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chris - my suggestion is you have to start by restoring balance to the inside of your body with a program... More »
Sharon (Sherry) - I have a question. Has anyone else experienced a warning of an eminent pso outbreak? The last t... More »
john - haha, i am glad i dont need to looking forward to taking my weekend up slapping creams on,most pe... More »
Victor - Its made me a kinder and more caring person so I agree x
john - hello mandi,i am a lifer since birth,48 yrs and psoriatic arthritis 14 years so, i know no differ... More »
john - hello tracy,welcome to flaym,i hope you find some help here and a solution to improve your skin,g... More »
santosh - Hi Hassan..dont be sad..even i am suffering and i feel the same that i want to be strong and i do... More »
john - hello hassan, look at me, i am certainly not beautiful but, i thank you :) plenty of things to... More »
Gazza544 - Hello, I have just joined and in response to your question it Probably is, check your nails for ... More »
Lucie - Hey @Linzijane i would say yes my feet are evil at the moment swollen sausage toes and bad nails.... More »
Amy - Aloe Vera gel calms my scalp but doesn't get rid of it. I've also used mixing aloe Vera oil, lave... More »
Edward phillips - Neutrogena T gel shampoo works well for me
Ivor - Edward how about body skin, wat did you use?
Susan - Hi ra11... I think I tried everything in my life... Being 56 in a few months, my life is very dif... More »
Ra11 - Hi Susan, thanks for your message I'm going to Google search Moringa and give it a try, how much ... More »
Susan - ra11 Moringa is awesome... The stuff from the naturopath and health food stores is not the greate... More »
Ashleigh - Tanning and natural sun! I have always covered myself. Wearing jeans and long sleeve shirts in th... More »
Anthony - Diet, for me seems like the way forward. I have found that everything I apply directly to psorias... More »
santosh - hi gaurav....can i get some suggestions regarding Ayurvedic...
Jorge Ayuso - Happy day!!
john - hello dolores,i can believe it :) good for you :)
Charmaine - That is awesome Dolores. Very happy for you.
Shahieda Brown - Hi Dolores, you mentioned a UV lamp? Can one purchase that at a pharmacy or do you see a dermatol... More »
Jorge Ayuso - I am sorry, Neil! I hope you improve fast. Good luck!!
Sherri - A little better in summertime
Suzanne - Yes, when the transition from fall to winter, also from winter to spring.
Suzanne - Summer is the best...
LiftedLioness - Yes, I was first diagnosed with RA and then the diagnosis was changed to Psoriatic Arthritis. ... More »
john - hello yes i do, i diagnosed myself 14 years ago and had it confirmed by a doctorwho also has psor... More »
Jorge Ayuso - Yes, I do. I am suffering plaque psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis. It is possible you have got p... More »
Mariebar - Hi Sid I found your reply very inspiring. You really have a good grasp of the situation. As a p... More »
Teresa - We all have good/bad days with Psoriasis... I was blessed enough to find a group of very acceptin... More »
carlos10 - id be more than happy to help just message me if you can convince her... good luck!!
Brandy - Ok I looked this nightshade thing up on line, I don't smoke or eat any vegetables listed on list.... More »
john - you are very welcome brandy,i hope you can sort it very soon thanks
Lorna Penner - I have the same thing,,can`t sleep unless I take tylenol and then I want to sleep all morning,,a... More »

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