Eat to treat.

Chrisb - Hi Susan, forgive my ignorance but I don't see how canned tomatoes can be fresh ?
Susan - Not ignorance Chrisb... I canned them myself last summer when they were in season and fresh. I d... More »
Michelle - Sounds delightful Susan! I really miss tomatoes! lol
Jim - I think it would be easier John if you listed the few things we can eat.
john,darts vader - well jim,you know we are all different , i will tell you what i do, i eat white meat like chicken... More »
john,darts vader - Idealy 80% of the diet is ideal, so you can have a few questionable things in the diet though it ... More »
Michelle - Thanks John! 😃 Food effects us in so many ways, not just skin issues. Its great you can spread yo... More »
john,darts vader - I do hope so michelle, most dont want to listen, answer, i could be dead tomorrow so i eat what ... More »
Susan - john that's cool. I have 2 kids (20 and 28). They were raised by me to eat like I do now. They... More »
Paul - I hear ya there John, me too. Need to invest in another humidifier as my old one died out on me.
john,darts vader - Hello paul, does that really help you ,the humidifier?i heard many say this, i do have one but i... More »
Michelle - Hey John, a humidifier is really helpful for me in the winter, I wouldn't want to live without on... More »
Sarah - Sounds delicious, Susan! I've heard of gluten free sourdough starters too... I've seen lots of au... More »
Susan - Hmmm. I didn't know that Sarah. Very cool. I actually forgot about tapioca flour. Man I love ... More »
Michelle - No you don't Susan :D You're having a Blast! You know that you will find the perfect place for yo... More »
Lizzie - Michelle nothing is like the real thing, but I was very pleasantly surprised :)
Michelle - I Love those pleasant surprises along the way! 😃
Sarah - Yummm, Ive got quite a few recipes in my AIP cookbooks from the library that include nutritional ... More »
Susan - Sarah I am going to post of facebook for some kefir grains today. That's how I got my scoby mush... More »
Sarah - Great Susan! Yes I didn't have anyone to get any off, but just bought some instead. Mine is water... More »
Michelle - Good to know! Thanks Sarah, I may have to give that a try too, especially if it can be used to ma... More »
RedSpotEliminator - Go see a doctor to confirm that it's pso. I really wish Flaym would let us post pictures - so muc... More »
Sarah - Yes a trip to the doctor is needed! Lots of skin conditions are similar. But in the meantime you ... More »
Anthony - like RedSpotEliminator said ; go see the doctor to confirm that will at least Judy
Jen - Sounds great Sarah. Love it. Can almost smell it. I'm doing a Chicken curry right now!
Sarah - Ooo Jen delicious, you had curry Friday too! Give it a whirl, Don, it was delicious! I also cooke... More »
Michelle - I have never tried spiralising carrots, Thanks for the the tip Sarah! I have a hand one as well, ... More »
Michelle - Enjoy Michelle! That sounds like a wonderful getaway! I am a nature girl as well. I am blessed t... More »
RedSpotEliminator - Totally agree - the city stresses me out
Bev - Wow Michelle I love that place. Please give me have a para sail for me. Enjoy the quiet and the s... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Jan! I haven't taken the tablet form but I did start drinking a splash diluted ... More »
RedSpotEliminator - Same here Sarah - hated the taste and didn't see any improvements so I gave it up. But hey, at 1.... More »
Sarah - Ah no, Karla! It must be a no-no for you, it seems that way! Unless there are any other explanati... More »
Susan - Karla not for me. I can eat any vegetable or protein. Might be a trigger food for you though. ... More »
Jen - Karlea maybe ask your doc for allergy testing. I used to be allergic to all crustaceans but not a... More »
Sarah - Yes hot water makes me itch too, and the skin reddens for a while! I make my baths not too hot, a... More »
Michelle - Showers are quicker as well. I don't have the time to take a bath anymore. Instead of kids moanin... More »
Michelle - why am I lolling a lot today?...
Michelle - Hi Matty, I am not sure of a p specific cookbook, but *The Whole 30* has some really great recipe... More »
Sarah - Hey Matty! I really like to use The Autoimmune Pale-o cookbook by Mickey Trescott. That's how I'm... More »
Susan - Another good video. Some I agree with some I don't. But... I always give feedback and love gett... More »
Ruben - Will check it out today! Keep up the great work!
Bev - Good Video RSE
Michelle - Lol Sarah. You're funny. I've tried Aveeno and it makes my skin very oily. Is there an Aveeno pro... More »
Sarah - Thanks everyone! Michelle the lightest Aveeno product I've found is the Daily Moisturising Lotion... More »
Michelle - Thank you Sarah. The organ meat...well...I will skip that one lol. But the sea veggies sounds int... More »
Bev - Michelle Maybe look I Dis Chemgor gluten free coffee creamer. They have so much variety of glute... More »
Paul - Have seen an improvement in mine since stopping Gulten and also Sugar....There is a diet on the w... More »
Paul - thanks Paul, I'll have a look
Susan - John that's funny. Give us our daily bread. LOL. Biblically Jesus is our daily bread. Mic... More »
Paul - I wouldn't say it's out parents fault more than society as a whole and sa I said ( Marketing)buyi... More »
Susan - Yeah Paul. I honestly think cereal and milk for breakfast is such a horrible thing that we have ... More »
Sarah - Ah Lizzie that's hard that your skin in being unseasonal and is flaring out of your usual pattern... More »
Lizzie - Thanks Sarah, I am struggling with not eating dairy and gluten as I love them so much. I also ha... More »
Sarah - Oh no Lizzie, nothing worse than wasted food that you've spent ages cooking. I hate that! I do un... More »

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