It's not just a skin condition.

Michelle - Hi Kez, I am sorry to hear your scalp is giving you a hard time. It can be a battle at times. Wha... More »
Wendy - Thanks Sarah. What does it taste like? Sounds strong! I'm used to coconut milk, I also try to sta... More »
Sarah - It tastes a bit like a coconutty chai latte! Although previously I used to also add green cardamo... More »
Michelle - Aww Wendy, I am sorry to hear you are going through a hard time. I hope the Turmeric can be help... More »
Erin - Thanks, I actually have apple cider vinegar, will try it.
Sarah - Hi Erin! Welcome to Flaym. My dermatologist recommended a "scalp blitz" for me that brought my sc... More »
Erin - Thanks, that sounds like something I could try.
Michelle - Thanks Hannah! Happy Anniversary! ❤
Sarah - That's a lovely week for you Hannah! ✨✨✨
Bev - Congrats on your Anniversry Hannah ❤️
RedSpotEliminator - I always wonder what my pso would have looked like over all these years if I lived in Florida ins... More »
Michelle - Me too! We use a woodstove & the air can be quite dry. Counting down the days until spring!
john,darts vader - Hello nik, i know the feeling, i want warm weather too,sorry about your frustration
Sarah - Love that suggestion, Meaghan. A scalp mask sounds very soothing. For me, similar but I use grape... More »
Brian - I have stopped using shampoo completely as it never works for me. Some make it worse although som... More »
hijimhere - I used to have bad scalp but I find head and shoulders together with scalp lotion from my doctor... More »
Nancy - I have psoriasis all over and I hate it
Dave - I get that beat...I was approx seven and am now 51 and have never had a remission. I have come to... More »
john,darts vader - Hello kelly, have you ever thought about changing diet or lifestyle, it can help i know i do it,i... More »
Susan - Desi psoriasis is a curious thing. My go to all the time is a trigger food or something that you... More »
Sarah - Welcome back, Desi! Oh dear, the nails. Yes, mine are starting to look a bit dodgy too after 21 y... More »
john,darts vader - Hello desi, mine cleared up on the nails with lifestyle changes or diet if you will,i hope you ca... More »
Michelle - That is great Jayne! I wish you continued success with it! :D Its so nice when we can see somethi... More »
Sarah - That's ace Jayne, so scary these stories about paraffin being flammable in our creams! 😲😲😲
Jeiniris - Hi! Welcome, I also just arrived.
Michelle - Laughter is the Best medicine Joan :) I Love your outlook! Well done. Looking forward to hearing ... More »
Michelle - Welcome to Flaym Joan. We all love a good laugh and looking forward in you sharing your P experie... More »
lynne - Love this
Ruben - Saving up for a "bean bag" :D
john,darts vader - HAHA Thats funny , :)
jessica - Aww happy Valentine’s Day Michelle 💕
Nermin - Poruka dana Ako provodis vrijeme sa petero samopouzdanih ljudi bices samopouzdan. Ako provodis ... More »
Sarah - Hey Nermin, are you able to repost in the community language of English? Then we can share your e... More »
Bev - Michelle Maybe look I Dis Chemgor gluten free coffee creamer. They have so much variety of glute... More »
Paul - Have seen an improvement in mine since stopping Gulten and also Sugar....There is a diet on the w... More »
Paul - thanks Paul, I'll have a look
john,darts vader - Hello, yes i do but, i dont know any difference without it robbie, dosnt mean your family dosnt ... More »
Ruben - Hey Robbie, might just be dormant at this time. One of my uncles never had it until his first che... More »
Michelle - So Happy to hear that you are feeling better Alana. We are all in this together :) Welcome Abo... More »
Sarah - We feel better with you here too, Alana! ✨✨✨
Jennifer - Hi Alana, I live in northern Nevada wish I was in southern during winter lol tho I was diagnosed ... More »
Susan - Alana welcome. You are going to love our family. WE have loads of fun and learn from each other... More »
john,darts vader - Hello laurie, be careful with steroid creams, i did 32 years or more of damage with that stuff,if... More »
Lynn - I used to do that all the time, especially on my scalp. Then when it would burn so bad, I knew it... More »
Susan - Could be lisa. I sure hope you feel better soon.
john,darts vader - i never know, whether its psoriasis related or not when i get ill, not so much now though i find,... More »
Susan - Sounds like a good book Michelle. I have seen so many you tube video's of both Wayne and Louise.... More »
Michelle - They sure did Susan. Quite sad to see them go. Their spirits and teachings will live on forever ❤... More »
Steve - Yes it can, I had to stop Biologics for 90 days when I switched jobs & my body other than my face... More »
Marlene - My doc asked me to eat two eggs a day. I think that must be one culprit. I cut out the pea protei... More »
Michelle - I hope things can calm down for you once you are nice and settled Marlene. What a huge life chang... More »
Marlene - Eat 2 eggs or take choline. So I tried the eggs b/c I like them and it is much cheaper than suppl... More »

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