Eat to treat.

john - hello valarie, i know what you mean,it was hard for me at first and i was always running to the t... More »
Christine - Hello, Craig! Your plan sounds good. Keep us updated with your results.
john - i know i can do it and with winter in the next 5 months months, its gonna be cold here in the uk... More »
john - i go to world darts in january, thats gonna be difficult, 3 days of boozing and eating rubbish,(t... More »
Kim - Wow, world darts! I have refined my food so I can be naughty without doing too much damage. You... More »
john - hello jennifer indeed ,you are making a point what diet has on your psoriasis,mine is definately ... More »
Nan195 - Hi Jennifer, I have to watch what I eat too. My treat of Brown Rice Cakes drizzled with honey, d... More »
Jennifer - Thanks guys, just having such a great skin day thought I would share 😊
Ra11 - Hi Jennifer, maybe you can try simple stuff like going for a walk and getting some fresh air in d... More »
Jennifer - Thank you Ra11 I do actually get a good amount of daily regular and small amounts of exercise bet... More »
john - hello brandy, i wish i could sleep for lot of hours,6 to 7hrs max thats it, my girlfriend sleeps... More »
john - i dont mean that towards you, i joke to her about it
Mariebar - You are so right ! We are conditioned to need peoples approval in our society and to follow what ... More »
Gazza544 - Thanks all, and after finally coming to that conclusion I have had my first decent nights sleep s... More »
john - hello helen, thats what i thought when i got it from him so i went the easy route with food,no of... More »
john - hello darren , just seen your message and thanks,glad all is going well with you ,18 stone, you l... More »
john - i should say which was my belly :)
john - indeed, what we like to do here if people would like the help,sounds good, glad you are happy ume... More »
john - hello tracy,welcome to flaym,i hope you find some help here and a solution to improve your skin,g... More »
santosh - Hi Hassan..dont be sad..even i am suffering and i feel the same that i want to be strong and i do... More »
john - hello hassan, look at me, i am certainly not beautiful but, i thank you :) plenty of things to... More »
Joanne - Unsightly, maybe, but embarrassing never! Always think to yourself, ' it matters not how i look b... More »
Evey Toogood
Psoriatic4good - Yes. Eat everything You like!
Liz - Hi funny it went away when o had my children that's something to do with our hormones But try c... More »
Liz - Oops it reads funny meant to say hunny sorry forgive me never mention to put that Eva
Mickg48 - My 2 yrs food diary showed me anything in the lentil family and nuts . But that was while I was u... More »
john - hello tom, yes its ok as long as its not put straight at people then its fine, i say what helps ... More »
Mickg48 - The moisturizer I use is Emu oil from BigW if you are in Australia it's cheap @ about $7.50 per l... More »
Ella - good on you. its my scalp thats killing my self esteem.
Cheryl - Great news Darren. Keep up the great work 🖒
lori - Great
Eva Hallett - What kind of products do they sell and what do you use?
Gazza544 - Hello, I have just joined and in response to your question it Probably is, check your nails for ... More »
Lucie - Hey @Linzijane i would say yes my feet are evil at the moment swollen sausage toes and bad nails.... More »

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