Eat to treat.

Sarah - Love it!
Susan - Yum. I love it. Aye it wit bratwurst just last night.
Madmum007 - Love, Love, Love sauerkraut, a little of what you fancy does you good
Honey - From what I know, you should not use it if you're breastfeeding and if you're not and you think y... More »
Carolyn - Thanks for the information, this week I am trying Calendula cream- thin coating followed by Tripl... More »
Lou - My P is doing ok these days.
Rachel - Yeah its the same for me Peter. My eye floaters are new so theyve been more of a bother than my s... More »
Lou - Hey all! For those of us that have scalp involved with p what do u use to treat it?
psomom - I went on YouTube and “how to cure scalp psoriasis naturally” found a good video by Lamblike. We... More »
Jasmin - oh, i forgot to mention that I was diagnosed of Scalp prior to my Guttate. I've been living with ... More »
psomom - Sorry to hear that. I hope you find something that does.
Jenny777 - Hasn’t worked for me but someone in my group also cleared completely of her psoriasis by followin... More »
Nina - Nothing has ever worked for me I've had psoriasis from the age of 15 with never getting any bette... More »
John, THE HULK - Certain foods can give some a big reaction,I changed my diet/lifestyle for my joints near 2 years... More »
Rosey - Good one,good to hear good results,its great when we feel better
Michelle - That is terrific news Diane. Well done! You are doing everything right and I wish you well. I'm s... More »
Bev - Wow that's such good news Diane. Congrats
Jen - Ours in Nth QLD are always liquid unless kept in the fridge.
Justin - Greg, when you fry with it, the heat melts it
Doris - I started having a sensitivity to coconut and coconut oil. So I stick with olive oil, avocado oil... More »
Jen - Definitely positive effect after four weeks especially tomatoes and white potatoes. At the same t... More »
Jen - I have not reintroduced them because I'm too scared. Except for some wheat because it's in everyt... More »
Ellen - I get an instant itch reaction from raw tomatoes & peppers as they in most salads....I just take ... More »
Clint - Good luck 🍀 Deb
Millionways - Hi Deborah, you could try Chinese health science alongside the regular doctor. That really work... More »
Michelle - Haha, love your sense of humour. That 30% is awesome! Don't think about the 70%. You ate clearing... More »
Clint - Keep up the good work when you get settled the weight will come off watch out for the pierogi 🥟 L... More »
Rosey - They need the fat to combat the cold ,maybe?
Peter - lol thanks all ya food is rely great and amazing, still struggling with some of the food changes ... More »
Michelle - Haha John, very witty. But I'm glad you're feeling so much better. Being tired all the time is aw... More »
John, THE HULK - Yes true Michelle, i think may had an affect on my P who knows,i gone down to one tab a day now o... More »
Clint - John is on a tear party like it's 1994
Sarah - Scalp psoriasis is definitely the most uncomfortable part of my psoriasis without a doubt. I find... More »
Jen - Hi Susan. Yes I have the same problem. Coffee and tea. I love my coffee though! I can't have Komb... More »
Jen - Oh sorry. Different Susan with the diet.
Rosey - Michelle have you scored work as yet?John rye bread if u have the need for bread,dark is better,b... More »
John, THE HULK - Hello Rosey,No i dont need bread though i have it sometimes when out as all you get is junk at re... More »
Michelle - Hi Rosey. Got a half day job but it was takung minutes only. Im still looking though. Thank you f... More »
Rosey - Rince it after cooked to get starch out,always have always Will,no idea why,just know to do it
James - I've always done it before. I add a splash of evo and a splash of lemon juice to the water to sto... More »
Michelle - Never heard of that method James?
Michelle - True John, I can't take any crappy food in my body, not because I don't want to but because I can... More »
John, THE HULK - So true Susan ,Michelle :)
Diane - I am so pleased I did. Feeling better and I can count my P spots on one hand.
Millionways - Goodluck, Doris.
John, THE HULK - I wish you all the best Doris, glad you are making positive changes,:)
Doris - Thanks!!
IDA - so happy for your healing Angela. I was told there is a treatment with laser UVB light for this ... More »
Carolyn - Definitely natural approaches! It's already working for me..I became vegetarian a year ago, then... More »
Barbara - Exactly what I'm doing. I cut down on junk. Look to protein, probiotic, Vitamin A. I feel bett... More »
Shawn - Hallelujah
John, THE HULK - Good for you Barbara ,good your cat is on a diet/lifestyle plan too, well done to you :) :)
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