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Michelle - Hi Rosie. I try to wear flowy dresses from soft material. I wear a lot of Denims too but they are... More »
Carolyn Modesty - Sweet potatoes figgy and sun.
Chris - That was what not shat *
Chris - One of my worse mis-spellings 😑
Michelle - Don't worry Chris. We understood what you said :) We all get our days :)
Glam - Thats useful information. I think i might get one for the winter.
Leonie Mateer - I am still loving it
Ava - Good to know that you're still enjoying the sun lamp, Leonie. We don't have the brand you use av... More »
Melanie - Cool mist humidifier helps me and moisturize cream with my steroid cream.
john,Hulk - Be careful Melanie with overdoing steroids, i know they work but they can mess up your adrenal gl... More »
Melanie - You are right. I don’t use it as often because I also have diabetes and have to be careful when a... More »
Ekta - Hey Michelle! great tips here from everyone. This was the first canadian winter I survived withou... More »
Michelle - Thanx Ekta. That's my plan for this coming winter. Maybe we are lucky and it will get as low as -2!
deborah - Unlike many, my psoriasis gets worse with increasing temperatures. It starts at about 18C LOL. My... More »
Ruben - Hello psoriasisvictim, I take supplements, but those don't work immediately. Vitamine D and tumer... More »
Susan - psoriasisvictim I don't think climate is a big deal, but that's me. I live in BC Canada and we h... More »
Sarah - So sorry your flares are terrible... I only know the UK climate. I'd like to get more natural lig... More »
Leslie - U feel like'my flare up has been going on forever!!!!
Jade - I feel for you! Ive had a constant flare up for a year! Whole body covered 😢 it’s a hard battle t... More »
Nik - I'm a red head so bright white anyway so don't like showing off my skin but being able to put a s... More »
Beefchop - Michelle I do fine layering up help when o am out but not when I am back home, I just had a bath ... More »
Geraldine - Good comment beefchop hee hee No sunburn ,I have skin that browns I do really look after my s... More »
Beefchop - Thanks Ger 😊😊😊
Mishlyn - I love cheese as well Jessica, and miss it! I do have goats cheese now and then :) Diary and glut... More »
Richard - yep i get it bad in the winter
Roxanne - Cold and dry weather are my enemys for sure.
Mishlyn - Winters sure can be tough. Great you have found something that works well for you. Do you find it... More »
Sarah - Welcome back, MonnieB! Scalp and ears are not a happy combo. My scalp is definitely my most probl... More »
MonnieB - Michelle - for my ears I use Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour cream. It lasts all day and you only need a t... More »
...feeling frustrated Michael @mi

Deleted account - Ice is meant to be in your drink, not under your feet !!!
Bev - Yes John Shower 2mins next day basin wash. Collect shower water in buckets to flush toilets etc A... More »
john,Hulk - oh dear thats pants bev,some things we take for granted in life, makes one think about this in ot... More »
cyn - i love jeans and long sleeves and skullies so i can cover most of the time without question. mis... More »
Sarah - I've felt like this a lot of years but find that this year I am waiting in the wings to get my sk... More »
john,Hulk - that good merle, i am the other way round, i dont like it too hot though just warm is great, glad... More »
Cherryl - I'm the same Merle, I fair much better in a cooler climate 🙂
Cherie - I agree. It is going to be 41C here in Adelaide, tomorrow.
Nan195 - So true Carol, mine likes cool to cold water and Olive Oil Moisturises. Take care and very Happ... More »
Susan - Cool Chris. Mine never got worse in the winter either. Not sure why some have it worse in the w... More »
Ellen - I heard the best way to describe it for people who suffer with p in the winter as body trying to ... More »
Susan - Thanks Nan... I just would love to experience warmth right now. However, the positive is I have ... More »
Mishlyn - That's great to hear you working on your book more Susan 😊 A good escape from the chilly temps. Y... More »
Susan - Thank you Michelle. Writing is very therapeutic for me.
Nan195 - Hi Michelle, when I was in Australia my P never flared at all, Spent time in Sydney, Melbourne a... More »
Michelle - I always say to my kids...many women complain about their looks. Too thin, too fat, to medium siz... More »
Nan195 - It’s a female thing Michelle and so time wasting, We shine from the inside out and every one of ... More »
Julie - Sorry your not feeling well. My shins have flakes , they haven't done that in ten yrs so guessi... More »
Margarida - I'm sorry to hear that, Julie! I hope you get better soon!
Sarah - Hmm lots of us might be in for a flakey winter. It's starting to affect lots of us in the Flaymil... More »
Susan - Welcome to the site. I found that my diet and lifestyle changes are what healed me. I used to s... More »
Deleted account - i found that p and PsA both mess with the thermo - regulators of your body in the dermis of your ... More »
john,Hulk - dont worry susan, everyones probably sick of me telling them diet/lifestyle changes are a choice ... More »
Mishlyn - Feeling defeated is something P too often brings, sadly. Try and keep your head high More »
Jennifer - I currently am on the Diabetic diet. No carbs no sugar.... not sure if it’s helping with p but is... More »
Mishlyn - I understand that Jennifer. I was diagnosed with Diabetes a couple of months ago. I did an elimin... More »
sandy - oh im so sorry other that. we all should live in tropical countries!
Trevor - I have similar probs, but mine is due to osteo-arthritus,I have pains In most of my joints
john,Hulk - sandy, give me 6 winning lottery numbers and i will be off to the tropics :)

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Psoriasis in Winter

Psoriasis in Winter

Winter weather can pose some challenges for you with your psoriasis. Dry air, decreased exposure to sunlight, increased risk of illness and holiday stress are just some of the aspects of the cold season. How does winter affect your psoriasis? Share your tips on how to best manage psoriasis in winter time.

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