The elephant in the room.

Sarah - Hi Gideon, you know Flaym, interesting stuff every day!
Kay - Welcome to Flaym Omer, why are you feeling alone?
Florence - AM sorry for your feelings right now , you better find someone to stay beside you
Dennis - i am lonely, i need someone to spend the rest of my life with
Deleted account - Good morning Dennis...what sort of psoriasis do you have? Tell us your story.
john,Hulk - does it help angel with what you use? do you have psoriatic arthritis aswell?thanks
john,Hulk - sorry yes you do have arthritis, i missed it in your post sorry, hope thats not very bad for you ... More »
Don - gay or " straight " doesn't really matter in the grand scope of things....really. Don't make thi... More »
john,Hulk - hello sandy you are welcome, its better if he finds out as soon as possible especially if you ar... More »
sandy - thanks Jone! I hope so too. He knows I have some skin issue, but not as a serious disease/P. He t... More »
john,Hulk - thanks i see it sandy, there are more serious things than psoriasis out there, its so common its,... More »
Mishlyn - Hello mkjashim & welcome! I hope you are well!!
Gina - Is there a app for this site?
Gina - Hi everyone it's a little late sorry.
Susan - Gina there apparently is an app for Flaym. I don't have it though. Just my computer when I go o... More »
...feeling insecure Jack @jack2


Sarah - Ah Jack, what reason do they give? Are they worried about medical expenses? My friend couldn't do... More »
Buhle - Hey Jack. Sorry to hear that hope u feel better
Michelle - Hi Jack. I hope things got better for you these past 6 months? I can't see how the army won't all... More »
Susan - This is only my opinion and my experience. I had IVF (unsuccessfully), which sent me into my firs... More »
john,Hulk - hello gina, we all support each other here,if you want help,we allwant to helpyou if you want to ... More »
Cc - Hang in there Gina!! I am here if you need a friend.
Susan - Jacqueline it is still a bit new with my guy but yes, he is lovely and very kind. Best thing is ... More »
Janice - So pleased you had a great day Susan, long may it continue.
Susan - Thank you Janice. I work very hard daily to make sure I stay in my happy bubble. It's a good li... More »
Sarah - Hi Dennis! A lovely day to be on Flaym
Gina - Good morning 🌻
mark - finally i am here, what do i need to know , education never ends
Diana - Hi Mark, welcome to Flaym. There's a lot you can learn on this site. I've spent a lot of my spare... More »
Susan - Welcom Jammie... Flaym is a great family that shares so much information about life. So many goo... More »
...feeling excited Deleted account

michael - Hello Konelsky,Hope things are good for you
Diana - Hi Konelsky, you have found a great support group, welcome.
Nicola - Hi Konelsky, this is the best psoriasis website
Kelly. Yuhas - Bpsoriasis
john,Hulk - hello kelly, what about diet/lifestyle changes , have you or you doing changes in diet ? sorry yo... More »
john,Hulk - i am not all the time serious gideon, got to have some good spirits now and again,not vodka thou... More »
john,Hulk - sorry holiday for us flakers is not going to happen this week gideon, just checked my numbers :( ... More »
Jammie - yh sure why not?
John - My onset was at 10
Jammie - mine was at the age of13
john,Hulk - hello gideon, its morning here right now in the uk just gone 8 am, glad you are happy :)
Gideon - looking for crazy people. everyday is a good day and I want to annoy someone. lol. haha
john,Hulk - be careful gideon, dont upset people haha :)
Susan - Rains I love buying new socks. Why do you need to get new ones?
john,Hulk - me too, i have the simpsons on mine aswell as others with christmas decor etc,
john,Hulk - hello gideon, i would say no, you will know if you have it, the joints will feel painful and or s... More »
Sarah - Great question Gideon, I've been wondering myself what it is like

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