Stay active, fight inflammation.

Julie - Hi Christ, how's your day going, hoping well too.
Jeri - Julie, I am glad you had such a productive and fantastic day! Way to win at this life!! :)
Christ - My day is fine Julie slept well?
Maria Corazon - Susan where can I buy this Moringa how to use it.
Diane - Interesting. I have one growing on my heel. I never imagined for one moment it possibly could hav... More »
john - hello maria, you can find it on ebay,must be pure by 100% pure :)
Tim - I've made great strides to not really care what others think of me. When I avoid swimming in pub... More »
Dave - I can swim, well, I don't anymore.
Julie - Shellfish allergy and chlorine bother my eyes. I miss it so much, being close to Ocean makes it ... More »
Roxanne - Good morning all.
Sarah - Good morning Firooz, welcome to Flaym.
john - good morning firooz and welcome to flaym :)
Susan - Jacqui that is very sweet. Yes, we all live very far from each other. This is true but love is ... More »
Susan - Hey Dave... That is a good challenge. I might get beat up though. LOL. Hmmmm. Should I, shoul... More »
Dave - Only one way to find out Sue.....go on...you know you want to now....😉
john - sorry about my typing, :)you get the jist of what i am saying, my keys stick on my laptop thanks:)
Dave - No laura, nothing at all.
Sarah - Hi Laura, I do for flare ups that I can't control. But I try to follow more of an anti inflammato... More »
john - let me know how he is, hope hes ok your son thanks
hope - Hi, Im older...53...but I'm a mom and my girls each had health issues that affected their involve... More »
john - sounds good hope, you need a prize for your posts ,hope flaym is watching :)
Dave - Great stuff Rob, let us know how you get on, good luck, hope it lasts for you.
Rob - Fingers crossed!! I didn't use Dead Sea travel but I would definitely next time. I travelled on m... More »
Rob - The pharmacy here have recommended some different things too. LCD cream if anybody's heard of it.... More »
MishLyn - Thanks for sharing Molly! Burrdock is amazing ❤ I think I may try that combo in my next batch of... More »
Deleted account - Hi, mishlyn no I don't make any scrub or creams! I use sugar scrub from tree hunt. Or sensitive b... More »
Sarah - That's frustrating for you, many on here have been discussing the long term effects of steroid cr... More »
Susan - Swelling and stiffness. As Don said, you will be able to feel the swelling but it may not look li... More »
Sarah - Hey Vandit, I run too and I sometimes wonder this but so far I've only ever pulled my knee and no... More »
Gail - When I was first diagnosed the pain was in my wrist and hand. I have had two surgeries to remove... More »
barbara - Wash with clear water n cap full of clorax
Diana - Barbara, for real....have you had positive experience using chlorax? I know what a chlorinated sw... More »
Niamh - Frank, I have been on lots of prescription creams over the years but have found the most successf... More »
Frank - Hello lasso, not unite sure how you do this I am new to this group thing, I thought I would just ... More »
Sarah - Hi Frank welcome to Flaym! I haven't used the two oils you've mentioned but I do use colloidal oa... More »
Mike - I read some where that you should stay away from sun beds because it increases the risk of cancer... More »
Kim - Go easy on the sun beds Lynda. I used them too as well as PUVA. I have so far had three basal cel... More »
sandy - there's a shampoo, it works. ask your doc
john - hello muthu, eat plenty of veggies, no potatoes,no sauces ,gravys,dressings, use olive oil as a d... More »
john - hello muthu, even some changes are better than none,my psoriasis is not as bad as a lot of people... More »
Marti - I dont do strict diet since Im taking the probiotics (VSL#3) but agree all of them here with the ... More »
Ree - New too!
Deleted account - I'm a newb as well..
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym Dena, pleased you are feeling hopeful through connecting with us!
MishLyn - Hi Veronica, I am unsure of why alcohol causes alcohol, but it sure does react awful with my skin... More »
Sarah - Like on Austin Powers where he keeps his ear skin in a tub... ick!
Kari - I used to get relief from the itch with the edge of the blade of scissors. I know now that the it... More »
Sarah - Love that Vicki, psoriasis warriors!
Linda - Sun and salt water are good.
Susan - Christopher my thoughts are swim all the time. I don't really care at all what anyone things and... More »
Sarah - Mine isn't bothered whatsoever by it! Frustrating for you

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