Stay active, fight inflammation.

Tracey - Hi Eva Try Moo Goo scalp cream and Moo Goo milk shampoo. Just started it 4 days ago and no itchin... More »
Marmara - Black soap works really good for me as a shampoo and for the body as well
Michelle - What is black soap Marmara?
Mishlyn - Hi Cory, your grandmother must be so appreciative with you helping her. Sorry to hear about your... More »
Sarah - Is that knee joints or knee skin or both Cory? I've had so many times where I felt I couldn't kne... More »
Peter - Thank you kindly
Mishlyn - I do the same as John, Peter. I am still amazed with how well it is working for me.
Melissa - Good idea I heard being carful in what we eat can decrease flareups
Mishlyn - Hi Sergio, not a good feeling. You should go see your dr to ease your mind and make sure all is o... More »
Sarah - Welcome Sergio! Get yourself to your doctor to check you out! Hopefully it is nothing serious but... More »
Pat - Hi Susan - I too am 57 and have only recently been diagnosed with psoriasis- being with a good ma... More »
Mishlyn - Good for you Eva! That is a huge step after what you just experienced. I am so proud of you!! ❤
Sarah - That is so great that you took yourselves out to beat those feelings from yesterday. It means you... More »
Shaun - Eva I found the best response approach them and ask them if if they would like some the tables so... More »
Honey - I also don't know how to deal with it but what I always try to do is just smile at them. There's ... More »
Shaun - Honey go for it you have nothing to be embarrassed about.
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Cassidy! We are worldwide and some of us are awake at any given time! So tough ... More »
john,Hulk - It is i think Sarah, i was drinking a lot for quite a few years and i think that set me off with ... More »
Cory - Hang in there!
Michelle - I would have to agree with Justin. An oil would be more sufficient when at the beach or when go s... More »
john,Hulk - yes you might cook :)
Justin - Check out coconut oil websites - you do not burn, you get a deep tan and are protected!
Mishlyn - It sure can be frustrating Jayne, trying so many things to no avail. Working from the inside has ... More »
Sarah - So frustrating... and time consuming. Maybe time to switch up your approach? Plenty of new things... More »
Jayne - Thanks everyone for your lovely helpful messages of support. Means alot. Bare with me in New to t... More »
Eddie - All good Michelle, Thank you. How about yours?.
Michelle - Mine is looking good for now Eddie. Its almost winter here and I can feel my skin is burning fro... More »
Tracy - Much better today xx
john,Hulk - Hello tracy,no gluten . wheat,breads and pastas , all dairy including, eggs, cheeses, milk and sp... More »
Tracy - So what do you eat?
john,Hulk - Ha ha, i knew you would say that as everyone does ask, all salads no tomatoes or peppers, i have ... More »
Felix - Try Hemp oil or cbd oil on your skin with anti itch cream. This is what I use.
Sarah - What is anti itch cream Felix?
Felix - Most anti itch creams have 1% hydrocortisone and they kind of numb the area so it doesn't itch. M... More »
Sarah - Hope you're having a fabulous holiday. I love that your psoriasis is also taking a holiday!
Jen - That's great Eva. Fingers crossed. Be happy 😊 Enjoy!
Clint - Super lemon 🍋 results
Sarah - Absolutely see the point of view of putting less stress on your body including mind, gut, immune ... More »
Mishlyn - The body, mind and soul connection seem to be essential with p and me. I have often wondered what... More »
Ninad - Everything is connected you will all get too it believe in it
Mishlyn - Have a great time Eva!! Enjoy! I Love Sarahs idea of Gluten Free. I enjoy beer and haven't had ... More »
Bev - I've never heard of gluten free beer. I wonder if they sell it in South Africa. I drink non alcoh... More »
Sarah - Oo yes do it! I am lucky as my husband has made me 40 bottles of gluten free beer. You can buy it... More »
Sarah - It's a great test of your skin eva, to see if you can tolerate it! Good to try and then you know.... More »
Clint - Don't let psoriasis change your destiny..
Michelle - That's wonderful Ruth. Well done! It feels amazing wearing something you couldn't before right? Y... More »
Ruth - Thank you Michelle xx
Susan - Welcome Eva to Flaym. You will LOVE it here. Scalp is a bit tough. I got my healing by dealing... More »
rob - hi just joined, had psoriasis since a child, of all the creams the best treatment for me was when... More »
Lindakay1948 - Hi Eva and Welcome..check out Topics and Themes Great information and a place to share with lovel... More »
Sarah - I just buy it in a health food shop. It's about £2.50 a bottle there and a bottle lasts me maybe ... More »
John - Thanks for that. Will do.
Sarah - Great John! Let me know how you get on with it. Hope it goes well! I've got to get down the shops... More »
Mishlyn - Hi Linda, Welcome to Flaym! The sun is amazing for most of us. I used tanning beds when I was you... More »
Sarah - Welcome Linda! Glad to see you found us here. I think sun is good too! But not used a light bed b... More »
john,Hulk - Noooo, chances of more skin problems is higher, ironic. to say skin problems :)
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