It's not just a skin condition.

deborah - I'm sorry you feel down Isabelle.
Isabelle - Thanks, means a lot
Chris - Hi Mandy hope you are well. To be honest anything healthy I try to avoid salt as much as possible... More »
Desley - I find potatoes, tomatoes and gluten are my triggers so stay away from them as much as possible. ... More »
Clive - Hey Ellen , i have recently done the same from my treatment of m chemo tabs , i totally get what ... More »
Michelle - Hey Peter I'm very well thank you. Flakes are okay and doing fine. no itching and no inflammat... More »
Peter - Hey Michelle that is great to hear . I'm doing well, you know how it goes. Going to start a new j... More »
Maria - Hi Shirley, its really hard to live with it. I had mine since I was 7 yrs old im turning 41 now. ... More »
Rosemary - You will be fine Sid
Jeff - Had my first jab , arm went stif for a couple of days but thats it.
Rosemary - Iv had my first one waiting for my second I was fine
Ade - Are you a FLERFER too ?
Mike - Just someone that believes you should do some research before making decisions. And you?
Alexander Bruce - Personally I have no intention of taking it, normally a new vaccine is tested for at least 5 year... More »
Rita - My health guru Dr. Ben Kim basically said the same as Alexander. Nobody knows the long term effec... More »
deborah - Didn't know what a vac was... oh lordy. I've become confused.
Peter - Hey Michelle, glad the skin is good. how is the UK weather treating you and how was the move over?
Michelle - Hi Peter. Well so far the UK weather has been kind to my skin. I did get a few spots extra but it... More »
Peter - Hey Michelle, yes I'm back for over a year now. bur I'm good. ya found that in Europe that they d... More »
Lynn - I had psoriasis for over 20 years, but haven't had a sign of it in the past 5. I switched my eve... More »
Natalia - Psoriatic arhritis is very rarely diagnosed illness. I have an impression that I know better and ... More »
Lynn - My rheumatologist told me before testing that I most likely had psoriatic arthritis. She could te... More »
Alan - I had the problem of hair loss so I decided to shave it all of now so I am bald head
Skyler - Claire, I’ll keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Hugs to you.
Claire - Thank you for kind and encouraging words. In the big picture my hair doesn't matter. I am thankf... More »
Rita - I agree with Dave. The sun or, during the winter, a UVB lamp, will really help. Under the current... More »
sherrill - Unbelievably, it is conditioner that will take out the residue on your scalp from enstilar or dov... More »
dave - Hi Rita , for those who can afford it buy a hot tub , I buy a large bag of Dead Sea salts off eBa... More »
Themba - Well for me it works however it comes with lots of side effects after taking the drug. I feel bed... More »
Sid - you do need to let your specialist know if the drugs are causing some impact on your daily life. ... More »
Lolita - Hi, I’ve been talking methotrexate for 8 years plus Xeljanz for 2 years. The only thing I regret ... More »
Claire - Debbie, I'm glad to read that you are feeling better. Are you keeping a diary of how you feel? S... More »
Michael O’Rourke - I had The first shot 3 1/2 weeks ago and I have no reactions of the psoriasis. Only reaction I h... More »
Sid - Had my first shot today...much like a flu jab and over before I knew it - unlike my biologic inje... More »
Peter - ya all good any you bud?
Tom - Yeah not too bad
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