Eat to treat.

Sarah - Welcome back, Lynne! People here talk about diet changes... it is a variety of different kind of ... More »
Gloria - How can I buy it or where can I find it
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Ekta. What does your Ayurvedic success consist of? Very interesting! Tell us more!
Michelle - Would love to hear about your Ayurvedic experience Ekta!
john, DARTS VADER - I was puffing like a steam train for 32 years or more. i dont know if there is a difference with... More »
Stacey - I started on P treatment 3 years ago. I completely cleared up. Last November I started smoking ag... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Stacey! I have never smoked but my mum and dad did smoke whilst I was young, th... More »
Helen - I am vegetarian and recently turned vegan a few weeks ago. I don’t think you need to worry about ... More »
Md - Hi Helen thanks, but some people experienced badly with beans, lentils, nut, soy products.
Sarah - Yes it really depends which eating plan you choose to follow for your psoriasis and other reasons... More »
Michelle - Very interesting. I have not heard about this either. I eat avocado and have not had any problem... More »
john, DARTS VADER - So true Michelle, nothing is clear cut with psoriasis :)
Sarah - Lemon and lime are both high histamine too! Hehe! So maybe you have a normal tolerance for histam... More »
john, DARTS VADER - Sorry to hear this about your mother clint, i have seen it bad on people in the nursing home, one... More »
Sarah - Clint, I was wondering how you came upon the idea to use lemon directly on your skin? What a turn... More »
Clint - It was so bad I tried everything tried bottled lemon first with some relief then moved on to the... More »
Roni - Happy Birthday Michelle, hope it was great! 💟
Ellen - Happy birthday Michelle... have an amazing flare free day ....
Michelle - Thank you so much everyone for all of the Birthday Love!! ❤ It was a great day 😊
Sarah - I agree totally Catherine. Where do you find your wild fish from?
Ruben - In Belgium it's not too hard to find wild fish. Any good fishmonger should be able to provide at ... More »
Catherine - I go to the fish market ... most fish there is caught at sea ..I stick to fish caught in the UK ... More »
john, DARTS VADER - Ah good Catherine, i do have the odd burger now and again, i still like them but homemade from a ... More »
Catherine - I think it's the gluten in the base that I react to .even though I stick to a thin base becaus... More »
Sarah - Have you been tested for coeliac Catherine?
Michelle - Hi Josh. I was diagnosed with P 26 years ago. My body was covered in P apart from my face and pri... More »
Sarah - I don't know Josh! I know that it does make a massive difference for me. But I don't know for oth... More »
Chris - Hello Margie hopefully you will find support ideas and similar people to share with here,I've had... More »
Michelle - Hi Margie. Welcome to Flaym. We are all here to support you!
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Margie! We appreciate you being here too!
Josh - I’m 28 and have suffered since 14
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Imre!
Imre - Thank you for the friendly "welcomes" There is so much information to process
Michelle - Thank you Chris & Michelle. It really feels good to show off some legs lol.
Sarah - Wooohooo!
Clint - Add lemon 🍋 to that mix and you will be fixed
Sarah - I don't, it's a safe food for me.
Michelle - Beets are good for me too. Did you have a reaction Michelle?
Jen - No they are good for me I love them no reaction that I've noticed
Michelle - But some of us are on thevelimination diet and the food is not boring at all. :)
john, DARTS VADER - Hello Md, i have been on it for a year, it does reduce inflammation, in skin and joints if joints... More »
Just Labs - thank you everyone! Lots of reading to do, but hope to tune in to comments at least once a day ... More »
Just Labs - I did it! ... changed my name to Just Labs :)
Michelle - They look so cute Just Labs. Good luck with your P and shout if you need advice!
Dakeyras - Spot on advice John, I'm very impressed mate!
Michelle - Hi Lou, I follow the same eating plan as John, I went off track a couple of weeks ago and ate thi... More »
john, DARTS VADER - Thanks Dakeyras, It has helped so many people with severe psoriasis, i been giving out diet/lifes... More »
Sarah - I agree that a food diary is a great tool! I have been making one for months and it helps so much... More »
Rita - I too have been keeping a food journal for almost 2 months. It doesn’t take too much time actuall... More »
Sarah - I'm the same Rita, only use maple syrup and honey and whatever is in the fruit I eat...
Sarah - Hi Fatima, welcome to Flaym! Eyes are so delicate, no wonder it is painful for you 😣😣😣 If you go ... More »
Chris - I had it on my eyelids to I share your discomfort such thin delicate skin mine used to bleed if i... More »
john, DARTS VADER - Hello Fatima and welcome to Flaym, have you thought about diet/lifestyle changes? it may help in ... More »
Kathryn - Mine is really aggressive at the moment. I fell off my healthy eating wagon and I'm paying the pr... More »
agb - Linda, I am so sorry you are suffering. After you wrap your feet, try to raise them. I have a foo... More »
Claire - Hi Linda, when the pain gets too much I love coconut oil but Vaseline really does help, its insta... More »
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