Stay active, fight inflammation.

Michelle - You are most welcome Lyns. Please feel free to ask any questions and we are open to any advice yo... More »
Michelle - And welcome to Flaym!
Lindakay1948 - Hi Lyns welcome to Flaym . I use the Topic section a lot and we also have an added benefit becaus... More »
...feeling frustrated James @james64

Sarah - Never ever 💚
James - Call me 07956389761
Lynne - Hi Ian I'm from the real Edinburgh but currently in lanzarote seeking the sun, it's not coming ou... More »
Michelle - Hi Ian. Very welcome to Flaym! I'm from South Africa. Looks like everybody is going to Lanzarote.... More »
Sharon - I would love to get some sun to see if it would help but I’ve had several skin cancers and melanoma.
Honey - From what I know, you should not use it if you're breastfeeding and if you're not and you think y... More »
Carolyn - Thanks for the information, this week I am trying Calendula cream- thin coating followed by Tripl... More »
Stacy - Hi I have the same and I've been using child's farm and it's done wonders but last week I had a b... More »
Michelle - Hi Marmara. Like Million, I listen to my body. I had a chocolate yesterday as I felt tired and ne... More »
john,Hulk - I wish i knew though i eat healthy all the time, it does help my joints, I let my hair down last ... More »
Linda - Yeah it sure is unpredictable
Jen - Great Darren that's fantastic. Makes you feel good doesn't it. I believe that exercise is very im... More »
Michelle - Sounds great Darren and I'm happy for you. One needs to watch the weight as well. Our P dont like... More »
Sarah - Oo what is liveral? Will have a look... That's amazing news Darren!
john,Hulk - Hello saigie,You can reverse type 2 diabetes just by changing your Diet/lifestyle though that is... More »
Rosey - No salt ,no fat. Like bacon etc,my mum type two,she didn't want to change,her life it got worse j... More »
Sarah - Hi I use water kefir which I make and drink daily for my probiotic, and homemade sauerkraut. Hope... More »
Rosey - My diet is good,fell off the wagon today though,white bread and butter argh bad me with my soup,f... More »
Rosey - Still exhausted every day,think I sleep more than I'm awake,,I work come home then eat then sleep
Rosey - Jill your not alone with feeling exhausted,i need an easier job that even wouldn't make a diff,pu... More »
Mishlyn - Oh my, d. I am sorry to hear that. It sure is a lot to go through. I love that your sense of humo... More »
D - Thanks Michele. I have decided getting angry about it only makes me tired. I need all the stren... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, D. You have so much experience for us to share in! I'm sorry to hear about your... More »
Clint - Sarah has been lemon 🍋 iffy just give it a try you'll be healing in a jiffy
Sarah - I did try lemon everyone! This was a few weeks ago. But withing about 5 days my skin got very sor... More »
Clint - Try every other day or wash off with clear water shortly after you as a lady have sensitive skin ... More »
Sarah - I always put my joint aches down to wear and tear with exercise etc and being on my feet a lot wi... More »
Michelle - I think you should go check it out Sarah just to be safe. I know what it is to be on your feet 16... More »
Madmum007 - M****s - Dog, Oi For Massaging on aching joints works for me :) yellow pot!!!
Jasmine - Not really, I literally just stop combination therapy with UVB and it’s come straight back... fin... More »
Ava - So sorry to hear it, Jasmine. Perhaps you can resume UVB treatments?
Mishlyn - I hope you can get it back under control as well Jasmine. I am happy to hear that P has not botto... More »
john,Hulk - Haha too cold up there James compared to down here :)
Sarah - My hobbies are food and cooking, indoor cycling ("spinning"), reading and vegetable gardening! An... More »
john,Hulk - Sounds good Sarah, enough there to keep you busy :)
Mishlyn - try adding some tea tree oil or lavender to it.. or both! :)
Rosey - Or Vaseline ,stops rubbing burn on inner thighs,so tender there,or curash a baby cream,
Sarah - Too slippery for me!
tommy - I hope you find what you are hoping for this stuff is a long road for so many people!! Good luck!
Mishlyn - Thanks Tommy, it sure is a long road. 25 years for me. The past 5 years have been my best as I a... More »
tommy - Michelle, it is nice to here some people have a positive outlook on life keep it up it helps the ... More »
airene - What is ale?
airene - Thanks everyone! I think i need to change my diet from now on... Huhuhu
alex - Ale = beer
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