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john,Hulk - Thank you Darren, winter is just a pain for me though i dont have it bad at all but, thought give... More »
john,Hulk - Okay thanks , i will do that, be worth it i hope , i know its expensive, but its worth a go for s... More »
Michelle - Well I'm sure it will work as Psoriasis and fatty liver disease goes hand in hand, well not for e... More »
Haley - Thanks for the suggestions folks. Definitely agree Roxanne, need to drink more water. Will also t... More »
Sarah - I have thought about doing that too but I have p on my eyebrows and an scared what would happen!
Haley - Sarah, they won’t do it if you have psoriasis in your eyebrow or your brow. I used to have it in ... More »
Mishlyn - Good for you Nikki! It is important to remember to do things for ourselves, I am happy to hear yo... More »
Darwin michael - always wanted to get a tattoo. but my dermatologist is against it. he said it will just turn to a... More »
tony - I lost my partner 3 months ago..i would like a tattoo of her name on my arm..when i googled it..i... More »
Sarah - I've wanted to get a tattoo but never did (yet) because of the p risk. And I didn't know what des... More »
James - Ive been thinking about getting some rabbits tattoo'd on my head, cause from a distance they'll l... More »
Marie - I do have plenty of tattoos (and I have another one I want to get). I had one spot of P that was ... More »
popeye - Hi , I had my first Tattoo done on Saturday ...Have to say this was the worst pain I have every f... More »
Shirley - Hi El @el1 it depends upon where you have the tattoo done. The colours and shading also have an i... More »
popeye - Hi Shirley , Mine was just above my wrist on my forearm , most of it as faded away now its like t... More »
Jan - I have 23 and have no problems!!
Shirley - Thanks for letting me know Kim x
Shirley - Hi Eilish that good to know. No we shouldn’t be dictated by our pain or any other conditions. We ... More »
Sarah - Hi Raquel, this is something a lot of Flaymers have thought about, me included sometimes! Check o... More »
Deleted account - I don't understand tats at all, isn't Sons of Anarchy over ;-)
Jakub - I had psoriasis on my elbows for like 2 years, then it went away. I've tattooed both arms (with e... More »
Fay - I want to get a tattoo and this information has me more confident to go a look into it. No Psori... More »
Alexandra - One of my tattoos caused psoriasis I did not have psoriasis before this particular tattoo So ... More »
Sarah - I think sometimes they react and sometimes they don't, it seems really random! And so you never k... More »

From Anyone had tattoos and then had P build up on t... by Dave

Will - I have 15 or more tattoos. Most of them bigger than my fist or two. Normally they are my own vers... More »
Sharon - 4 tattoos, doesn't seem to form on them, maybe I need
Lebydee - I had my first tattoo 12 moths ago. I chose the calf with no P on it. Within 2 weeks I had develo... More »

From I got a psor like tattoo again, it has 3D flaky... by Gideon

john,Hulk - now showing at a cinema near you , a widescreen presentation,flakes of skin in 3D remember to br... More »
Sarah - Haha! Ive often thought if my p ever goes I'll get tattoos where it was. So that's pretty much my... More »
Gideon - I have tattoos when its very mild, its fine. I got another tattoo, my P's level up to more than m... More »

From "Scars are like tattoos but with better stories... by Susan

Susan - Good for you Katerina. Thanks for telling us. I'm still in the planning/thinking mode of a tattoo.
Liz - Susan o have many tattoos and my skin seems to be free of p but I think it's up to the person on ... More »
Susan - Thanks Liz. It's funny how many woman that are older like me who are choosing to have tattoos no... More »

From To my fellow tattoo lovers.. do not get a tatto... by Ashleigh

Lynne - Touch wood I've always been lucky with my tattoos always kept them really moisturised though x
Tom - I've got 7 tattoos and when I was last in phototherapy the nurse said that getting a tattoo can h... More »

From I have psoriasis but not so much,can i make a t... by Arditcunaj11

From With the change in weather, I keep windows and... by Claire

From Do you have a tattoo? And if you do, how did yo... by Jack

From Do you have a tattoo? And if you do, how did yo... by Jack

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Tattoos and Psoriasis

Tattoos and Psoriasis

People with psoriasis must think about the potential risks when considering getting a tattoo. Whether or not tattoos increase the risk of worsening psoriasis or causing a flare on the tattooed skin is a debate. Considering a tattoo? Talk to others who have experience with getting a tattoo with psoriasis.

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