It's not just a skin condition.

Michelle - My hair dresser is pretty great too. They really see it all. They are more understanding than we ... More »
Justin - Do you use prescription shampoo and scalp applications?
Stacy - I can’t stress enough how as a hair dresser we do not bat an eye when someone with psoriasis come... More »
natalie - try vaseline on it. i found that good. or epaderm moisturiser.
Sarah - Argh seeing the coverage grow is so frustrating... Really hope something will happen to help befo... More »
Susan - leanne Clint has been posting alot about lemon juice. Might sting but everyone seems to say that... More »
natalie - you would be surprised how many people actually have psorisas. i no its very hard especially now ... More »
Sarah - I think I had to stop hating my body for things to change. I think I came to realise after like 2... More »
Simon - The people who care about you will not judge you on you psoriasis and the rest are not worth both... More »
Michelle - I don't think so Roxanne. I was bad. My fingers were swollen at the joints and I could not bend t... More »
Michelle - My dr at the time told me I *outgrew* it. I never quite understood that. I wonder if my current d... More »
Sarah - Happy Day indeed lovely lady! 🎉🎉🎉 That is an amazing, if a little puzzling, relief for you. Woohoo!
natalie - poor little guy..
Michelle - my goodness, your poor boy :( I can only imagine what you are going through as well. Have you ev... More »
john, DARTS VADER - Sorry to hear this Sandra, i am a lifer since birth, Too young to mention diet changes, though it... More »
john, DARTS VADER - I have resolved my psoriatic arthritis symptoms just by making diet/lifestyle changes,all i need ... More »
Sarah - I'd like to resolve the itch the most. The itch is what is most distracting for me!
Clint - Ditch the itch with lemon 🍋 in a stitch
Sarah - Md, I eat all meats and fish, and a limited number of eggs as I am just reintroducing them. Maybe... More »
Md - Hi Sarah, do you take any prescription medicine ?
Sarah - I don't Md. Not for around 9 months now.
Clint - 8 doses for under a buck (pound)
Clint - Big John with the dramatic responses lol 😁
Susan - John that's great! There is something to that lemon juice and it's all natural!
john, DARTS VADER - Skyler, i am a lifer aswell since birth,Have you thought of diet/lifestyle changes? it is a cho... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Skyler. Does your psoriasis make you tired? I think it difficult to imagine a d... More »
Michelle - Hi Skylar, things can get better... even though some days, it doesn't feel like it. I think its g... More »
James - I just wondered. I'm plaque from the waist up and guttae from the waist down, apart from the patc... More »
Madmum007 - I'm like Sarah, mix & match!!
Sarah - Sounds a cool combo, James! It is my first year I can say I have no bits that are like stego hide... More »
Chris - Stick on the positive Gill 👍
Sarah - Really glad your ward doctor is happy with your progress Gill. Keep us posted with your progress!
Michelle - Great to hear things are going well Gill!
Roni - Happy Birthday Michelle, hope it was great! 💟
Ellen - Happy birthday Michelle... have an amazing flare free day ....
Michelle - Thank you so much everyone for all of the Birthday Love!! ❤ It was a great day 😊
leanne78 - Aw Nikki not what you need on top of everything else,BIG hugs xx
Sarah - Ah no Nikki, so devastated to hear this for you. Those side affects are so scary and I really hop... More »
john, DARTS VADER - Sorry to hear this Nikki,I hope things will get better for you
Sarah - Stress free always a good plan! I do that most days, have all my meals planned more or less. I'm ... More »
john, DARTS VADER - Ah good Catherine, i do have the odd burger now and again, i still like them but homemade from a ... More »
Catherine - I think it's the gluten in the base that I react to .even though I stick to a thin base becaus... More »
Sarah - Have you been tested for coeliac Catherine?
Erin - I have heard Pfizer had been doing a trial where they input a device in your collar bone the size... More »
john, DARTS VADER - Sorry to hear this Erin, i can only say, if you can?cut out dairy including eggs,cheeses,milk etc... More »
Clint - Start to use lemon 🍋. On your psoriasis it will work tingles or burns then heals leave on until s... More »
Michelle - I have not heard of that Claire. I am sorry to hear it has come on so quickly. I hope it leaves j... More »
Michelle - Hi Claire. I'm so sorry to hear about your uveitis. Just read up and they say it can be treated w... More »
Sarah - I haven't had that or heard of it Claire, interesting that it could be related to p. I know that ... More »
Jean - Happy birthday Michelle 🎂
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Jean! I have given up on medicated shampoos as they stopped giving me good resu... More »
Jean - Thanks Sarah; I think I am in danger of trying too many things at once 😃 I have just tried clint'... More »
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