Stay active, fight inflammation.

Ava - I know how discouraged you must feel! Still, worry and depression only heighten the symptoms, so... More »
Mishlyn - it sure can be frustrating Eva. What are you using for moisturizer?
rachel - Keep at it Eva. If it seemed like it was improving it probably was. That's what I tell myself. Mo... More »
Susan - Good morning. Glad you had fun. I had a good weekend. Always planning wedding stuff and chilling ... More »
john,Hulk - Nice :) glad you are happy Eva :)
James - My brothers and I took my mum out for a birthday lunch at a fancy restaurant, out in the country,... More »
Kelli - Chris, that did make me laugh, you were pretty brave. Lol
Kelli - Thank you Eva
Kelli - Thanks Susan, I’m in PA and the weather today was very nice.
john,Hulk - yes i get small spots on the top my feet aswell as anywhere else though never on my soles or palm... More »
Sarah - Same here John
Ann - I have cracks on the bottom of my feet. Very painful, just try to keep them moisturized. Seems t... More »
john,Hulk - Well , i am not a one for any knowledge Michelle on what bush i trim, i do gardening jobs but as... More »
Michelle - Lol John. Ok then we cant help you, but we all would suggest you buy gloves as we dont want your ... More »
john,Hulk - Thank you Michelle, i will invest in a pair when i go shopping thank you :)
Michelle - That would be wonderful to start a park run Drum. We have one here in my hometown Alberton and it... More »
john,Hulk - I did the bransgore charity fun run last year, i was supposed to do it this year but, i was worki... More »
Sarah - Ah no park run is ace! I've been thinking about starting it too. I'm sure that walking will help ... More »
Mishlyn - Welcome to Flaym Karen! My elbows have been bad in the past, but are clear at the moment thanks ... More »
Michelle - Hi Karen and welcome to Flaym. I use lemon every day as well but I also use my coal tar. I do not... More »
Sarah - Hi Karen! Me too, plaquey, bubbly elbows! My skin elsewhere has improved a lot the past year, but... More »
Mishlyn - Hey Eva, sometimes we just need to step back and regroup. Good for you for recognizing that and t... More »
Sarah - Ah yes! Very true! I never know how much I actually do accept my psoriasis. I am so used to it be... More »
Sarah - That sounds very like me in many ways! What an uplifting thing to read that you have got a plan f... More »
Mishlyn - Good for you Drum! Getting started can sometimes be the hardest step. Looking forward to hearing ... More »
Michelle - Drum, the lemon works very well for my P. Im a coal tar person. I used the lightest one for my in... More »
alex73 - Hi Ace. My opinion is that when you lose a lot of weight during short period of time, let's say ... More »
Sarah - Yes I have a few wrinkles around arm creases. Oh and on my stomach from rapid changes of pregnant... More »
Michelle - Oh That is painful Sarah. I'm so sorry. I knew indoor sports were dangerous! lol. Sarah, whenev... More »
Ruben - Crossing all my fingers it heals nice and quick!
Sarah - Thanks everyone! Yes what a thing to happen! Haha Chris, those things called exercise bikes are d... More »
Michelle - Hi Stephanie. No sorry, I have never used biologics but I have heard good reviews about it. I use... More »
Sarah - Not me Stephanie but if you check out the themes section you'll find some collected posts on "pso... More »
Mishlyn - Welcome to Flaym nomonde! Great to see you here! Have a browse through the themes section for sla... More »
Sarah - Welcome Nomonde! Good to see you. I have scalp psoriasis too, 21 years. I find lots of relief fro... More »
Mishlyn - Welcome to Flaym Austin! As James mentions we are worldwide warriors here. 😃 I am from Canada 🇨🇦 ... More »
Peter - JHB South Africa 😋
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Austin! I'm in UK. We are from all over! Good to see you found Flaym.
Peter - Not sure I'm in JHB, did you Google to see or ask your dermatologist if they know of one maybe
Sarah - Hi Kenneth, welcome to Flaym! If you use the Meet Others section on the top bar, you'll find Flay... More »
Michelle - Hi Kenneth, welcome to Flaym. There are a lot of Capetonians on Flaym. Maybe you can arrange a me... More »
Clint - Eva Las Vegas sounds like a song 😀
Clint - VIVA Eva L a s V E G A S.....
Sarah - Have a great time!
john,Hulk - This pic is my Italian chopper moped from 1973 ,i finished /restored it years ago in 2003, s... More »
monica - could be me
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Karin! I use grapeseed oil to soak my scalp and it is so effective at keeping t... More »
Sarah - Hi Steven, great to see your post and "welcome"! There are so many things talked about here to do... More »
Steven - Thanks Sarah for you reply. I will look for that. Only just sat down to read my post as jobs st... More »
Steven - Been on the themes page Sarah. Getting lots of insights to my condition. 😀😀
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Jane! I don't have psoriasis on the bottoms of my feet but that must be very re... More »
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