Eat to treat.

MishLyn - They sure are great Tammy. Very relaxing as well as a great form of meditation 💖
john - hello tammy,funny when i first heard about adult colouring books, i really thought it was naughty... More »
Dave - Good for you Sarah, nice to have an open convo about it, shows people accept it for what it is...... More »
Brian - I drink turmeric with ginger. Good tea
john - great news, its good to educate aswell then clear skins will react better to psoriatic people whe... More »
Will - I don't mind water, ice water is better tho. Not sure why I even let my Pepsi consumption get to ... More »
Tim - I do something similar as James suggested. I freeze water, about half the bottle or more dependi... More »
Dave - Good for you Will, just got to dig deep in the short term until your body adjusts then you can ma... More »
MishLyn - Feels pretty great eh Deb! 😀 How I would have loved to have this amazing group in my younger year... More »
Lucy - Welcome Deb. We’re all here for you. Need someone to talk to we’ll there is plenty of us. ❤️ it’s... More »
john - welcome to flaym deb,i do indeed being a lifer but, its been ok over the years,could be worse tha... More »
Julia - Hi Susan thank you for your advise I really appreciate it and I did buy Moringa but have not been... More »
Susan - Julia you are welcome. Ningxia is a very similar company to the one I get Moringa from. Natural... More »
Julia - Yes I hope so as well.
Paul - Why? what does red meat do too you?
Dave - Red meat is harder and takes longer to digest so digestion takes a lot of energy...if you do eat ... More »
Paul - aww I love my meat :P lol
Jack - Haha, welcome to the lizard clan, friend. I would avoid beer and alcohol generally. Cut down on g... More »
Will - I appreciate the advise! Thanks to all! The sugar alone is going to be tough for me. Potato's imp... More »
Dave - Hi will, definitely stop the Pepsi, most of the bad stuff in potatoes is in the skin, if you can ... More »
Susan - Jacqui that is very sweet. Yes, we all live very far from each other. This is true but love is ... More »
Susan - Hey Dave... That is a good challenge. I might get beat up though. LOL. Hmmmm. Should I, shoul... More »
Dave - Only one way to find out Sue.....go know you want to now....😉
john - sorry about my typing, :)you get the jist of what i am saying, my keys stick on my laptop thanks:)
Dave - No laura, nothing at all.
Sarah - Hi Laura, I do for flare ups that I can't control. But I try to follow more of an anti inflammato... More »
Rich - There is an app called Psoriasis Diet.. which list foods that causes it to flare and what helps,... More »
Susan - Christina I consider myself healed but I was my own guinea pig. I found that sugar was killing m... More »
hope - stay away from processed coke is processed...if ya gotta have caffeine drink unsweet... More »
Janice - I take vitamin D3 and Omega's 3, 6 & 9.
Sarah - Hey Shawn. For me, probiotic yogurt, turmeric tea and vegetable juice daily (separately, haha not... More »
Susan - Lots of vitamins Shawn. I only take my pure Moringa powder and I also got some pods to take from... More »
Stacy - Omg mine is too seems to be falling out in lumps when I wash it taught I was going mad never even... More »
MishLyn - Hi Madimpho, I'm sorry to hear about your hair thinning and patches appearing. 😔Are the patches P... More »
john - hello madimpho, my scalp is great, i changed my diet/lifestyle i still have a way to go yet with ... More »
Dave - Anytime Nan, hope it helps, another avenue, another string to our bow.
Janice - Thanks for the information Dave.
Dave - Anytime Janice 😉
Susan - Jacqueline you are quite funny. I bet your friends have a blast with you. That's the neat thing... More »
Jacqueline - Susan, ha ha! - the curried pasta came about born of necessity. I had zilch in my kitchen cupboar... More »
Dave - Got to be honest Jaqueline, I love curry, nice and hot too, but with pasta, it sounds so wrong it... More »
Jacqueline - The wild brown rice takes longer to cook and it's dense (to eat). No matter how much you cook i... More »
Jacqueline - I mean I *love* not *live*! Lol.
Susan - Jacqueline I tend not to eat rice much but if I do I love it with just butter and salt. Maybe it... More »
Susan - Hi Virgis. Welcome to the site. I got better, healed, from my psoriasis and other autoimmune di... More »
Sarah - Welcome Virgis! For me I reduce gluten and nightshades, abd I add in as many anti-inflammatory fo... More »
Sarah - And how did you get on with your turmeric tea Virgis?
Susan - MishLyn you are funny. I too have a hard time understanding how people just have a difficult tim... More »
Ajit - Susan, reading through your posts, I totally agree with you on living life to the fullest...It do... More »
Susan - Ajit thank you and good for you. We were not made to live life small but to be the light that sh... More »
HollyDan - Hello Mary jo, Unfortunately there are no hard and fast rules about diet - it's more about findi... More »
Susan - Welcome Mary Jo. You are going to love this site! I certainly do! I am 56 years old and was di... More »
Susan - Don I just posted what I do. Hope you are having a great day!
Niamh - Frank, I have been on lots of prescription creams over the years but have found the most successf... More »
Frank - Hello lasso, not unite sure how you do this I am new to this group thing, I thought I would just ... More »
Sarah - Hi Frank welcome to Flaym! I haven't used the two oils you've mentioned but I do use colloidal oa... More »
john - sorry about this becky,what are you worrying about, your psoriasis?
Sarah - Hi Becky, what kind of p do you have?
Shelley - Sending you a hug! I hope that you are able to find a help for your worries. I would be glad to c... More »

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