Eat to treat.

James - I have salad a lot over the summer, avocado and sweetcorn being my favourite.
bernadette - I have plague pand ate moment on steroid creams from doctor nothing else worked going to see skin... More »
Sarah - Hey sf! Welcome. For me I did have some improvement in the look of the plaques from using steroid... More »
Mark - I use magnesium chloride for rinsing hair.. (dead sea salts).. I'm finding staying off dairy help... More »
john,DARTS VADER - Thank you all,well last year i was so strict, i almost lost a lot of my life by not going out ,i ... More »
Sarah - Great that it had no effect for you John! I love how you switch between strict and not strict wit... More »
john,DARTS VADER - Thank you Sarah,yes i just got to watch i dont get too much of the habit to often, I have fallen ... More »
Millionways - Ohw Gee, that is a lot in a short time you have to deal with. I hope you will get the right treat... More »
Michelle - It is not an easy road to travel Gee, but I think if you stick around here, that road can become ... More »
john,DARTS VADER - Hello gee, have you tried Diet/lifestyle changes,this will help with your diabetes if type 2, it ... More »
Michelle - Good for you Drum! Getting started can sometimes be the hardest step. Looking forward to hearing ... More »
Michelle - Drum, the lemon works very well for my P. Im a coal tar person. I used the lightest one for my in... More »
Drum - Hi Michelle, I don’t mind coal tar. The one I use is Coal tar solution 5% w/w, sulfur 0.5% w/w in... More »
alex73 - Hi Millie, the bad influence of smoking and alcohol was proven scientifically by different resea... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Millie! I've had a time like this where I thought the coverage would never stop... More »
john,DARTS VADER - Diet /lifestyle changes will help in the long term Millie, i wish you well and welcome to flaym :)
Michelle - Welcome to Flaym Nikki! My biggest food triggers are dairy, gluten, red meat, nightshades and alc... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Nikki! Yes like people say here, people all report some different stuff... thou... More »
john,DARTS VADER - Need i say anything as it all here on whats said:), ,eat mainly fresh veggies,cut out junk food... More »
rachel - Hi Michelle. Alcohol and coffee are my 2 most difficult things to give up. I have enjoyed too m... More »
Michelle - Oeh Rachel, sweet white wine will kill me. I stay with dry red but I hope the 50th was awesome? I... More »
Sarah - I will be having one glass of red wine tonight too after a long day. I think one is enough for me... More »
john,DARTS VADER - Thank you all, i am pleased too thank you :)
john,DARTS VADER - I got 5 weeks and i do it all again,Oh dear my poor flakey body,i am having to put it through all... More »
Michelle - Lol John. I'm sure you can handle it.
Ace - Thanks
john,DARTS VADER - Your welcome Ace. :)
Sarah - Hi Ace, from what you read it seems that many believe white meats and fish to be better for psori... More »
Michelle - I am reading it too Ryan. I have had it for a couple of months but have just been able to pick it... More »
Michelle - Hi Ryan. I'm trying not to change my diet as it may be a shock on my immune system. It sounds gre... More »
john,THE EASY RIDER - Hello Ryan, i know of this book but never read it, i do follow his diet, which is simple enough t... More »
Michelle - Thank you Rachel. It's not easy to stop eating. lol
Sarah - So glad it has returned to its former glory Michelle. That tar sounds amazing!
Michelle - Thank you Sarah. The tar does Work but my P is inflamed again today. I just go with the flow now.... More »
Ruben - Sugar is my biggest trigger, junk food is packed with sugar. So I guess this is the same thing...
Michelle - Hi Matt, great to hear that your son is not struggling at the moment.. but can indeed be a hard c... More »
Sarah - Welcome Matt! Great to see you here supporting family living with psoriasis. I've spent the last ... More »
Michelle - Hi Stephanie. No sorry, I have never used biologics but I have heard good reviews about it. I use... More »
Sarah - Not me Stephanie but if you check out the themes section you'll find some collected posts on "pso... More »
Sarah - Hey Belinda, you've joined the Flaym ranks! Welcome! Me too I have it there, well all over my sca... More »
Belinda - Thank you anyone know how what type of coconut oil for hair and were I can get it from
Sarah - When I use coconut oil I buy mine at Aldi, it is Extra Virgin Cold Pressed, but still only £2.20 ... More »
Lorna Penner - Clint are you just rubbing the lemon on your skin?
Clint - Yes Lorna
Michelle - It works Lorna but I dink a glass of lemon water every morning as well.
Michelle - lol. Have to be careful John. I'm very healthy and I'm not going to let some paprika be the cause... More »
Sarah - Great experiment Michelle! Yes I do think some things creep up on us over time. So like, one port... More »
Michelle - True Sarah. I do that as well. When I eat i.e. potatoes, I eat them once a week and it does nothi... More »
IDA - I had a craving for shrimp am feeling joint pains today will put some cream and start some stretc... More »
Michelle - You will be in good shape IDA. Keep that positivity and have a great day!
IDA - Thanks Michelle.
Heather - Use tea tree oil on your scalp.
Sarah - It is kind of scary for me too patty. I was prescribed immunosurpressants last year and was too s... More »
Michelle - Tea tree oil has been great for me too Patty. I used to mix it with coconut oil, but now I use al... More »
Michelle - Fantastic Peter!! 🎉🎉 So good to hear things are improving! Enjoy & keep up the great work! ...... More »
Peter - Not as yet Michelle, but looking at it
Sarah - Anything that is minimising your p is great in my book! Nice one Peter...
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