Eat to treat.

Elizabeth - That sounds great did it help with itch
michelle - Can't say one way or the other Elizabeth, I took it for arthritis pain. I've been using fresh ... More »
Shawn - It helps with psoriatic arthritis as it reduces inflammation in the body. I take "Root2 Tumeric ... More »
Joni - Hi Cherry, same here for the past 20 years. Welcome to Flaym!
Kim - Oh apologies. I spelt your name wrong.🙁
Jullie - Hi cherry, welcome to our family.
Predrag - Can't answer inexisting question
Pat - Shellfish and hay
Kim - That's a new one Pat! Not heard of those before.
Dave - I'd heard about shellfish not being good, never heard of hay though.......
Liz - Does it work
Diana - Yes, I believe it helps me keep mine under control. I have had periods of remission lasting for s... More »
john - greeting to you tom,if you itch,scratch,flake and possible ache then welcome to flaym :)
john - wow that's good mariebar :) its good you have been with her with changes by doing the detox,most... More »
agb - Yeah!
john - skin can get itchy through the healing process,when its clearing . I have experienced this enough... More »
Cindy - Thankyou john, 75% clear for me is a miracle I have skin in places I never knew existed before l... More »
Mary - I have no life to change. Except carbs maybe
john - good for you vanessa :)
Mike - You may also want to consider massaging some essential oils on the outside that are known for the... More »
Debakshi - I have a small regime for the inflammation which is easy and also involves 2 very common ingredie... More »
Karan - Detox juice apple celery (beetroots lots of them) carrot ginger lemon spinach and go vegan for 1-... More »
Susan - David that is really interesting... I just googled lectins and the foods we eat that put lectin i... More »
john - great though isn't it Janice,i wish I knew all this years ago :( :)
Diana - I say great improvement when I was gluten free and very little red meat and mostly organic for 3 ... More »
Janice - Yes John, I agree and feel exactly the same.
Valli - Rub oil into your scalp and then sleep with a shower cap on to soften it. Makes a sort of occlusi... More »
Richard - I found keeping my hair very short allows the sun to get to my head and stops it getting too bad,... More »
Stephen - When mine was bad, I got some baby oil and let it soak in for 30 mins and my wife combed my hair,... More »
john - you want a lifestyle change plan mick? haha :)
Aitch - Well done man! I've list a stone and a half since reducing the carbs and the beer ( though the b... More »
john - that's good aitch :)I am pleased for you that you made some changes ,some changes are better th... More »
john - dr pagano is a legend for psoriasis sufferers, I have watch a lot about his work with healing on... More »
Christine - John, for how long are you following this diet and when appeared the first results (improvement)?
john - hello Christine,its been around 5 month I think now,i gradually cut things out over months,olivi... More »
Susan - Me too Nevin. I drink pretty much water and my Moringa only. However, today I will have a can o... More »
john - certainly better than being scaley for sure, good on you nevin:)
Janice - Great Nevin, I just moisturise once a day at bedtime and do the same as you except for the exerci... More »
john - thank you Julie, my face is getting better,what ever that means haha, ordered some new work trous... More »
Mariebar - I think you clearly know what you are doing and if I may say so you are somewhat of a torch carri... More »
john - ah, if that's a comment to me mariebar, thank you .I took on board a lot that was said here arou... More »
Mark - Hi Nev I take turmeric plus which is a liquid, 1tsp with 1tsp apple cider vinegar in glass of wat... More »
Mickg48 - There is a product called Tumerex in Australia they reckon it took them yrs to get the blend righ... More »
Mickg48 - Cut out the onions and the cabbage family although garlic is a great anti -inflammatory.
Mickg48 - John my face is almost back to normal meaning the redness has gone it took about 3-4 weeks almost... More »
john - thanks mick, i dont do dairy at all or spreads,yes cabbage and onions are the worst for it i kno... More »

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