Stay active, fight inflammation.

Otto_M_Moon - all of me does , I don't like cold. Ice only belongs in your drink
Michelle - Hi Stuart. Looking forward to sharing my experience with you as well and vice versa. You will abs... More »
John - Looking forward to read your experiences.
Sarah - Welcome Stuart, that is indeed very exciting! Love to know more...
Susan - Back at you Mark. Still very dark here at 7:00 am. Wow... Just chilling with my coffee, my morn... More »
Maggiec645 - Sounds good to me.
Michelle - Thanks Mark! You as well! I hope everyone finds some time to do something nice for yourself!
john - hello marilyn, i have botha nd i am lifer since birth with psoriasis and i have had psoriatic art... More »
Sarah - Hi Marilyn, welcome to Flaym! Glad you found us. I'm sure there are many people around the world ... More »
Patricia - hi @marilyn5 I too, suffered for years with psoriasis before I was diagnosed. Frustrating to say ... More »
Charlene - I Sarah, ...yes I have both, eczema and psoriasis. My condition started out with eczema, on my lo... More »
Charlene - Hi Sarah, ...I was just reading some of the blogs.. I noticed you gave advice, on using cornflou... More »
Sarah - Hey Charlene, yes I got into using cornflour on my son's bum! For keeping the area dry whilst he ... More »
Michelle - Hi Richard, lots of info if you browse the theme section of *diet. I think that elimination diet ... More »
john - hello richard ,its a choice to stop eating gluten and wheat,all dairy including eggs,butter chees... More »
john - pears not peas,though peas are okay
Otto_M_Moon - I got that not long ago for the first time at first I thought it was a spider bite . I just did t... More »
Sarah - Me too Susarah! Welcome to Flaym. 21 years of scalp and ears, it started there and it will finish... More »
Charlene - My psoriasis, started on my scalp..but fortunately I got rid of it, with valiosone scalp lotion..... More »
Michelle - Sounds wonderful Chris! I never knew there was an actual black swan 😀 lol very cool!
Mackamlady - Should go to Dawlish in Devon they have black swans all year round x
Susan - Good for you for walking Chris. Exercise is food for the soul... You are soooooo lucky to see a ... More »
Sarah - Welcome, Em! You're no longer alone now that you've joined us here at Flaym! Many of us have psor... More »
patricia - im on injections which apart from the odd flare up my skin is clear
Sarah - There are many levels to this disease - can you specify which ideas you are interested in? What ... More »
Donna - I don’t really get much support and am self managed; luckily my psoriasis isn’t too bad at the mo... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Noreen. Glad you've joined us!
Michelle - Hi Noreen, Welcome! :D Happy to hear that you have found some relief!
Donna - Hi and welcome xx
Jimmy - I was considering shaving my head but then you will see all the red marks from me scratching so much
john,darts vader - hello nadine, have you thought about diet /lifestyle changes? it will help you in the long run, i... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Nadine! The itch, yeowchh 😲 Check out the themes section for more collected pos... More »
Petra - What is it that you have to avoid because of the cancer risk?
Sarah - Hi Tracy, welcome to Flaym. Absolutely it is a struggle, and it is real for sure. Glad you found ... More »
john - hello tracy. have you thought about diet/lifestyle changes? it maybe the best option if you cant ... More »
Victor - Salt baths are not always good news as they can make your psoriasis sorer and dry out your skin.
Michelle - I am really happy to hear it was soothing for you Carol! That is just great :)
Michelle - When I was 22 I heard that Haviva mud (from the dead sea) works wonders with psoriasis. What a lo... More »
will21 - I'm 63yo and my doc said ..oh just getting old.... oh it just too much trouble for you to take a ... More »
Shar - My docs are very upbeat and specialize. Good for you for dropping him/her. Both have conferred wi... More »
Susan - Shar I so hope that you will check out the diet changes some of us have made. God knows, I total... More »
will21 - Both are welcome...so Welcome ;-)
Nan195 - Trying out the edit for the first time. Thanks Flaym we are getting larny 🌹
Nan195 - You are so welcome here Shar. Linger a while and read all the Posts and responses. Share your j... More »
Nan195 - Hi Shane, welcome to our P Family. Please share your P journey with us, we are here to support y... More »
Beth - Heading to Maine from Florida for Christmas/New Years with the Family...hoping it doesn't get wor... More »
Susan - Hi Shane and welcome to this site. I betcha already you are getting great tips and having some l... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Helen. We aren't permitted to refer to specific medication names on Flaym. But ... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Shari! Weirdly I spoke to a derm about this yesterday at a long-awaited appoint... More »
Petra - Perhaps it goes hand in hand for different reasons. I'm far more likely to cover up outside to h... More »
Shar - My rheumatologist said I could be in direct sunlight for about 10 minutes at a time. It rally hel... More »
Otto_M_Moon - Muir, I glad you brought that up. I was just thinking how pumping my legs makes the P below my k... More »
Ajit - Yes, it does affect exercise routine as the more comfy tracks cant be worn any more...so no outdo... More »
Lynn - Yep! It used to hurt so bad, walking, sitting, laying down, movement of any kind because it requi... More »

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