It's not just a skin condition.

Ron - I would say drink pure stuff. Maybe vodka or scotch. No mixers.
Susan - Sarah I remember that. I still have scars on my elbows that get diminished in the summer. Actua... More »
Steve - The P!
Otto_M_Moon - Steve below the knee? or above? Under my knee is the only place I get the P
James - We don't have those kind of roads here really. The coast roads in my area do have their own uniqu... More »
Otto_M_Moon - we got our twisty mountain roads here, no coastline. I did enjoy blasting up Hiway 1 near Morro ... More »
Otto_M_Moon - John missed your message. no lung problems at all now no wheezing , no shortness of breath even ... More »
Becky - Good morning
Roxanne - Good morning all.
Susan - Back at you Mark... When we smile dopamine, endorphins and seratonin are released into our bodies... More »
Becky - If u find one I’d be very interested as my eye lids and ears, scalp and private areas are red roa... More »
Ruben - Aloë Vera gel helps a lot for me...
Sarah - Hi MaryKay, did you have a look at the topics section for "itch"? There's a collection of posts a... More »
John - Becky, if you research google on the whole vanilla thing, I understand that its the artificial va... More »
Becky - Thanks John I’ll look into it. I’ll also look into stridex pads, Thankyou
Sarah - Hi Becky, welcome to Flaym! Check out the topics section for more posts about "itch". It is infur... More »
Otto_M_Moon - Sarah, I'm roping people in from another forum ;-)
Rochelle - Yes it is Moi. I Haven't figured how to put my picture up on here of Yet. Lol
Otto_M_Moon - Great ! look over your edit profile page there is a upload image box, then it should pull up your... More »
Michelle - You're very welcome :) I hope you can find some relief soon! I have also just discovered Moringa ... More »
Enaid - I use cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil, calendula oil or jojoba oil. Coconut oil works great f... More »
Sarah - Welcome Taralyn. Grapeseed oil, on the scalp, 2 hours before washing hair. Works for me!
Susan - Good morning Mark. Happy Sunday to you as well. :)
john - good evening, been a wet windy miserable day in the uk, glad you are having a good day mark :)
James - It's been dry with no snow here in south east Scotland, very cold and frosty though. I've seen se... More »
john - hello linda, i used to have a lot of problems with my nails, i changed my diet/lifestyle and they... More »
Otto_M_Moon - how long John, my toes got pushed aside because of the frozen shoulder , which is healing remarka... More »
john - great will, i took around 6 months i think?,i really didnt look at them until one day i looked at... More »
Sarah - Hi Missie, welcome! I have had it on one foot in the past, including the big toe. I do have some ... More »
john - hello missie, i used to have a problem with all my nails if you are talking about fungaland comin... More »
john - fungal and coming away, i should read my comments before i post it sorry
Susan - Heather no mocking or judgement from me. It's funny though that you say you have no control over... More »
Sarah - I think for me putting the psoriasis in perspective helps a lot. Even when it's bad I try to thin... More »
john - thats a good way of looking at it sarah :)
Rosemary - I find E45 Itch Relief cream helps
john - hello jp,to relieve maybe to heal it no unless its a steroid but, they are not good to use thanks
Sarah - Hi jp, check out the themes section for posts about psoriasis and moisturising. For me, Aveeno is... More »
Susan - Sarah that's funny. I'm not a flaker, but I am a goofy, flakey, woman. LOL.
Carol - Bless you. I have to he same ingrained acceptance. It's ok. You're not alone.
Michelle - LOL Sarah! Too true!! I find myself doing the same--always such a sigh of relief when we realize ... More »
Susan - Back at you Mark. Still very dark here at 7:00 am. Wow... Just chilling with my coffee, my morn... More »
Maggiec645 - Sounds good to me.
Michelle - Thanks Mark! You as well! I hope everyone finds some time to do something nice for yourself!
Otto_M_Moon - Hope you are doing better today Maggie
Lynn - Every morning and every night. 😖
Lynn - Every morning and every night. 😖
Susan - Hey Chris, yoga and moisturizing as the same time. Great multitasking. LOL
Sarah - Hehe wow, good efficient planning, Chris! Just don't get so slippery you can't get up from the lo... More »
Bev - Welcome Veronica. I'm pretty new too but am finding this group unbelievably helpful.
Sarah - Hi Veronica, welcome to Flaym! That sounds like a mega flare. Glad you've got good medical suppor... More »
Michelle - So great that you have such a wonderful support system Veronica :) Half the battle right there. W... More »
Sarah - Very motivational, Mark!
Michelle - It Sure is Mark! :D
john - yep, i am livin the drrreeeeaaaammmm, :)
Beth - Feel better!!
Otto_M_Moon - Lucy , You will more than likely have to contact them to find out about the culture growth , as... More »
Michelle - I hope you are feeling better soon Lucy!

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