Stay active, fight inflammation.

Joni - Hi Cherry, same here for the past 20 years. Welcome to Flaym!
Kim - Oh apologies. I spelt your name wrong.🙁
Jullie - Hi cherry, welcome to our family.
Predrag - Can't answer inexisting question
Mickg48 - Hi John I can sympathize with your back pain 2 wks and 3 visits to the osteopath and she has basi... More »
Janice - Look after that back John, try to have some relaxing time.
john - thank you Janice and mick,i am in pain now, work is bad for me haha,the girlfriend wanted me to t... More »
john - greeting to you tom,if you itch,scratch,flake and possible ache then welcome to flaym :)
Holli - Yeah, it's well annoying. Hope you find something that works for you :)
john - yes though not bad nowadays, :)
Sharon (Sherry) - I have a couple of spots in my ears... not really bad, but would rather it went away!!
...feeling happy Hallye @hallye


john - hello hallye, welcome to flaym,any questions help etc, just ask :)
Susan - Dr. Axe is great! I listen to lots of his stuff. Very informative and he has a huge following.
Shawn - Agreed!!!
Jennifer - Turmeric 😊
Jacqueline - Poor you, the lower back! I get it in my thumbs which makes it impossible to pick things up! I do... More »
john - yes, ido turmeric and do sensible eating,2 litres of bottled /filtered water a day and my joints... More »
Joana - What kind of moisturizer do you use? Have you tried the sauna?
Paula - Not all pools use the same chemicals. Through trial and error I have fond some I can use. What ab... More »
Mickg48 - Michael I will try the tumeric tea how much do you drink of each?
Shawn - I agree with the turmeric - I take two capsules daily - turmeric extract curcumin c3 complex - 11... More »
Mark - I was waking up in the mornings and my hands were like claws, Now I take a tsp of turmeric plus a... More »
Kim - Same for me. Branston pickle in my lunch yesterday and now I'm all red!
Holli - Same... whenever my psoriasis shows signs of getting better I end up treating myself to something... More »
Sharon (Sherry) - 👍👍
Cheryl - Helps to be able to hear Harold lol. Good luck with the skin ... winter has been very mild here s... More »
Shawn - I keep threatening to get glasses but instead I squint and pretend my vision is fine - I'm sure w... More »
Cindy - I love the south coast Cheryl.. 1of my favorate spots in Australia... Kiama is stunning...I quite... More »
Cheryl - It is pretty at Kiama Cindy, I love it too. I am a bit further down .. 45 mins drive south of Now... More »
Cindy - I love the zoo at Nowra Cheryl, I like that the south coast is so close to Sydney...I come Dow at... More »
Susan - Sorry to hear that Tamara. Hope it gets better as the day progresses. Chill and listen to some ... More »
Tamara - Thanks Susan I will check it out
Susan - Jessica this site will give you tons of ideas. Mine is cut out all sugar. This includes refined... More »
Susan - Never tried linseed oil but I do know that it has benefits for joints.
Cindy - I would love to go to the uk john..but only when the weather is on it's best behaviour... I nurse... More »
john - , the uk is so umpredictable cindy,,could be hot now and raining next minute still hot clammy,win... More »
agb - wrap your hands in a warm towel and rub some olive oil on your hands at night.

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