The elephant in the room.

Kim - Hi Craig. My ex husband always said, " I don't see your skin" and I think that is true for genuin... More »
john - hello craig, i never have had a problem to be honest. i used to date a lot in the past, it never ... More »
Monaka - I don't date any more (got a Husband ) but when we were dating it was just on my knees and it was... More »
Ciara montess
darren - why you confused?
john - hello ciara, sorry you feel alone , you are not here, do you have psoriasis or arthritis or both... More »
john - hello joe, sounds good, glad you are happy :)
Precious  Babe
Rose - In what area are you willing to assist?
Precious  Babe
Sharon (Sherry) - Hello... welcome to Flaym! You will find lots of nice friends here and many good ideas on how to... More »
Precious Babe - Thanks you too
Alan - Welcome too!
Gazza544 - Nothing worse than a selfish lover lol, but seriously I know where you are coming from.
Psoriatic4good - I love orgasms! That is honest :)
Rose - @siddion11 that's why you can never satisfy me you are thinking of ravishing to please yourself..... More »
john - hello anwaar, good poetry,glad you are excited :)
santosh - welocme active and help others with your valuable thoughts and suggestions
john - welcome to flaym salim,glad you are okay :)
santosh - even i am thinking all the time........ Zo ,Jennifer and rose...
Anwaar - I love you...hmmm Hahahaha
john - one finds it when not looking for it i think, my opinion,,romance bliss 2 years after that its sa... More »
john - hello spottytotty, great name :).summer is good as long as i dont go in the sun at peak times,in ... More »
Sherry - Not sure where you are situated but if you can get to a beach, the combination of sun and salt wa... More »
Bill - Ive tried to grow a beard but it didnt work for me i just got really flacky dry skin staying clo... More »
john - yes i know what you mean and one gets itchy as the beard grows :(,it was more for the hiding of i... More »
Gazza544 - Hi bill, just think of it as somebody who is uneducated about what we have and our condition, eas... More »
john - hello leandro, i am sorry about this,yes i know it can do ones confidence in,sure most of us have... More »
Sherry - I know what your going thru.....unfortunately theres no quick fix, miracle cure or duct tape to t... More »
steven bradford
john - hello winfield, glad you are hopeful. :)
Darius - Stressing makes acted up less sugars. Put virgin coconut oil in some dollar store lotion. Eat mor... More »
Peggy - Germicidal wipes that I have to use at the hospital where I work.
Peggy - Germicidal wipes that we have use to clean telemetry units at the hospital that I work at.
Pamela - Still struggling with psoriasis on both my feet and my left hand and its now starting on my righ... More »

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