It's not just a skin condition.

Jennifer - I drink apple cider vinegar and put it on skin sometimes, but I knew a lady who put it on her sca... More »
isabel67 - I bath in baby oile and try every cream it is so itchi my dokter perskripe cortesoon it help n bit
Mavis - Yes. I hearing problems in both ears. Sounds are muffled and it seems like I need to pop my ears ... More »
Afina - Yes I do ....hearing problems....rumbling or/and whistling....and I have psoriatic arthritis........ More »
john - thanks for your replys,, i havr had a problem with one ear for well quite a few years,it goes up ... More »
john - hello valarie, i know what you mean,it was hard for me at first and i was always running to the t... More »
Jennifer - Psoriasin and bag balm have worked well for me, especially when I wrapped with plastic wrap while... More »
Mavis - Thanks Jennifer I will definitely give it try.
Jennifer - Your welcome, psoriasin has coal tar in it and can be bought at Walmart, bag balm I got from a fe... More »
Christine - Sure, Kim. Thank you!
Kim - I am the same as you John, take each day as it comes and hope for the best.
Jullie - Don't feel bad at all. You deserve to be happy about not having much p at the moment and to get r... More »
Kim - Hi Alex. We all know how you feel. I hated going to my hairdresser when I had it there. Thankfull... More »
Penny - I feel the same way... I hate going to the hairdresser. And I am a hairdresser too. I get migrain... More »
Jennifer - More often than not I find the bigger deal I make out of things, the more others notice. When I ... More »
Kim - Snap, mine is also the back of my hands. I use a cream from Salcura. It stings but calms mine down.
Dean - Hi Lee I'm also a chef in the UK and I've started getting psoriasis on my hands the past few mont... More »
john - hello valarie,do you get effected by the sun?i find if i am in the sun in the morning before 11 a... More »
valerie - hi john, yes, i do get affected by the sun and humidity....i usually wear a hat of some kind kee... More »
Christine - Yes! I stay inside and have a fan on me all the time. In every room I go in there's a fan for me ... More »
Michael - There are great meds for anxiety disorders. Psoriasis on the other hand...
Michael - I try to enjoy life while I can because l am getting older an will be dead in a relatively short ... More »
Pooja - Hii Christine, I think now it's time to meet nature.... Wake up at early in morning get fresh air... More »
Gretchen - Research, find a understanding and knowledgeable doctor, get into a support group.
Hannetjie - This is a confition you have to live eith.
Hannetjie - I havebread and stil read everything about this desease
Pooja - Hey kriston, I don't have any knowledge about Shampoo or conditioner bt I scrub my body ND head w... More »
Matthew - Hi kriston I found its trial and error some made me flare up others irritated me more keep persev... More »
valerie - ty Kim, Jennifer, Cheryl, Charmaine, John......i'm ok now, thanks for caring!!....:)
Annette Gill - We all deserve a rant now and again. We all understand. Hope you're feeling a little better
john - thank you valarie, :) :) :)
Cheryl - I sometimes loose sight of my inner strength ... think it has deserted me ... then comes days lik... More »
john - hello michael, i didnt think about it that much until i came here to be honest, i have helped mys... More »
michael - Today was a tough day with a lot going on in a family way. I can feel the strain and the stress ... More »
Judy - Yes copd
Psoriatic4good - Hang in there! No stress for You today!!!
john - hello eilish,sorry about this, hope it will get better for you ,try not to stress about it though... More »
Cheryl - It is hard when you feel like this ... try some deep breathing and on every outward breath say to... More »
Jane Tsipi - Or we could insert a day between saturday and sunday... how's that? :D
Janice - Love Monday's, wait until you retire, you will too P4G x
john - yes, cant wait for friday, my night of madness or badness, been a while,4 days to go :)
Alan - Sure, I'm interested....
Libby - I am suffering from an heart mend, an emotional trauma, I need love and a good partner in my life
Mickg48 - Day 2 with out the chia seed butter blend oil and it's clearing up more news later.
john - they say apple are fine in my research for arthritis anyway and strawberrys,for psoriasis maybe d... More »
Kim - Hi John. I think you are right. We all react differently. I think the most important thing is fin... More »
john - i wish i knew kim,my body is trying to cope with all this healthy living, its not used to it thou... More »

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