Eat to treat.

Linda - I had a bit of a flare not sure if it is P or an allergy
Bev - That's good news Sarah.
Justin - I was advised recently that if your Psoriasis has emerged on your elbows and knees, every night J... More »
Gloria - Psoriasis is a condition I have, it does not define me nor it controls me. You learn to live with... More »
Erica - Act immediately, don't let it get out of hand. Learn as much as possible about the disease, talk ... More »
Flakey - One thing after reading some comments I really want to stress... I have had Psoriasis for over 30... More »
JODI - thank you Michelle :) :) :) will keep you guys updated .
Michelle - Marmara, have patience and you'll see. Sarah@sarahuk is our food elimination queen on Flaym, mayb... More »
Sarah - Mine builds up long term. I don't really get many instant reactions from stuff, as I have learned... More »
john,DARTS VADER - So true Kim ,balance is what ones needs then its okay to let ones hair down a bit, i do :)
Michelle - I'm a wine lover too Kim. I love Shiraz/merlot, Dry red and it does nothing to my P.
Kim - We are the lucky ones Michelle. I can't touch White wine but Rose' is fine.
Jill - Tomatoes seem to flare me, sadly⚘
Rosey - I replaced the one tsp sugar with artificial sugar in coffee already lost weight ,go figure
john,DARTS VADER - I dont flare,just winter it gets worse but not bad at all,artificial sweetners are not good but,... More »
Jessica - I have had psoriasis since 2009. But damn! it has changed my life even though I don’t follow a st... More »
Robin - I don't follow a diet either,
john,DARTS VADER - I gave up a lot in a short time early last year, slow elimination is key to success with diet/lif... More »
john,DARTS VADER - That i wouldnt know as i dont know my mothers side of the family,mine was passed from my mother s... More »
Jill - Does anyone know how do to a lymphatic detox??
Marmara - https://www,google,es/amp/s/amp,mindbodygreen,com/articles/how-to-flush-your-lymph
Rosey - Not an issue,use lemons ,skin missing,but cover up and it's winter,having that won't kill me , li... More »
Sarah - Maybe this is why my skin reacted badly to lemon...
deborah - Maybe, I didn't know it was photosensitive. I think that's important to know. Ouch!
john,DARTS VADER - Hello saigie,You can reverse type 2 diabetes just by changing your Diet/lifestyle though that is... More »
Rosey - No salt ,no fat. Like bacon etc,my mum type two,she didn't want to change,her life it got worse j... More »
Sarah - Hi I use water kefir which I make and drink daily for my probiotic, and homemade sauerkraut. Hope... More »
Sarah - Good idea leaving it Md! Great for energy but not great for histamine and sugar...
Suze - Yes I have ibs psoriasis, arthritis & porictic arthritis. Fibro, have no thyroid and have bi pola... More »
Jen - That's a lot to deal with and good for you 😊 Suze you are a strong person!
James - You definately have something there Suze, attitude for want of a better word. I don't have as big... More »
Rina - I had no idea about this!
Sarah - Urhhh no sorry to hear this! Not nice for you...
john,DARTS VADER - Sorry about this Heather, i gave up oranges clemintines etc a long while ago, whether they affec... More »
Michelle - Oh I love Jam Lindakay. Home made of course. This year is flying indeed. One of these days it wil... More »
Lindakay1948 - I raise Peppers in my Garden I make Hot Pepper Jelly for Christmas Gifts..I make red,yellow and g... More »
Michelle - Sounds awesome lindakay!
Lorna Penner - Im going for massage & accupucture--I heard it helps a lot.
Lorna Penner - I took turmeric tablets and they didn`t help but the powder did--I put a tsp in a pot of soup and... More »
Michelle - True the powder helps a lot. I keep all things I eat and drink organic. :)
Jen - Rina when I did mine I used a school exercise book. I just wrote dates and times, what I ate and ... More »
john,DARTS VADER - Oh Dear, Maybe he thought you have changed your profession Allan ?
C - I bought a uvb lamp on e. Bay small might try to see if it can control as my glands are up ma... More »
Michelle - Hi C. Good luck with the lamp, I've heard it works but have no experience with it. Let us know if... More »
john,DARTS VADER - Hello Rhina, One step at a time though it is a choice, i did slow elimination over a couple of mo... More »
Rina - That's a lot. I'll have to start slow
Michelle - Hi Rina. John has given you the best advice on how to start. It might seem like a lot to take in ... More »
Jen - Oh and I forgot pet hair as well. That makes me very very itchy and sneezing.
Millionways - Hi Jean, its hard when they cant figure out what the problem is. Do you think its food or somethi... More »
Millionways - Hi Dale, is something confusing you? Can I help?
john,DARTS VADER - So true, dog food would taste better than that,though dog biscuits dont taste bad at , Its just g... More »
Sarah - OMG that burger, I can't even imagine it actually! I think I would have major food-fear faced wit... More »
Michelle - Well done James! its not easy.. especially when its right in front of you. Keep up the great work!
Rosey - Jill, yessss to the extent dr thought it was kidney failure ,( have two on right side,)went throu... More »
Michelle - I have in the past Jill, when my skin has been at its worst. I think my quality of sleep was very... More »
Jane - Know exactly how you feel Jill ...I think my batteries definitely need replacing!
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