Sleep Problems with Psoriasis

Support and advice about sleep problems with psoriasis.


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Mishlyn - Glad last night was a better sleep for you Darwin :) Sorry to hear about the lemon, did the stin... More »
Darwin michael - The sting lasted quite a while. So i had to go with the ice.
Glenn - When I get disturbed sleep and itchy, I just wodge (technical term for put on 😂) some moisturisin... More »
Heather - Thank you
Felix - Your welcome.
Jill - I use a cbd capsule every day...helps me to sleep and keeps anxiety at stuff r... More »
Meryl - Thank you Jen and Sarah . I have been reading through and found a wealth of help :) Unfortuna... More »
Jen - Meryl are you on an anti inflammatory diet? It will really help. Also taking a nice warm bath wit... More »
Meryl - I was Jen and fell off the wagon ! Definitely getting back on it after this flare up . It’s been ... More »
Bev - Justin I've never heard of wearing the travel wrist bands before. I suffer with insomnia so I jus... More »
Patricia - I have bad insomnia due to my scalp p and itches very badley had injections steroid shots didn't wrk
Sarah - Ah no patty, yes the itch has kept me awake before. It's very distracting... Do you have a next o... More »
Sarah - Great ideas Heather, glad you'll be looking into a few things to help. My GP also recommended eat... More »
eric - I was in remission for about 3 weeks,, now ankles are starting up again and a couple of spots on ... More »
Carolyn - Gill I had the same! I went on to a dairy/meat free diet and in 2 months my rash has almost disap... More »
Joyce - Flaym, has been a blessing to me....I believe that most of my health issues is coming from my gut... More »
Sarah - Oh Joyce let us know how you get on!
Jayne - antihistamines help me
Mishlyn - Hi Rachel, I have used antihistamines as well to get a good nights sleep when my skin was bad. Ap... More »
Sarah - I find that I just scratch in my sleep if I'm going to itch at night! But I don't do it often, on... More »
Kay - Not sure if psoriasis related but i tend to lay their for ages trying to sleep every night, im je... More »
Sarah - I haven't heard of the connection with psoriasis no, but have had a few periods of bad sleep like... More »
Michelle - I have had BAD insomnia, not from itching or major pain (of course at times it was painful) but f... More »
Cindy - I had the same kinda night...sad
Deleted account - some exercise may help to tire you out and help you sleep
Lukas Petraitis - Im allways into talks about night and PR, its about 6or 8 years not itchy anymore, but sometimes ... More »
Sarah - Insomnia is so terrible. It's one thing when the itch keeps you awake but it's another when you k... More »
Lucy - Cheers guys. I’ll see what I can do. Brian, I reckon the husbands snoring doesn’t help with quiet... More »
Petra - Get the prescription melatonin if you can. The non prescription stuff isn't very good.
dimidi - Thanks Line :) I will try it tonight ..Thanks again
Line - If anyone have tried this out, I would love to hear your experiences with it🙌🏼✨
Dex - Hey Line! The law of nature states everything has a vibration. Since everything is composed of ... More »
Susan - Emma my suggestion is to start with cutting out all sugar. Hard to do as most processed food has... More »
john,Hulk - hello emma,yesdiet or lifestyle changes will help in the long term and you may notice the itch w... More »
Sarah - Sleep deprivation is just the worst, bring every emotion out and enhances the dread. Try to see i... More »
Valeri - Gotcha! I was hoping it was a cure all i had never heard of. Lol
Deleted account - there is a cure you never heard of , time consuming resets the clock we are all under, but a he... More »
Emma - I was still awake at 3... and my alarms just gone off. Long day ahead. I’ve got antihistamine the... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Emma. Yeowchh that itch is the worst. So distracting. I find that using oil soa... More »
Mishlyn - Sarah, I am going to buy some grapeseed oil tomorrow to experiment with :) Thanks for your sugges... More »

From Exhaustion seems to be a common side affect of ... by Gail

Gail - Paul, one thing that works wonderfully on the pain and itching, won't help clear it at all, but w... More »
Paul - Unfortunately I haven't found that to help...just must be my body doesn't react to it
Jeri - Pain, itching, trauma from not knowing what we will look/feel like every day because nothing stay... More »

From I must be really stressed. Or depressed. Becaus... by Jacqueline

From A fellow commuter told me tonight that his skin... by Kim

From A fellow commuter told me tonight that his skin... by Kim

Harold - I've found that it's not so much a case of getting enough sleep than getting good quality sleep. ... More »
Kim - I agree Harold. I wear a Fitbit which monitors sleep levels. Most nights I only get between 40 mi... More »
Annette - I have never had trouble with sleeping and the p remains. In fact tv watches me sleep most times.

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Sleep Problems with Psoriasis

Sleep Problems with Psoriasis

Quality sleep is important, and not just because too little sleep can cause a worsening of itching and pain. Does psoriasis affect your quality of sleep? Share your experience with the community on sleep problems with psoriasis.

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