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Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, LeAna! I don't now but I did right around the time when my psoriasis first appe... More »
Geraldine - I suffer with numbness throughout my body hands and feet neck are mostly effected
agb - My hands sometimes if I over work them
Kez - Last year my daughter and I shaved mine all off to a grade 3 all over to help cope. It was easier... More »
Pamela - I’ve had this condition for many many years and always had very short hair. It’s easier to cope,... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Liz! I had my hair cut short after I got married and although it was easier to ... More »
RedSpotEliminator - Go see a doctor to confirm that it's pso. I really wish Flaym would let us post pictures - so muc... More »
Sarah - Yes a trip to the doctor is needed! Lots of skin conditions are similar. But in the meantime you ... More »
Anthony - like RedSpotEliminator said ; go see the doctor to confirm that will at least Judy
Sarah - Welcome back, Darius! Great to see you. Fantastic that you're seeing results from these approache... More »
Sarah - If I have times where I don't feel like exercising, I find that dragging myself to the actual bui... More »
john,darts vader - I just dont do exercise jessica,its bad for me thank you :)
Geraldine - I've just been through a flare and pain and fatigue knocks you I can't walk with knees clicking o... More »
Susan - Good for you Caesar. Red Spot Eliminator is a huge believer in exercise. I am too. Not just fo... More »
john,darts vader - Hello caeser, good to see you back, , i got a lot of crap going on, trying not to stress myself, ... More »
lynne - Me too
Flaym - Why is it not available to you?
Fiona - I dont know is it in capetown south africa or a doctor that has that injections.
john,darts vader - fantastic red spot :) :)
Michelle - That is awesome RSE! Soak it right up and enjoy!! :D Well Done!! :)
Susan - RSE it is like getting a super charged shot! Kind of a validation of the direction you are headi... More »
Sarah - Hey Alan, brrrr yes freezing cold! Great that you're off out on your bike though, showing psorias... More »
Alan - I always ware shorts so my legs show i dont mind i just love my bike ride
Michelle - Good thing I'm not living in a cold country. I would really be as blue as a smurf. I hate it when... More »
Susan - Geri that is too funny! I just responded to Flaym that I have started tapping. I did it many ye... More »
Sarah - I have never heard of tapping!
Michelle - Awesome Geri! I have tried tapping and find it very therapeutic. Nick and Jessica Ortner are real... More »
carol - I have just recently realized that stress is probably at least part of my problem and my stress c... More »
Brownie - I agree with carol. I seem to have little control over the stress. But I don't take anything fo... More »
Michelle - I try to be in the moment as often as I can. I find it very helpful with enjoying what is right i... More »
Desley - Thanks Sarah. I have used it once on a spot on my hand. The girl in the chemist was very good at ... More »
Geri - I have only use something to cover up redness on my scalp not arms or anything since I don’t have... More »
Desley - Hi Geri - I am not sure what’s worse! I don’t get it on the scalp or anywhere else that you can’t... More »
agb - I have not tried a spinning class. Not sure how I feel about a tiny bike seat. I did try a mash... More »
Sarah - Try it and see what you think! The seats aren't that tiny 😉
Walter - Walking and swimming in warm water and my Fysio and that is it. Other things I can't do anymore.
Paul - Thank yo Susan, God did put you in my life the exact time I needed that nudge:D
Bev - Welcome Joan I hope you will find what works the best for you
Joan - I am always trying something with my provider, she got me on A biological meditation right now! T... More »
Lynn - Grapeseed oil, moroccan oil, and argan oil are also great to use on your scalp!
dave keyes - Good quality olive oil and cling film head overnight and repeat til it clears, I did it years ago... More »
Mary - Thank you Dave I will try that
Anthony - Learn to live with it and be happy .. i guess ...
Mary - I've not heard of pustular psoriasis Judi I thought it was acne on my neck and scalp
Lindakay1948 - Hi Judy I also have it on both feet I use epsome salts in a foot soak...I also wrap my feet night... More »
byron - The best cream I found that works real well and will stop the itch strait away Is Vaseline white ... More »
john,darts vader - And you too an itch free night kate , luckily i am not itching that much but in saying that, i h... More »
john,darts vader - oh ,and welcome to flaym kate :)
RedSpotEliminator - Hi Dali - I don't think its a diet thing - my legs and front upper body are completely clear. An... More »
Sarah - Hi RSE we're a cornflour family here too. I use it to keep places dry, for myself and my babies' ... More »
Stacy - Gonna try the cornflour myself never taught of it ... the baby powder seems to perfumed ... there... More »
Sarah - Hey Kristen, welcome to Flaym! Considered it a while ago (about a year) and was on a waiting list... More »
Kristen - Thanks for responses! Derm recommended 24 treatments and I have $30 co-pay each. Was wondering ... More »
Ruben - I paid €15 per session (1x 20 and 2x 10 sessions) but after the refunds I received I only had to ... More »
john,darts vader - Hello sarah, not since i was child,though i have had the waxworks figure look on my face many tim... More »
Sarah - John that sounds so painful! The things you have been through, you are a true psoriasis warrior f... More »
Theresa - Yes I put it on my hair on my days off, go shopping whatever, I live in south Florida and no one ... More »

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