It's not just a skin condition.

Chris - Usually songs like The Jacksons can you feel it to can you flake it if I can replace it with flak... More »
Rosey - Jannie,dont let one member ruin your time and input here,block said person then you don't have to... More »
James - Don't delete your account, tell the site managers, they can read all PMs, and throw the offenders... More »
john,DARTS VADER - You can talk to lasse at flaym Jannie, i have got someone removed, for well doing what they sho... More »
Jen - Hi James no not at the moment but in summer when it's humid I do get itchy on nose where frame to... More »
James - I'm just pre-empting a doctors visit next week. I've had P behind my ears off and on for years. N... More »
Madmum007 - I het it by my ears from sunglasses in the summertime, olive oil there works fab for me there!
Linda - I had a bit of a flare not sure if it is P or an allergy
Bev - That's good news Sarah.
Justin - I was advised recently that if your Psoriasis has emerged on your elbows and knees, every night J... More »
Gloria - Psoriasis is a condition I have, it does not define me nor it controls me. You learn to live with... More »
Erica - Act immediately, don't let it get out of hand. Learn as much as possible about the disease, talk ... More »
Flakey - One thing after reading some comments I really want to stress... I have had Psoriasis for over 30... More »
Jannie - Sending kisses Jennifer as only mothers can to make it better...... Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Michelle - Sorry to hear Jennifer. My skin was very thin and when I stopped the cortisone I tried to spend a... More »
James - Jennifer, have you tried spray on bandaid. Here in the UK we normally call bandaids, sticking pla... More »
James - I'm using it now but right now, my head is the only place I don't have P, well, other than behind... More »
Sarah - For me, within a few weeks...
psomom - Thanks James and Sarah. It’s hard to know how long to spend trying new things!
psomom - Hope you feel better soon. I’ve been managing my stress with YouTube videos by Micheal Sealey and... More »
Rosey - Oh Aimee really feel for you , keep trying to find what works be it natural or on scripts,no one ... More »
Aimee - Thanks y’all! (Yes I’m from the south 😊) It just really helps that other people understand this r... More »
Dakeyras - Good for you Dave!
James - I'm on the list, fingers crossed I have your success.
Bev - Good Luck James
Jen - Hi Justin. The recommended daily dosage for turmeric is 2000mg as supplement and 1 teaspoon of po... More »
Michelle - I don't measure my turmeric intake. 1 teaspoon every morning with cooled down boiled water and I ... More »
Justin - I put some fresh Turmeric in my morning smoothie and also take a Turmeric capsule!
Sarah - Thanks all. The turmeric tea, which I have been drinking double of has been awesome in getting ri... More »
Linda - Great news Sarah! I bought some turmeric root because I could not find the tea how should I use it?
Jen - Hi Linda you could slice it or grate it. Cook it up for a bit. Add some black pepper. Strain and ... More »
Julia - Brilliant tell me what you did with the lemons
IDA - I would like to know also. I do drink lemon w/water every morning no big miracle.
Clint - Cut a lemon 🍋 rub it on affected areas leave on until you shower 🚿 then repeat 🔁 daily take a da... More »
Michelle - Tell us what the problem is sommer. Like Beth said, post a picture as your profile then we can tr... More »
Sommer - Thanks all! 🙏🏼 how do I add my picture to my profile? It looks like I have to go to the website? ... More »
Michelle - Go to your profile and select photo then upload. Remember to save! :)
Sarah - Argh James I so hope it doesn't happen to you. In my case, my forearm guttate went away after abo... More »
Linda - Wow. That is interesting, hope you can bounce back really fast!
Linda - Yeah it is darn scary!
JODI - wow! Michelle. your diet must definitely take much discipline and will power. thank you to all o... More »
Michelle - Oh and cut gluten out of your diet! Good luck Jodi ;)
Michelle - Its not a diet anymore but a lifestyle change. Never liked rich food anyway ;)
john,DARTS VADER - yes i used to get tired a lot when my arthritis was bad years ago Sue,I am sorry about your other... More »
Lou - Sue, My primary care dr has no idea how much pain psoriatic arthritis causes nor the amount of f... More »
Rosey - Agree with you there Lou,drs really have no idea about the pain and tiredness am sure mine doesn'... More »
Jen - That's ok Margaret. We can all read your posts. So glad you are happy and doing so well.
Michelle - You are mist welcome! I love seeing people this happy. :)
Rosey - Love a great outcome Margaret. Makes us all feel good
Rosey - Fingers x you get a job soon,just to get an interview here takes mths so your doing so well
Bev - How did your interview go Michelle and have you heard from the other place yet for a interview date?
Justin - Superbly sunny day!
Michelle - Thanks so much everyone! It has been great but super busy! Work is amazing! Thanks Michelle!. I... More »
Clint - Michelle is on the move and don't let the grass grow under her feet...😎
rachel - It all sounds wonderful 🤗
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