It's not just a skin condition.

Rosie - Hi Rachelle, It’s nice to meet you. The site is somewhat quiet at the moment but hopefully it wil... More »
Michelle - Hi Rachelle and welcome to Flaym :). I agree with Rosie, the site is quiet but I think they are e... More »
Rachelle - Hello I’m also new just downloaded this app
Kay - I’m new too
Michelle - Hi Kay. Psoriasis can be painful yes but that's why we need to focus on cleaning our body inside ... More »
Rosie - Alo Vera is quite good, possibly go vegetarian or vegan. I’ve heard that omega 3 and fish product... More »
Cayla - Thanks Rosie! :)
Rosie - You’re welcome Cayla :)
Rosey - Yes there is, I'm under a dermatologist and after years of nothing working I had to go down the m... More »
Mary - Hello👋🏻
Rosie - Thank you Clint. I hope you are having a wonderful summer as well. Apparently here in the UK ther... More »
Heather - Thanks Clint, hope your summer is fun as well
Rosie - Hi Ellen, I’ve noticed it’s been quiet to. I don’t think many people are posting.
Michelle - Hi Ellen! Hope you are doing well? Yes I know, Flaym must be having a problem with the site or so... More »
john,Chewweeeeee - So true , No one knows what going on, Hope all is well anyway :)
Michelle - Rosie, what do you use for your P? Burning means you have inflammation in your body. You need to ... More »
G - Hey rita! It’s summer over here as well im planning to go to the beach to get some sun hope it ... More »
Peter - Hi G yes i have experienced this so stopped using Aloe Vera like this. what i have found help me ... More »
Michelle - Hi G and welcome to Flaym. Aloe Vera gel also aggravates my P which is why I don't use any of tho... More »
Rosie - Hi G. Well there is a Aloe Vera drink which is basically grape juice with aloe chunky and that se... More »
...feeling okay G @gj


Michelle - sorry about that Chris. What do you use for your P?
Rosey - Wish I knew
lillianm - Stress I guess 🤔😪
Ava - Gluten! If you haven't had the blood test for celiac disease, do consider it, as damaged intesti... More »
Michelle - I'm sorry to hear Rosey. Some of the drugs aren't good for us and the thing is we will try everyt... More »
Rosey - Your an amazing person, thank god for you and John and Clint and James, you saved me 100 percent,... More »
lillianm - Every time I try a new drug or remedy my p gets better for a week or two so I feel relieved but s... More »
Kay - Hey, not sure about clearing it up quickly. Break outs and psor in general need time to heal with... More »
James - Soft white parafin will soften plaques asap but you might need a steroid for the underlaying redn... More »
Ava - If you haven't had the blood test for celiac disease, do consider it, as damaged intestines can't... More »
James - One of the best life tools you can have is the ability to not give a f&@k what other people think... More »
Rosey - James, it's hard to not give a fk when you are me, it gets to you, and it sucks, I'm tough enough... More »
Peter - Sad to hear Rosey, the world can be cruel and hard to keep standing tall and not give in. All we ... More »
Rosey - Depends on treatment, no instant curative measures some take time hey, was amazed after trying on... More »
Rachel - This is true. I feel better but I think my skin should look better as it feels
Rosey - We live with our skin defects, we have too, I covered up when bad, now arms bad again and not co... More »
Michelle - Thank you Rosey. I hope so too. :)
john,Chewweeeeee - Yes, I cant wait my sweet, You can try to put cream under my fur, good luck with that :).Rosey, ... More »
Ava - Diet can cause many issues, including fatigue and psoriasis. If you haven't had the blood test f... More »
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