is a high quality raz... More »
Jill - I do shave around my patches....if you go over them (even accidentally) you will bleed and it is ... More »
Michelle - Hi Zoe, when my skin was at its worse, I used an electric razor that was very helpful. It never m... More »

From I am a bit naughty, I thought I could clear my ... by john,Chewweeeeee

Sadik - I think I came across someone who will appreciate this as a solution to her question lately, I ho... More »
Cheryl - Great idea... thank you!
Maurs - Have you tried waxing I find I don't have as much reaction to that
Arna - I have a really big outbreak area on my right leg and I use a epilator that I own there and then ... More »
Sadik - Hi there! I'll suggest you cut them down with a scissor rather than shaving. Shaving is not healt... More »

From as anyone had bad flare on their face with life... by john,Chewweeeeee

Susan - Diane I really encourage you to cut out all sugar, including bread and pasta and very little frui... More »
Harold - I can definitely vouch for cutting out those carbs. In fact don't resort to artificial sweeteners... More »
Seamus - first I heard sugar was a trigger, if I cut out sugar I will have no pleasures left I have got us... More »

From What are your best shaving tips? by Flaym

Diane - Carefully. Quite painful taking the tops of my spots :(
Monaka - wow i have very little hair on my body but i do have facial hair i use hot water and a shaving g... More »
Deleted account - If I was going to a "do"I used to have a light electric shave then rub baby oil around my chin th... More »

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Shaving with Psoriasis

Shaving with Psoriasis

Shaving with psoriasis can be tricky. Hair removal may lead to skin irritation and even bleeding, which can cause a psoriasis flare-up. There’s no easy fix, but our community members have some great tips on how they deal with the challenge. Give advice and share your experience about shaving with psoriasis.

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