It's not just a skin condition.

michelle - I have dry eye, feels like sandpaper.
john - thank you vanessa, hugs to you too :)
Mary - Is back pain from p
Mary - Do you work
Renea - Yes constantly..
john - I try not to but,i am a lifer, I know no different, I try to avoid sweating, pools ,i try not to ... More »
Vanessa - Yes, sometimes just want to hide away from everyone and everything around me. I have bouts of dep... More »
Jullie - Have a good weekend my friends🌞😀🙂
john - and you nan 195, have a great one and enjoy your date susan,hope it s a good one :)
Cindy - Hi nan, happy weekend to you also, and very well said!!
isabel67 - Yes vissit youre chemmist and ask for a itch pil a littel blue pil it is working
Nisha - Agreed @Isabel67 in ND it's called Fenegan and although it can make you very sleepy it's the best... More »
Nan195 - P.S. Diprosalic Ointment has cleared my two patches, just to keep it like this xo
Liz - Romansh Hi ask if you can have a a test for it 😊
Dave - Hi Jacqueline, hope you are ok more to the point.. all good here, bit of back ache, nothing maj... More »
Ronnah - I actually use coconut oil and any soap that is hypoallergenic and both seem to help me out a lot
Nan195 - I purchase the most gentle face wash for sensitive skin, add the same amount of Coconut Oil, mix ... More »
Elaine - I use a small amount of coal tar shampoo on my face then some coconut oil after
Cherry - Hi Teresa!😘
Kim - Hello Teresa. Welcome to our little group.
Mike - Welcome!
michelle - Thanks John, coping okay I have a good support system at home and Dr's as well. But hard to te... More »
john - its the way a lot of us are with it michelle, I never spoke about it until I came here,just somet... More »
Teresa - Yes I have both
john - oh dear,no one wants to think about that dave haha :)
john - my ex used to have a king Charles spaniel,very licky dog,he used to love licking between my toes ... More »
Kim - Oh yuk John!!!!
Sara - Thanks John. I'm planning to get an allergy test done. I'm a foodie, and I love carbs :-( but I g... More »
Maggie - I used to have a patch on my hand as well! I ate less sugar and carbs as well along with putting ... More »
Debakshi - Mine gets worse with chocolates. So, sugar has been something which I try to avoid as much as pos... More »
Mary - My hair is falling out. Need to talk to dr
Mike - Hi Michelle - it looks like you checked out my thought on Alopecia. I know this sucks right now b... More »
Mike - Michelle - if you have any specific questions I would be glad to try and answer them for you if y... More »
Mike - Sorry - I typed that wrong and don't know how to edit my post. It should say Christen not Christi... More »
Christen - Thanks Mike! I definitely know that it's not for prolonged use. I'm experiencing a flair up right... More »
Emil - Generally OTC cream never worked for me, but lately I've been using Colloidal Oatmeal Moisturizer... More »
Karan - Hi 👋 dear I have psoriasis for 15 or more I stoped counted and just start hoping that a permanent... More »
Maggie - Hi Michelle! I'm 13 and I have had it for two years! You have nothing to worry about! There are s... More »
Sarah - Hi I'm 20 years in to my psoriasis history and can only day the thing just comes and goes, waxes ... More »
Mary - I can't use tar products. I have white silver hair let me know about the turmeric
john - hello jeri, I made changes, big ones and my skin and joints are better, I hope you have a recover... More »
Susan - Sorry Jeri... That sucks. You will find so much out here about lifestyle/diet change. I also ta... More »
Janice - Hope you start to feel better soon Diane.
Cheryl - Hope you are feeling a bit better now Diane 🌸
Pat - that is one way to look at it. I have COPD too and a few other things. Just try to take it in s... More »
Liz - Also why can't I say much more when overall can have so many letters😕
Nan195 - Wishing you better soon. What we P friends need is a long sunny vacation on a tropical Island wi... More »
Janice - Hi Liz, have you tried soaking your feet in Epsom Salts, my feet are so much better since I start... More »
Liz - Does it work
Diana - Yes, I believe it helps me keep mine under control. I have had periods of remission lasting for s... More »

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