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Justin - I put freshly squeezed juice with tomato juice to make a tomato slurry, then store the skin. Wha... More »
Julia - Let us know if it works.
Jane - It was the first time I’d approached someone with P . After such a lovely response I shall do it ... More »
Michelle - Me too. Smiling all the way and my admiration has grown so much for you Jane. It took courage to ... More »
Aleksandar - Stress...
Glenn - I look at myself in the mirror and immediately think " my god man, youre a handsome chap 😂, but s... More »
dennis - I find everything to be funny. In your situation i feel like i would have just stopped the car a... More »
Michelle - Hi Dennis. Nothing wrong with that. You have a great sense of humour and that's what's important.
Sarah - Thanks everyone! Yes I think we all respond to different types of stress in different ways don't ... More »
A - Hi Sarah, is there a way to reduce the stress? Make a list of what you have to do. And strike ... More »
Cherryl - Yes Sarah, for me I think emotional stress brings on a flare, albeit a delayed reaction, but a fl... More »
Michelle - I agree with you Robin. Life is short. We should enjoy life and what it has to offer. I have made... More »
Sarah - That scalp mix sounds great Casey. Thank you for sharing it. You have been through so much, let's... More »
Rosey - When Mum died suddenly last Sept ,I was so overwhelmed,Drank heavy for a month and it's the only ... More »
Chris - That was what not shat *
Chris - One of my worse mis-spellings 😑
Michelle - Don't worry Chris. We understood what you said :) We all get our days :)
john,Hulk - Ok nice, never been there, i know of many people from there though :)
Peter - Summers are as hot as the ones in South Africa, so cant wait after the -1 this morning
Michelle - Ai Peter. I'm sorry and I do hope it gets better quick. The nice weather will also contribute to ... More »
Sarah - You'll have lots of supporters here for your upcoming changes Peter, whatever they may be! We are... More »
Peter - thanks all will defiantly keep everyone posted
Marisa - Its trial and error.. but once you get back on, I found healing starts to happen in a few days.
Michelle - We have too much on our plate anyway to worry about what other's think of us. I'm like an old lad... More »
Sarah - Hey Mish! That is so great you enjoyed your lovely weekend away. Yes I agree I think if we are re... More »
Lynn - I agree with the state of mind and our anxiety levels! Happy that you had a wonderful weekend! :)
Mishlyn - Hi Angel, anxiety is not nice and can be really difficult.. especially for our skin. It sounds li... More »
Sarah - These are all extra pressures that certainly don't help our skin, but so hard not to feel the str... More »
Kay - I agree its definitely an enemy, i was depressed and being emotionally abused by an ex, my skin w... More »
Mishlyn - ahhh yes Michelle.. mine too, absolutely. I cant watch the news anymore, Animal cruelty is s... More »
Michelle - awwwww Thank you Chris. They are so cute and beautiful. :) I'm most happy when I'm outdoors.
Michelle - The problem is we think too much and do too little to enjoy life. I'm 'the living in the moment' ... More »
Jane - I experience this too. Anything becomes a major issue for me.
Sarah - So I am not alone! Now... how to switch it around...
john,Hulk - Thanks Michelle, Good luck mishlyn with the house renting and going back to work, hope all goes ... More »
Bev - Wishing you the best of luck with finding a place to rent Michelle
Mishlyn - Thanks so much John, Michelle & Bev ❤ I am hopeful. Making this decision not to move in with mil... More »
Ruben - Hey Nikola, be careful with corticostéroïde creams. When used on a regular base it will damage yo... More »
Michelle - I agree Ruben. Steroids are bad for our skin. I used it more than 20 years ago and will never go ... More »
Nikola - Thx for tips. Am using it on and of only on some parts of my body. Know that they are bad and avo... More »
Karin - I see you are reading Wayne Dyer. How about Eckhart Tolle? My heart is with you, it will test yo... More »
Mishlyn - Ahhh yes :) y'all are so right. So many blessings along the way. I need to shut down the worry ... More »
Mishlyn - I have read one of Eckhart tolle's books, thanks Karin! The Power of Now 😊 I should pull it out ... More »
john,Hulk - Cool, the movie Venom will be out soon i see on adverts :) i was reading about bad foods on the ... More »
Michelle - Oh I would love to watch Venom. I'm a Marvel fan. I know that popcorn is bad but for some reason ... More »
lisa - big hugs to all of you...truly wonderful people..yes we all go through crap,some bad people in th... More »
Shawn - Hippeas (pea protein snacks) - organic, gluten free, diary free, gmo free - they come in differen... More »
Susan - For me Michelle I think it's almonds... Especially as of late. My boyfriend always has a big bag... More »
Mishlyn - Thanks everyone for the great ideas!! 😃
Rich - It's easy to loose control when times become hard or stressed.. We all have our ways to fill our... More »
lisa - go easy on yourself, your only human and we all slip out of self care now and again..i destress b... More »
Mishlyn - Music and singing always seem to help soothe me too Lisa.. Although sometimes I forget about that... More »
Mishlyn - Great to hear its helping El!! ❤🍋🍋
john,Hulk - Your welcome ,I thought i would try it,I was seeing Clints comments here and then i posted i am ... More »
Sarah - Yes grief definitely can affect psoriasis. It has affected mine in the past. Emotional stress is ... More »
Jen - Hi Roxanne. I know what you mean. Been there plenty times. Please don't stress! Put music on and... More »
Mishlyn - Super fast! Wow! Congratulations Roxanne! I agree with Jen- put some music on.. such a good hel... More »
Susan - Well make sure you pee... That's good I think Roxanne. It's a positive sometimes with moving as ... More »

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Stress and Psoriasis

Stress and Psoriasis

Stress a common trigger for psoriasis flare-ups. While stress can make your psoriasis worse, psoriasis can also be the cause of stress. There are different ways to reduce your stress level that may also help your psoriasis too. See how others find ways to battle with stress and psoriasis.

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