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Guy - I was eating healthy for years because of type 2 diabetes and my P flared regularly in the winter... More »
Michelle - Ah the sun is good for us. that little bit of rays can do wonders for our P. :)
deborah - Okay, my blood pressure meds were replaced two weeks ago due to a recall on my other one. I think... More »
Jill - Humidity cratering me...hate it...
deborah - Yup, I'm with you Jill. Chin up :)
Rosey - Nothing worse than bad sunburn really hope your less sore for you camping trip,bet you remember t... More »
Clint - John is applying for Naked and afraid 😨 on Discovery channel
john,Hulk - Thank you Sue :)i will do sun screen next time :) thank you :)haha Clint , funny :)
john,Hulk - Haha yes of course Michelle,its great to be with friends , have a few laughs, i dont get out muc... More »
Bev - We freezing in Cape Town 10 Deg but so happy with all the rain we're having. Dan's are at 40% now.
Michelle - I don't get out much either John. I'm basically a hermit but it's okay. I stay out of trouble. ;)... More »
Jean - Me too x
Sarah - Hi Breda, welcome to Flaym! For me this has changed over time. It used to be that sun would help ... More »
john,Hulk - In small dose is usually fine , too much is not good though it dosnt affect me if i get too much,... More »
Michelle - Chris, you are very persistent and patient I have to say. 4 years...phew! She's a lucky girl!
Chris - I don't know what's happened to be honest Michelle , think I've relaxed with P and maybe that sho... More »
Michelle - That's great to know Chris. We are always happier when we are relaxed with our P and it definitel... More »
Michelle - Yes it does Elizabeth and I envied everyone who was wearing short pants, skirts, dresses. Oh, how... More »
Sarah - So true Liz, I sometimes feel like this too but I have been wearing skirts and short sleeves, eve... More »
Michelle - Welcome Susan. You know what, summer is just what you need. Try to find a spot in your back yard ... More »
Sarah - Oh yep it sure is. Welcome to Flaym, Susan! When my redness is up I do feel self conscious still.... More »
Michelle - lol Sarah. Well said.
Mishlyn - Aww your poor boy Sandra. I have not heard about teeth coming in being helpful, but I sure hope i... More »
Sandra - They have done all the tests it's not food related
Sarah - Aww bless this little one, so frustrating for you all. It's great you've had all the tests done. ... More »
Bev - Oh so happy for you Chris
Sarah - Let it all hang out Chris!
Chris - I was bare armed Sarah that was all 😂😂😂
popeye - Yes I am Photosensitive have lenses in my glasses that go dark like sunglasses ...Not a good look... More »
Ellen - When my doc diagnosed my P ..one of the things he said was that I was to stay out of the sun..and... More »
Dakeyras - I am photosensitive a tad eye wise compared to when a lot younger. You can actually be so with yo... More »
Cherryl - Hi Michelle, I used steroids a lot in the past, but didn’t notice a reaction to the sun back then... More »
Mishlyn - So many mysteries indeed Cherryl. When you went off the steroids, did you need to wean off them?
June - I find the sun helps me so much trouble we don't. Have a enough of it so make the best of it I su... More »
Michelle - lol. Thank you John. I've always had a temper but now it's as if I don't have patience? None. No ... More »
Gabriela - Amazing. I’m considering even moving to a Punta Cana Dominican Republic . Back to teaching, finis... More »
Michelle - @ Gabriela. Warm place to stay indeed and absolutely beautiful. I would love to stay there as wel... More »
Bev - Sounds like the perfect day John & James
john,Hulk - thank you bev,i went out after the sun was getting mild, which was nice for a short time,i could... More »
Susan - Sounds relaxing john... Kind of like a meditative retreat... Nice!
Mishlyn - Have a great time Eva!! Enjoy! I Love Sarahs idea of Gluten Free. I enjoy beer and haven't had ... More »
Bev - I've never heard of gluten free beer. I wonder if they sell it in South Africa. I drink non alcoh... More »
Sarah - Oo yes do it! I am lucky as my husband has made me 40 bottles of gluten free beer. You can buy it... More »
john,Hulk - Sorry to hear this Ace, we are all here to help you and to improve your situation with this, its... More »
Mishlyn - Lovely John!! That is great! The weather has been kind to me too :) my spots are now smooth but r... More »
john,Hulk - Thank you Michelle :)well , i have managed to make a small lemon last over a week,,i can tell whe... More »
Michelle - You are right Cath. It's not about getting a tan. What I meant about the nice even tan is when th... More »
Susan - Catherine even when I had patches I didn't use anything but a bit of sunscreen on my face. I let... More »
john,Hulk - Aloe vera gel is great after the sun :)
Mishlyn - Hi Linda, Welcome to Flaym! The sun is amazing for most of us. I used tanning beds when I was you... More »
Sarah - Welcome Linda! Glad to see you found us here. I think sun is good too! But not used a light bed b... More »
john,Hulk - Noooo, chances of more skin problems is higher, ironic. to say skin problems :)
lisa - been too busy to sunbathe today but hoping to for a few hours tomorrow xx
lisa - thankyou everyone for the encouraging messages x
Ruben - That's what we are here for Lisa, to support each other :)
Mishlyn - 🌞🌞 Gotta Love those healing sun rays! 🌞🌞 Enjoy Nuds! I hope your wish comes true! 💜
Ione - I am love the summer My psoríase love the sun and I feel happy.
Sarah - Good to see you Nuds! Not too much zapping now 😉

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☀️ Sunlight and Psoriasis

☀️ Sunlight and Psoriasis

People with psoriasis often notice that their symptoms tend to get better in the summer when they are more exposed to the sun. Although sunlight may benefit psoriasis, you should always take care to protect yourself from sunburn.

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